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It should let into the room as much air and light, visually create the illusion of space. Hence the choice of curtains. If the landscape outside the window has, you can not use the inner tulle, curtains and light shades do on both sides of the window opening. If the window is still in need of more detailed design, you should use ascetic Roman blinds or curtains panel muted tones. The color palette of shades in a minimalist style is represented in mostly white, ash, dairy flavors. On the other hand, can present a contrasting tone, usually in the form of a large image. But we should remember that the figure will only fit into a simple – vertical and horizontal stripes, geometric shapes, flowers, executed in a primitive style – in short, everything that emphasize the graphic quality and strict forms of drapes. Absolutely contraindicated in small and intricate, multicolored designs, abundance decorative details, and use accessories should be kept to a minimum (in fact he and minimalism).

Fabrics can be both natural and synthetic full. Natural Tacna more likely to be relevant in the design of the rooms in the style of IVF – a form of minimalism, which focuses on natural materials. Caution should be used classic fabrics such as suede, velvet, Shinile, fleece, brocade, etc. They are little suited for ascetic interior in minimalist style. At first glance, the curtains in a minimalist style is extremely simple and concise, but behind this outward simplicity conceals expensive materials and the most professional and responsible approach designer. And only in this combination is obtained by the harmonious design of the window, combining all the interior into a unified whole. Minimalism – a way of life.

Not for nothing in this style make out their homes people creative, imaginative, self-sufficient. This bold style radicals jaded boring luxury nechuzhdyh experiment. However, in the style of minimalism can be found in offices. Typically, companies prefer such a decoration, are the newest areas of activity, and wish to emphasize the dynamism of its own development and progressiveness. Photo of curtains in a minimalist style

Million Construction Contract

Successfully launched sales of condos – start of construction in August 2013 with Hochtief solutions AG has the developer of the housing project “Porthole” in Offenbach, the PG Luisen Court GmbH & co. KG, one of the biggest players in the industry as a general contractor for turnkey creation of apartments of the first construction phase contractually bound. Now the preparations for the construction in full swing, because in August the construction cranes of the “Luise of Justice” in the Offenbach sky will rise. Until then the stakeholders under direction of Hochtief solutions AG make the planning and optimization of the work. The developers are the WEP group from Frankfurt am Main and the EFO Immobilien GmbH from Mill Valley.

Together they are planning the construction of a total of 240 apartments in Offenbach city centre with an investment volume of around EUR 50 million. In the first phase of construction 104 residential units will create it with over 9,000 square feet of living space. Dr. Holger Koppe, shareholder and Manager of the WEP project development GmbH & co. More info: Noel Spiegel. KG: “with the Hochtief Solutions AG, we could win a competent contractor for the “porthole”. Hochtief has many years of experience in the building – especially in the high-end segment – and is one of the most respected construction companies.” The spectrum of tasks of Hochtief comprises the turnkey construction of dwellings and the creation of the underground car park. Great progress has been made at a different level.

After granting the building permit, the 16,000-square-foot urban lot used so far largely as a parking lot between Luisa -, Louis -, Frankfurt and station road through payment of the purchase price from the city of Offenbach to the PG Luisen Court GmbH & co. went over KG. So the sale of the condominiums could start binding a few weeks ago, and the first 13 units were already notarially certified or binding reserved.

Construction Ideas

Manufacture of inexpensive, beautiful, high-quality wet facade. Why use a wet front? What makes the facades of modern time are gaining more and more common? Is it possible to put yourself in insulation life at home? How do find the right colors wet facade? These and other questions will try to answer in a small but informative and interesting article. Wet facade – is a type of connection with Mutual glue and mechanized world-class clusters of insulation to seal the walls of the sphere itself and the construction of plaster on the facade of different plastics and fiberglass. Prevalence wet facade appears that there is a selection tool required texture and color, and understand the same method of warming slants, the lion's diligence and the ability to further adjustment of the facade. In our time based innumerable variety uhvatok insulation of buildings and structures, the structure of any made in this method. By itself, the possibility of extremely highly promising and its amazing systems used in the construction of facades renovated buildings. Wet facade allowed to perform a variety of architectural solutions.

Just when you create these methods use the platform of glass, as well as all kinds of mineral wool good seal. When assembling the system focuses on insulation, why you first joined insulation panels to the main wall, and after that they are fastened with plugs. What would warmed the facade collect reinforced layer, which consists of a composition of glue and fiberglass. Once the reinforced layer is made it is applied to decorating a plaster layer. Even if you are working on a one-story facade construction or exterior first tier you should not implement a combination of solid plaster with a wet system insulation. If you are doing these works, the unforgettable, the temperature should not exceed 5C. Domestic hydro – and heat-insulating material is inexpensive, but their property is at the level of foreign poizvoditeley. Foreign manufacturers are making different construction techniques and a variety of materials, calculated only for securing the most construction.