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And I think, then, that this real “collapse” expressive, that is, insertion of new words, the deliberate displacement of the syntax, the rules, the introduction of colloquial elements, and even the use of playfulness, among other resources, represent a formal shield that aims to silence, a symbolic silencing refers, paradoxically, to reality. And is the voice of the world seems to be replaced for it to burst, then the other voice, which is hidden under a veil of pain, self-absorption: “This land will hear in your silence / how we are gaining all / the rent of the world where we let / and the value of the bread endless. / “(1). In Vallejo’s personal story can be found, perhaps, possible interpretations of that feeling of foreignness, of radical exclusion through his work, his condition could allude mestizo, the situation of exile in the land, the insidious and gradual elimination of a culture – was the son of Chimu mother – but I choose to disregard any speculative work to stick to what the text allowed to slide as reading, as construction linked to a universe that voice stowed secret.

I wonder, then, if that warp whose complexity seems to drive us out of a space alien, inscrutable – perhaps the lost territory, a homeland intimate unrecoverable but intact in the word – not, perhaps, a secret to be preserved in the body of the poem, that which is saved in the highest of intimacy, a gift unprecedented, incomprehensible, that the text keeps to herself, for her voice. And that secret, Trilce leaves – I repeat – cracks, opening sensitive areas that are peeling is silenced veiled body pain – that pop – and in these small, fleeting folds is where it seems not only focus but also hold the shaft core of the work: the search for meaning, being in the world, absences, love and death are some of the issues that have clearly revealed that scream in agony, flesh, the poem: “I dined alone now, and I have not had / mother, or prayer, or help yourself or water , / or father in the offertory of the corn facundo / ask for delay / image for more sound clips. / “(2) To conclude, I venture to infer that the area is touched by what is dear, this universe so treasured as hidden, protected to shame – lost, hiding out, perhaps, the initial key that allows us to delve in geography vital human Trilce.

Home Heating Systems

To store it uses special containers, which are usually dig in the ground. Easier to use, and cheaper (not much) of gas only, electric heating boilers. However, the amount you see the bill for electricity, can greatly spoil the impression of a successful purchase. In addition, a powerful electric boiler requires a connection to a three-phase line voltage of 380 V, and carry it to my house and get permission the use of power equipment in many cases considerably more expensive than connecting to the gas main. On the same network with a voltage of 220 V, you can power the boiler heating capacity not more than 6-8 kW, and for the system heating of private houses, as a rule, not because heat loss at home in most cases exceed this amount. Yes, and allocated to house electrical power may be too small for regular work of the unit, Considering the need to use more power electrical appliances (eg cookers, pumping equipment, etc.). Therefore, the electric boiler should be considered as an extra in case of disruptions supply (though we have much more cut off electricity). Fuel oil heating boilers are almost as efficient and easy to operate, as well as gas and diesel oil but still significantly more expensive.

In addition, you will probably just have to equip the boiler, as apart from the boiler must be somewhere to place and fuel tanks (best to dig them into the ground). And the smell of diesel fuel is unlikely to add to your home comfort. And since the combustion diesel oil gives much more soot than gas, then clean the inner chamber of the need to regularly: if the soot layer exceeds 2 mm, the fuel consumption will increase by approximately 8%. But in general, if the connection to the gas pipeline is not possible, boiler fuel oil will be the best choice.

King Solomon

The day he started this work, a landmark in town, King's desire to do, spread the subjects to please. On the other hand, one could say that each of the artists and designers of the kingdom, took or refused to take part in planning and major project proposal of the boat. All its citizens one way or another wanted to approach the king, and this was an excellent way to do it. In turn, the King who was convinced that this would be a long, uplifting, a l wanted for some of his wives or concubines queens, which would send into exile, give them comfort and luxury. The ship itself had no individual cabins as today, but had several very large rooms which were used for this purpose.

Give in to one of the rooms designed to house and play the role of bedrooms, we would realize what was at the end of its decoration, it was so to speak classical regarding usual, had taken meticulous care to the existing play in the quarterfinals of the wives in the palace, this aspect was something suggested to the architects and designers directly by Solomon himself, as well supposedly achieved thus making these women, more comfortable journey. By locating within the chambers were at last, we can be clear about what you could see, stood on the floor a number of skins which served as mattresses, and these in turn would serve to alleviate any fears and chills . Attached to the walls were some large furniture such as cabinets which would keep the belongings of each of the women.

Evaluate Activites

A second key concept to be defined, is the formulation of mission "to formulate a real purpose is what distinguishes a company from other similar. A formulation mission identifies the scope of company operations in the areas of product and market. " A formulation mission incorporates the philosophy of the strategists of an organization. Reveals the concept of an organization, its principal product or service and the main needs of the client that the firm intends to satisfy. In short, a formulation of clear and meaningful mission describes the values and priorities of an organization. A formulation mission shows a long-term vision of an organization in terms of who wants to be and who wish to serve. McGinnia According to the formulation of a company must: Define which is the organization and what it aspires to be. Be specific enough to exclude certain activities and wide enough to allow creative growth.

Distinguish one organization from all others. Serve as a framework for evaluating current and future activities. Be made in clear terms that can be understood in any company. It has been written, that the mission statement is a statement of concept and attitudes rather than specific details, at least two important reasons, is generally wide in scope: first, because a formulation of broad mission allows the study and the generation of a wide range of goals and strategies feasible management without stifling creativity. Although the mission should be broad in scope, we must be careful to develop a formulation that includes all strategic options, since otherwise would make it useless.