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Real Estate Learning Run

Cologne real estate company e-rent created spherical videos literally new ways can pursue prospects of Cologne-e-rent real estate Dr. Wirth KG at the virtual home tour. “First real estate company worldwide, the Broker uses spherical videos” a 360-degree videos or SpheriVid “called. The videos show flats, which has the company in the offer. Special feature: In the videos the viewer can freely in any direction gaze his mouse he changes the perspective and draws the view of where he wants to. So it acts as a walk, or rather you actually floating through the apartment.

Normal videos, where the cameraman pretends the viewing direction, and 360-degree photographs, in which the viewer only from certain points in all directions can look are common in the real estate market. This photographic technique is known to many from Google StreetView. When 360-degree videos on the other hand, a film expires. This means the viewer moves fluid on a the specified paths through the property, can look but all around in all directions. The spherical videos give a much better impression of the apartment when it previously with photos, photographic panoramas or conventional videos was possible “, explains Hans-Peter complementary rent Forkel.

Although he believes that there will be home visits in the future spot, but the spherical videos came very close the pressing of a real room inspection. Two years e-rent technicians have worked to make use of 360-degree video for the real estate market. So far only a few insiders know the technology, she occurred mainly in art, events, as well as in the entertainment sector. The cameras on cars were accordingly or attached under helicopters filmed events, mountain or road trains. They are designed for use outdoors. To film in apartments, the Cologne real estate specialists have designed a Rover system and constructed, at the camera through the apartment moves. A Cinematographer, located outside the apartment and never interferes in the picture, directs this construction with a remote control. The camera doesn’t have as usual only a video lens, but six, that filming at the same time in different directions and capture so the full range of possible views prospects. Special programs and high-performance computers are used for further processing. With the spherical videos, e-rent confirmed his reputation as a technical pioneer in the real estate industry. The company has used the Internet as one of the first brokerages at all. 1996 Was a trilingual Internet site on the net. Three years apartments with photos were published (at that time still a small revolution). in 2008 followed a coup, which caused a certain notoriety beyond the real estate scene: the first Videomaps of the world. For the maps, routes were almost completely filmed in videos from Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf. About the e-rent real estate Dr. Wirth KG: the company specializes in furnished rentals specialized and provides apartments in the metropolitan areas of Cologne, Bonn and Dusseldorf. e-rent real estate is one of the largest providers of accommodation in Germany. First and foremost the offer is aimed at companies who are looking for housing for their employees, but also individuals can rent the real estate.

The European Union

Money kept in a special account that the seller will, after approval by the authorities of the sale and fulfillment of all obligations of the seller. In case of refusal by the authorities of the transaction, the buyer return the money from the account, while the cost of services of a lawyer and a notary as well go down. Maximum period review of the documents placed before the year, but this process usually lasts three to six months. The contract signed by buyer and seller signed before a notary and then registered in the tax management. Under the law, any transaction is recorded as a tax payer with a tax on the transfer of ownership is 3.5%. If the property is sold in Austria for 10 years, the difference in prices and sales purchase is subject to income tax. After the change in inventory, the court shall issue a certified copy of a page that registered a new owner. In Austria, developed a system of bank lending.

To foreigners could freely buy property on credit, you need permission to perform the operation and support of its solvency. The key to credit appears to buy property in Austria or in the The European Union. The total loan period does not exceed 20 years. Quite often, the acquired property is leased, and the payment of the rent goes to pay off the loan. One-time tax credit for the state is 0.8% of amount. The fee for processing the loan the bank is 0.5%. For more information see this site: Bruce Schanzer. The annual rate for the use of bank credit is up to 4%.

Nationals who enter into Austria, a visa. The Schengen visa allows the holder to freely reside in any EU country. Owners have a company in Austria can expect to receive long-term visa. Obtaining a residence permit in Austria is in accordance with the law within the annual quotas. Mandatory conditions for obtaining a residence permit are: the presence of stable income, permanent residence, medical insurance. Obtain a residence permit automatically Austria during the purchase of real estate not possible, but buying property is one of the prerequisites. Citizens who have received residence permits must be registered in Austria. The residence permit is issued one year. Later, in the absence of violations of it extended. After five years of residence, issued a long-term residence permit.


At the time you you worry get the best crib for your child, now it was time to do the same but with your bed. The solution for this is think a children’s furniture since these are designed thinking exclusively about children. The new bed, as it will give you greater freedom of movement, necessarily has to comply with certain security measures as for example have their rounded tips. A possibility so that you are more relaxed is to select a bed that allows you to put handrails. It is also timely that the bed is low so that child can raise and lower smoothly and above all to avoid dropping it at night. It isn’t more to account for the issue of the head of the bed.

Ideally, you would have a padded seat to avoid blows. If you prefer a bed with headboard of balusters, make sure that they are not too far apart to avoid that your child’s head can enter between them. Along with the bed, mattress buying is also relevant. Note that it is not convenient that there is free space between bed and this because little could jam there a hand or a foot. In the shop which concur surely will find many options available. Do not hesitate to ask for advice for choosing the best bed for your child and take into It tells that there are many options with regard to children’s bedrooms so that the child has the best and so you don’t have to spend a very high amount of money. The Asdara furniture company is a manufacturer and distributor of furniture and has a wide variety of mobles infantils. On their website you can find many designs for infantils self-catering.