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Soviets Housewife

Mirrors decorate the room, visually expand its internal space and provide us with objective information about our appearance. But without timely treatment it is bound to tarnish the mirror and not be able to fill the bill. Therefore, among the many tips on household management recommendations for cleaning mirrors have a special place. The first useful advice concerns the location of the mirror. Practice shows that the mirror quickly fade when struck by sunlight, so do not install or do not hang them in front of the window. Originality, brilliance and luster faded reflecting surface cleaning will return mirrors with a solution of ammonia and water. Alcohol should be diluted with water in a ratio . In order not to fog up a mirror in the bathroom it can lubricate the back of the molten wax, mixed with turpentine.

But the smell of turpentine – is not the best flavor bathroom, so it is recommended to combat fogging a mirror a more acceptable way: wipe the surface of the mirror for the bathroom soaked flannel shampoo, and then just wipe it dry. Fogging the mirror in the bathroom can be avoided if sprinkle on the surface of the balloon with antizapotevatelem enjoyed by motorists. And to prevent fogging the mirror as a result of the impact of moist air bathroom, you can either stick on the rear surface of the plaster strips (with frame capture), or cover up the grooves between the mirror frame and window putty. Very effective cleaning mirrors alcohol-containing substances (eg, cologne). Just soak a swab and treat their reflective surfaces, to handle the corners of the pad can be spread on a match. "Launched", long mirror can be peeled lead to the "divine form", carefully wiping his reflective surface with chalk or tooth powder, pre-washed with warm water and soap. Mystics claim that the mirrors maintain information about anyone they have ever reflected. It is likely that this "old wives' tales", but clean and sparkling mirrors are an ornament of our life, and proper care of them does not require any "transcendent" effort.

Housing Foundation

During the existence of electric flap underwent many changes. Increased reliability, reduced overall dimensions, improved design. To replace the cumbersome Soviet-era panel came elegant device with an extended spectrum of action. Always one – is the best means of electrical control for the organization of a competent and efficient distribution of electricity. Indeed, modern shield is capable of perform different tasks – from input, distribution and metering of electricity to protect the rights of out-of-control electrical current. From a consumer need only select the type of device he and the producer, able to create such a device.

New panel equipment manufacturing "Energomera" – Shields apartment electric accounting-group series SCHK4P. Attention customers are accounting group (SCHKU4) and group (SCHKR4) electrical shield, made to be embedded in a niche on the wall and the installation in homes, offices and other premises. Consider more than the new guard is attractive to the consumer. Best Offer Shields Condos brand "Energomera" compares favorably to the similar products of other manufacturers. A distinctive feature of the new model – a large window size (18 modules), as well as the possibility of modular building sizes. Shields Condos production "Energomera" have a high degree of protection (from IP31), which fully complies with the requirements of GOST. The elegant exterior of the design is made of high quality SCHK4P plastic headband that provides increased mechanical strength, elektrostoykost (protection class – II) and high electrical insulation properties. SCHK4P are color-door, equipped with a system samofiksatsii in the lower position, that makes the plate very easy to use.

Can be installed on the wall and into a niche, allow it to seamlessly blend into any decor. In Touch has a guard of bus N and PE with enough terminals for connect the required number of external conductors. Error connecting excluded due to various design mounting tires. The holes for the input of external conductors are provided with breakable items, admitting regulation size holes, depending on the number of sections and load-and off-conductors. Solid Foundation Housing Concern switchboard production can be used as a basis for subsequent complete the necessary instruments. The consumer can buy all the necessary devices from different suppliers and then "own forces" to link, combine and integrate devices into the faceplate. But all these actions lose their meaning when there is a complete solution offered by professionals. At customer's request can be completed SCHK4P metering devices and switching equipment manufacturing "Energomera", which guarantees conflict-free operation of all components of the shield. All the devices are installed on the mounting rail TN35. Unquestionable advantage of the design – can be replaced without dismantling the apparatus completed with shields. Group guarantees Concern today – the only Russian producer of certified panel equipment, which is equipped with meters and switching equipment of own production, which also distinguishes shields "Energomera" from those of competitors' products. Service Center of Concern provides warranty and post warranty service on virtually all of Russia. At the same warranty period equipment is 5 years from the date of commissioning. Quality at a reasonable price Another distinct advantage SCHK4P – the best value and functionality of the device. The acquisition provides SCHK4P the consumer is not only reliable solution of problems of accounting and distribution systems of any complexity, but also a significant cost savings.

Good Heating System

So whether you need to really want what the average person strive for the best? The answer, of course, must be positive and unequivocal, because only purely because of this everyone will real opportunity to live a bright and normal life. In addition to this with an absolutely total conviction should be stated that the definition of 'better', for example, in a variant, if it goes on personal housing, will include what own home should definitely be elegant, comfortable and in addition, and comfortable. Mentioned 3 of the definition must cover all that in general, obviously, can be attributed to the residential home. Itself is necessarily must be a full repair, in general, which at his level has the ability to provide not only a stylish look, but with the comfort and decent environment. In addition, a huge difference in life clearly will also have all the necessary furniture and natural technique, which should be high-tech, practical and reliable.

However, the presence of absolutely everything described above will not actually testify that the housing reality is the limit of perfection, because that is not the last important condition will be that which engineering and communication systems held in the house, especially the heating system. In general, such engineering system will have a significant place is actually how much more comfortable and certainly will be a cozy room in the house during the cold months of the year. Naturally, this heating system should meet strict conditions to be better. Always it should ideally fit into the interior of the housing, to support fully the desired temperature in all areas of housing, and in turn is a reliable and have long-term operation.