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The order of the inventory of forest defined by the project organization Construction (PIC), as well as regulated in the 'Technical Part' collection rates for the relevant types of work. So, if the device does not provide technical forest part of the collection (eg, for roofing works), then their pay is unreasonable. Note that the forest, erected masonry walls should be used to carry out plastering, tiling. In the production of works in the building of the forest, arranged for Interior plastering, should be used to perform stucco and painting works. Most of the unit prices, as a rule, take into account the full range of activities, including support (eg, vnutripostroechnoe horizontal and vertical movement of materials and products, package designs, drilling holes, moving ladders and scaffolding, surface cleaning, cleaning jobs, take away and warehousing and other debris). Therefore, the inclusion of these works to the acts in the form of COP-2 should be attributed to an overestimation of costs.

Settlement between the customer and the contractor for unforeseen work and expenses, the need for which occurs during construction or major repairs as a result of refinement of design decisions, made for the actual work performed. The change (refinement) of the project has to be agreed with the project organization. Prohibited the inclusion of acts in the form of COP-2 labor and material resources in excess of established standards. For example, if a tower crane worked 100 hours at a rate of 60 hours, payment for extra 40 hours to be performed by the contractor.

Build Renovate

As mentioned above, there are many kinds and types of plugs and anchors. Let us dwell on the most popular of them. Nylon expansion plugs – record for the popularity of the application. It is used for many types surfaces. The principle of his device is extremely simple. Nylon tube having a longitudinal incision, and the screw or bolt – that's the whole design. Drill holes, dowel is inserted into it, and bursting with self-tapping vkruchennym.

Often, these anchors have extra foot for the clutch during the initial tightening screw. The fact is that sometimes, especially when drilling the walls with old loose plaster, hole gets a bit more than you need for the dowels. In these cases, additional legs do not give the dowels rotate together with screws and prevent from falling out of the hole. Nail anchors got its name thanks to the principle of installation – screw or screw supplied with it, does not require twisting, it simply plugs into the body of slaughtered like a nail. In this case, unscrew all the same it is possible. Nylon dowel-type "butterfly" is used for hollow surfaces for example, drywall construction. It has two lobes, which are attractable screws, disclosed within the cavity, thereby achieving a lasting bond with the wall or ceiling. Sometimes you can pull a plug with only around a piece of drywall.

Anchor wrought metal dowels are created and used in hollow walls, for example, block. The basic principle of operation is as follows. Through the body wall plug is screw threaded, nut which is rigidly soldered, welded or riveted to the ground. Housing dowel is a longitudinal section of a circle. Plug is inserted into the wall, and the rotation of the screw forces the body into shape, body expanded, forming something like the petals, which are being opened within the cavity, creating a reliable bond with the wall. Dowel with a spring-loaded folding emphasis is very sturdy and easy to use – before his laying in the hole, his legs folded, and after falling into a cavity in the wall, they are under the influence of springs open. Here are the basic types of anchors, the most frequently used in the repair and construction.

Operation Of Buildings. Take Care Of Your Apartment .

Any landlord, no doubt, knows how difficult such a real property deal. Since what you like real property, whether it be a separate apartment or private house, will require regular maintenance, cleaning, cosmetic or real repair specific parts or sections. Universal transition to having a contract basis for relations with the once all-powerful housing and municipal administration, or including the ability to choose other providers of those or other utility services. And in order to survive in the difficult situation of the market of choice, the majority of property owners united in homeowners. In other words, you're alone in an open field not a fighter.

And if the army recruit, then get beat basically a very difficult situation. And to find the optimal solution for any difficulty. However, from time to time there are in principle reasonable doubt: but whether you want to make a permanent care and that is called, practical help for making use of buildings or special attention should be sent only at fault? Moments of uncertainty such as arise solely because of in the worldview of our compatriots with you this sense of increased responsibility. Without exception, we well aware that without regular grooming, by the way, car very soon may be rendered unusable, or at least not in a position where its real price suddenly decrease. The same position is with the housing. It is clear that the maintenance of buildings in a natural way can make the property less attractive from the standpoint of price. That is, in order to restore the attractiveness of housing price, must constantly keep an eye on his general condition, and organize not only the repair work as needed, but quality and constant cleaning and, in principle, to keep the norm at the same time the overall cosmetic condition of the premises. It should be remember that cleaning should be organized with high regularity.

In other words, the housing must remain permanently in a magnificent way. And it's not only just decorative. Any clear that, by the way, for duty not to hold a cleaning in the home will be actively breed fungi and microbes. Bacteria harmful to humans – fungi – for housing. Frequent cleaning can make housing more durable and attractive, and tenants – stronger. Finding the right solution for saving your any housing really excellent condition experts. Basically, it's actually nice – when all without exception of having a relationship with housing, you can pass on to someone else's shoulders. It is at the same time and provides an opportunity to ask if not very high quality work.