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Tips for storage in miniwarehouses storage in a minibodega can be an enjoyable experience where you’re looking for more space in your home or business. You only have to get organized and follow these tips that will help you feel more comfortable each time that you save something in a minibodega of income. Have at hand all the material you use to wrap, Pack or strap (cords, boxes, adhesive tape). Also please view los diablitos and super carts to transport your stuff from one side to another of the minibodega. Separates objects that can break and wrap them in bubble wrap.

Try to always have to view the items that you use most. It produces a very simple map of your winery and mark where things stand. Use specific covers to protect your furniture including mattresses. Occupies the space of the minibodega back forward, starting by the heavier and finally as light. Disarm objects and parts of furniture that can be removed. Place your chairs backrest with backrest and put a towel or flannel between them to avoid that is dirty. Leave a small gap between your stuff and the walls of the minibodega to facilitate ventilation.

If you have furniture with space inside, keeps things in them, so you can move around more freely. Metal tools should be cleaned with a cloth dampened with machine oil so retardaras oxidation. Those that have long handles (rakes, shovels and hoes), should be lightly oiled and tied together. Finally, an essential point is that you secure the stored goods, since the world of crime continues to make progress, especially in terms of theft is, so better safe than sorry. Source: Press release sent by gominis.


When we decided to store our belongings in a portable minibodega, we must be very careful with them, since they could mistreat you or serious damage. That is why we give you the following tips so your furniture do not have any malfunction. We store bed, disassemble and mark the pieces so you can put them back without problems. Place removable labels on parts that are connected (you can use A and B or something like that). Remember mark which pieces are for each room. Do not use tape for parts, since you can let this residue or damage to the finish of the parts. Placed covers mattresses to keep them clean during moving and storage. If you desmontas furniture, place the nuts, bolts and screws in a resealable bag.

We store the electronic to remove electronic devices such as computers and sound equipment, place small labels on them and, if possible, use the original packaging, in the case of the electronic. We store the wood furniture sprayed your wood furniture with a spray especially for this type of material. Take care that this spray is quality so that it provides a good protection. We store refrigerators and freezers clean and dry all the inner surfaces of these devices to prevent mold and mildew. It defrosts the refrigerator before placing it in the portable minibodega. Shelves should be placed in its place and wrapped individually.

An open box of baking soda can help prevent bad smells. Beware of putting baking soda in the fridge; you put it until the refrigerator is in the minibodega. Once the freezers and refrigerators are within the minibodega, keep open its doors, since you so favoreceras ventilation. We store washing machines first that nothing the hoses must be disconnected and drained. If you place the hoses in the tub or drum, make sure you wrap couplings of metal with a cloth or paper to prevent damage to the surface.