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Housing in Russia

Russia – is inseparable from the notion of cottage. In forest areas hut known in IV-V centuries. Cottage called the ancient Slavs heated log cabin and lived under her roof as one family grandfathers, fathers, sons, grandchildren. All the outbuildings are gathered under one roof and can be a long time without leaving home perform all the chores. The first types of huts were similar to the simple wood house. Gradually, from one century to improved appearance hut complicates planning, increased size. Remained unchanged but its constructive framework – framework.

House cut not a simple matter. Russian peasant house put firmly on the century. Some simple tools – an ax, adz da bit. The whole house will fold without a single nail. From the side it seems as if a log through another is missing. From one village to another, from city to city were team of Russian craftsmen with an ax in his belt.

Their work, their talent, their hands rose monuments architectural art. What kind of house built for himself and his family, our ancestors, who lived 500-1000 years ago? Basis in the old dispensation – a wooden log hut. Traditions were largely determined by climatic conditions and the availability of suitable building material. A place in our grandparents had a lot of timber and, therefore, very early came home with a ground floor, even somewhat elevated above the ground. Although the tradition of housing in the Slavic tribes (Krivichy and Ilmen words) can be traced far back in time, but scientists have rightly believed that the wooden houses erected here in II millennium BC.

Private House Glazing

The choice of glazing for each room, whether it's a cottage or country house, has always set himself the key question – what material the windows to give your preference? In general, a country house is like an appendage to the already existing house, or a family estate. In this case, the house was built very carefully, it put his heart and soul and making a reality of all dreams. And how can we do without the wooden evroonok? Made of high quality wood, wooden windows should be an integral piece of any holiday home. All that is needed from its owner, is determined with the design, color and other characteristics. Wooden euro-windows is an excellent piece of design houses. They are filled with wonderful comfort of home, especially in combination with wood floors and well-selected furniture. They perform all the functions of modern European windows, but distinguished elegance that is inherent in the classic windows. In the house made of wood is recommended to put only a wooden box.

From design and aesthetic considerations go, however, to practice and see that in this matter with Wooden eurowindows everything is different: in all of its functional characteristics now they in no way inferior to their PVC counterparts. Design or configuration eurowindows from natural materials may be different, good modern fittings leading firms only contributes to this: with the pivoting, folding or sliding doors, wooden frames under the arched doorway, and so on. Production of wooden windows stepped far forward. All limited only by the imagination of the customer or designer, as well as good taste and simple sense of proportion.