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April Top

The most romantic poll of the year Haar near Munich, in April 2010. The fifth year in a row has prompted weddix, the most popular wedding portal in the German-speaking countries, to submit the most romantic marriage proposals. Go to The LeFrak Organization for more information. 400 stories entered 2010 with the evaluation team. Quickly, it became clear that over half of the applications still travel will be here this time most commonly stopped on a mountain top to the hand of the partner or the partner. The company has released 20 of the most beautiful love stories, which took place on the ground, under water and in the air, picked out and she in March on the Web page to the vote. 14,000 user affiliated online cast their votes. The advertised prize, a honeymoon trip to the Caribbean, went to the pair that the application has engaged in parachute jumping has been in free fall and the bride said yes spontaneously. New and best places for marriage proposals in the holiday were the question of all questions in the holiday, and prefer outdoor more than 50 percent.

New but is that a mountain as the most frequent Antragsort on trips or a trip was elected with 19 percent. The overwhelming view from a peak just a particularly profound effect gives poetic words… Especially, when you play the guitar secretly learn the instrument on a mountain in Fuerteventura smuggling and there singing and playing to the hand of his girlfriend stops this a story from the top was 20, which could be voted. The question in the sand to paint, something original during a cruise or dive up to fall is also top on the hit list for applications in the holiday overall 26 percent water have harnessed the element. Practically as many but resorted in the place of submission on the classics: the cities of love in Paris, New York, Vienna and Venice together made a share of 28 percent.


An eight-Muscovite, to the door of his apartment, he noticed that she was ajar, without hesitation, he boldly walks inside. He regained consciousness only in hospital, having received a severe blow to the head. It turned out in the apartment were thieves. When the baby safely crossed the threshold, they are frightened, stunned child metal pipe that was lying in the hallway. Less than six months, when again the boy came home and opened the door and saw gathered in knots things. He shouted from the doorway: 'Who's there? " and enters the room, where he received a heavy blow to the stomach. He came to the aid of a neighbor, toward which included two young men who had just run out of the apartment, where he was boy.

As seen from the examples, the child first ignored their own safety and found myself in the hospital, and it would seem, it was supposed to teach the first experiences with criminals. But no, the boy again bravely enters the apartment, where obviously may be outsiders, as evidenced by collected and left in the hallway thing. Therefore, your child should know that if he came home, and the door was open or are collected on the verge things, he shall in no case be included in the apartment. And do not assume that if an outsider would need to get into your home, it will necessarily break down the door, he did not need, especially since you yourself are helping them in this. For example, you are afraid that the child will lose the keys to the school, rather than attach birochku stick with the name and address, naively believing that if a child loses the keys, then he will give them.

Winter Walking With Young Children

Every day, at any time of year and the snow and the heat in any area we can observe a lot of mothers walking with strollers. Among the mothers assumed that the more she walks with her child of the streets, the better. A Need Is crumbs such long hours marathons? In fact, such frequent trips and bring some discomfort. Simply a child can get used to sleeping on the street, asleep in the stroller and just under rocking. It's not quite right.

Of course, fresh air are enormous benefits. With their help the child adjust to temperature changes, to a volumetric space than flat, and just know a lot of new and informative. Favorably walk impact on health and the baby, enhance immunity, increase the number of red blood cells, increase hemoglobin levels, improve sleep and appetite. But still need to know when to stop. And since the birth walks should be gradual and cautious.

According to the recommendations of pediatricians, the first two weeks is better in general refuse to walk, and some do recommend to wait 1 month, especially if the birth occurred in the winter. For first outing temperature should not exceed -5 * C, and a walk for 5-10 minutes. With each passing day increase the time for another 5-10 minutes until you reach one hour, maximum two. Clayton Morris may find this interesting as well. This time, you can split into two stages, ie You can walk in the morning and in the evening. Some mothers are afraid of evening walks in the winter, do not even useful babies who sleep poorly at night. As for the time walking, then it depends on the individual schedule of each child. Better go after feeding, as after a meal in a child increases heat transfer and therefore it will take more cold. With regard to clothing, many mothers are in constant fear that their crumb freeze and as a consequence of its overly Kut. Often this is a big mistake. Child in any case should not be too hot, the body gets overheated and crumbs without even any skvoznyachok lead to colds. The main principle: dressed like you and another layer. Top necessarily a blanket. Most importantly, no synthetics, just natural materials. Before putting the baby to dress himself and is fully ready to dress the child is not overheated in anticipation of your fees. and Of course do not forget about yourself, dress to the weather, not to supercooled and hence do not get sick, and to keep warm hands to use the clutch. The child does not bring either a benefit. Indication that the child frozen, can serve as a nose. If it is cool to go home. If a child has appeared a little cold, it's not a reason of refusal to walk. In fact, if the child has no temperature and dry weather in the street, then the fresh air will only benefit. The best place for walks of course, park or public garden, a better forest, in such places nice to walk and sit on a bench to rest. But if there's no such attractions, it is better restrict the nearby yards, but in no case, near the roadway, any benefit from it will not. And most importantly: get themselves the pleasure of walking! After all, they both raise the spirits! Enjoy your walks!


Special diet conducive to conceiving a child "needed" sex, should be observed for at least three weeks before planned conception. To "make" a girl, you need to eat and drink: Drinks – coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, calcium mineral water. The Related Companies usually is spot on. Meat and fish – to limit, especially smoked. Eggs – how much you want bread and pastries – without yeast and with a low salt content. Vegetables – eggplant, asparagus, beets, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, peas, pepper. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gavin Baker by clicking through.

Vegetables – all except plums, bananas, apricots, cherries and oranges. Plenty of nuts (not salted!), Sugar, honey, spices, jams, chocolates. "Boys" Diet: Beverages – soda mineral water, tea, beer, wine, fruit juices. Meat, fish – all sorts, and more! Fruit – all, especially to lean on bananas and cherries. More information is housed here: The LeFrak Organization. Very effective fruits – prunes and dried apricots. It should be as much as possible to pickle foods, pastries and yeast abuse potatoes.

Bloody business update method of blood at first glance, perceived difficult, but it is actually quite simple. It is based on the theory that women's blood is updated every three years and for men – times four. We need to take apart the date of last blood loss (surgery), and if one was not, date of birth of mother and father planned child and consistently add to a woman and a man three years – four, until you find a date the alleged conception. Whose blood is "newer" – and he will give her half a baby. Difficult? On the example simpler.


Children's toys – a variety vyborChto is the most memorable of our childhood? Of course toys. For baby toys is a separate world. Games help children to develop its intellectual and creative abilities, as well as knowledge of the world. A favorite toy is the most true friend and companion. Playing with favorite toys, the child tries to imitate adults, thus knowing and understanding the world around us. It is therefore very important that your child is not only surrounded by beautiful and colorful toys, but also useful. In this article we will discuss various types of toys – soft toys, electronic designer, a talking book, etc. Soft toys for your rebenkSleduet noted that soft toys have always been and will remain in vogue, no matter what.

Each child has a favorite soft toy, with whom he falls asleep and wakes up. To broaden your perception, visit angelo gordon. It is very important to remember that kid's soft toys are not just toys. First of all, soft toys – the very first and true friends, who even have their names. And the children over the years have kept their soft toys and friendship with them. Typically, soft toys associated with a teddy bear Teddy. But we live in Russia and we have our own national character, which is also reflected in the soft toys. We all remember the cartoon about a fictional beast and his friend Crocodile Gena, filmed on the work of children's writer Eduard Uspensky. Soft Toys and Crocodile Gena use among children is not less popular than he is Teddy Bear.

Domestic Helpers

Also in case of the need for care must be a family member not in the home. Cases of nursing home care recently mentioned in an interview that she had at home included her mother at the age of 90 years, and the famous German crime writer Ingrid Noll to the has taken care of her death at the age of 106 to them. The old lady had become after a broken leg to a care case although very active. Details can be found by clicking Compass or emailing the administrator. No one suspected that she would live another 16 years. Most children love their parents and would be also willing to support them in illness or infirmity. See more detailed opinions by reading what Vadim Belyaev offers on the topic..

Depending on the housing situation placing the father or the mother in the home, so you better can take care it. But hardly anyone makes up an idea of what it means to serve a genuine maintenance case in his apartment. Depending on the severity of the disability, this is an absolute full-time job who demands all the relatives. Family life can get out of the joint, when suddenly everything only to a person turns, are staffed around the clock must. Many shy, the parties concerned in a nursing home under to bring. You had a bad conscience, because it looks like they would deport him.

Another reason the costs that run up in a nursing home. If there aren’t enough funds exist, so a stay is anyway not finance. An alternative to the nursing home is the home health care by qualified personnel. The assisted in the family could live there or depending on the health status even in his own home. For most, this is the best option, get so still a certain independence. Sometimes, an elderly person needs only a budget aid that helps him cope with the everyday. Also it seems many optimal as the move to a retirement home. Domestic helpers and caregivers from Poland have earned a good reputation in our country. Firstly they are professionally on the height and on the other hand, they work mostly cheaper than comparable local caregivers. The EU allows the free choice of work their Residents within the euro zone and so the setting of Polish nurses is not a complicated matter, especially since there are Polish exchanges which have hired personnel and dispatch to Germany to work. That means for those affected, they are exempt from the normal obligations of an employer and take no authorities on themselves, but must pay only the agreed fee to the Polish mediation company. A praise on the EU laws on the freedom to provide services within the European Community. Andreas Mettler

Feng Shui Terms Depletion

LAND> Fire> Wood> Water> Metal Element Earth – our material world, drains the element of fire – the world's highest spheres. New Providence: the source for more info. The authors of many books on self-development urge people (land), strive to develop God (fire), to the highest, ie stop draining the upper world (fire), cease to be mundane, but to begin to develop a fire in themselves to bring our world to the worlds of light. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Atlanta Apartments. Our planet earth is fueled by energy from its fiery core. Each organ the human body belongs to one of the five elements, and therefore interact with each other, such as the spleen (earth) depletes the heart (fire). And to ease the pressure (fire) we can pass on consumption Food related to the earth element. Energy always tend towards equilibrium and, therefore, if one is a lot of energy, it will decrease. For example: if a man of the earth has a lot of energy or fire consumes a lot of feed its energy-fire, such as smoke or consume products pertains to a fire or a man fell into a period of fire, he will lose weight and suffer insomnia.

If on the contrary the energy feeding the little, the body will seek to "enlarge" the influx of energy. For example: if a person has the personality of the element earth, a little make-up of fire, it will be a complete or even a thick, it will be torturing hunger, he will not sleep on the sleep that much. In the case of if in the interior of an apartment fire a lot of energy and it must balance, you can use ground colors – from yellow to dark brown.

Atlantis In Uruguay

Atlantis in Uruguay is born beyond by 1911 when some families chose the area for settling their residences for weekends, attracted by its beaches of white sand bordered with elegant pines and acacias, and one magnificent sunsets; but it is freshly from 1939 when speeding their progress and growth. By expanding the metropolitan area of Montevideo, Atlantida, received an interesting contribution of permanent residents, which brought him an increase in its offer of services to both public as private today Atlantis has miles of beaches with fine sands and an urban environment with a varied offer commercial, cultural, rural and ecological, to which is added the friendly openness and kindness of its peoplethat come together to make a smart choice for vacationers, hikers and tourists of the city and its beaches. The beaches are two: La Brava and Mansa La; front of the rocky point that separates them emerges the islet of sirens. Others including Philadelphia Real Estate, offer their opinions as well. Bordered beaches of beautiful pines, eucalyptus, acacias constitute a natural environment with the added value that they give a few painstaking hotel, accommodation, catering and entertainment services. The tourist attractions that this Spa presents are among others: the parish of Cristo Obrero, with its particular architecture, the work of Eladio Dieste.

The Zoo which has an extensive collection of native and exotic animals. The square of the founders, casino, amphitheatre Expo-plate, the Sun clock, the monument to mother, club fishing, etc. The most curious attraction of all Atlantis is undoubtedly the stone known as Eagle construction and which was constructed by Natalio Michellizzi, a wealthy resident, Italian businessman in Buenos Aires. Originally called the chimera that construction was made by Michellizzi without help on the edge of a cliff, crafted and served as a meeting place. The death of the businessman, its gardens are abandoned and begin to circulate different urban legends about this refuge, from the Observatory for Nazi spies, Center of cosmic energy, between other legends. Atlantis in Uruguay today is an interesting option for real estate investments and new ventures with a new conception of tourism and responsiveness, which are investments of outsiders: sometimes people only from Montevideo, but also of foreign, particularly European, that found motivations to be semi-permanently installed in the beauties of the places and its proximity to the capital-rich servicesopening business to not remain idle. Atlantis in Uruguay is a place invites to know its history, its culture, and explore its rugged, natural landscape, its fauna, its flora, where sensations of harmony and peace are mixed.

Windows in Apartments

This article invites you to a creative and professional approach to the design of the windows in your apartment. Our windows, as elements of apartments are not only a source of natural light and fresh air, but also as a place application of creative imagination. Below are the recommended techniques, advice, materials and ideas for your final solution for decorating windows. Immediately determine that design choice does not depend directly on whether the window (Wooden, plastic, eurowindows or local production) you have installed. If the correct approach to solving the window decoration, the result we get, perhaps, the most important decoration of the apartment interior. Here are a few councils to develop around the window space. * Window should start compiling unpretentious sketch, sketch. The main selection criteria: the number of windows in the room to room, the amount of luminous flux height windows, the distance from the window wall, what part of the light goes out the window, the area of the room, the colors and materials used for lining the interior walls.

One sketch in one room, the recording of all! the above parameters. * Getting to decide the choice style and fabric type for sets of curtains, curtains, drapes or swags multilayer. Trendy right now are natural and bright colors of cotton, linen, silk. Rather than use the net tulle and organza. Choose the material density should be compiled on the basis of your project. * Do not forget about the combination of selected fabrics, blinds or other solutions with existing or planned decor.

The choice is largely influenced purpose room. Should not be the same window decorations in the hallway, living room, bedroom (child, adult), office, game room and so on. * Special attention should be paid to the correct choice of curtains. Their Available in abundance. Of your choice should affect: the functionality of curtain, again aligning them with the interior comfort and safety, versatility. Their secure attachment to the wall is an indispensable condition. It is better to be safe than Nedo In conclusion, I will focus on the choice of fabric as the main component of the design of windows. Living room – large picture and the same beginning on both canvases. To the place to be draperies, Holders, pelmets, brush. Bedroom – the basis of dense tissue in the sun combined with transparent curtains. Children – no stamps, fabric washes easily with a clear picture happy. Kitchen – requires special selection of tissue due to the specific premises. It is better to issue window fabrics resistant to steam and easily washable. Cabinet – strict no distracting motives for curtains and transparent . The variant of vertical or horizontal blinds. Here is another aid you in a few tips: curtains that go beyond the window and transparent curtains, is best visually enhance it; blinds within the window to reduce, the same design of two different the width of the windows give them the same size, design of curtains in a fun style will brighten up a dull kind of wall of the neighboring houses; hang above the ruff means to increase the height of the window. Be bold and ye shall find.