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Wall Supports

Everyone knows that plants and flowers are not only subject of fascination, a hobby, but also a wonderful complement to an element of interior design of any room – whether office or residential apartment: all will be appropriate to their place. It is not always living area allows you to put your pet back to the elegant, tall, floor stand for flowers and potted plants. But it does not matter, because your flowers and plants can be no less successful place on the wall and stands for the plants. Wall stands for indoor plants can liven up any dark wall. In the house where the walls are paintings of the landscape of nature, wall stand for the colors fit as can not be better. Put your favorite picture of the two wall-mounted cup holders – and you'll immediately notice the difference: Your picture is literally come to life! Despite the exceptional versatility of wall flower stands, must take into account the appearance of your plants and flowers, as well as their size in height and volume. Typically, wall stand for potted plants and flowers are larger to accommodate them small and medium plants magnitude. This does not mean that you should not experiment – sometimes, even the most daring decision is catching on! In any case, every home will not be superfluous wall flower stand.

Wall placement of indoor plants saves floor space inside the room. It looks not only beautiful but also practical. Flowers and plants that you put on the wall, stand, in some cases, can get more sunlight. Must take this into account – as well as the fact that not all plants need intense lighting. A sound balance of your green pets will prolong the life of your plants and save your money. When choosing a stand for flowers, do not forget that they come in different sizes, shapes, weights, colors. Look at all the options – maybe some of them will be ideal for decorating your home, office or country home!

Modern Doorbells

Most of the houses, apartments, offices today are equipped with one or another warning device, which allows civilized enough to announce his arrival and wish to join. Quite often this is the usual cheesy, but effective electromechanical bell or buzzer. In fact, experiments with the signal fed by electricity carried in the eighteenth century. But it took time to get out of the field experiment, these devices are switched to the practical application in everyday life. Therefore, in the not too distant past, even the door bell was a novelty, the capital of fun, not to mention the modern electric bell. Remember a classic announcement on the door: "Prozba derbanit not in the front door, and a finger in your navel Suva to call!".

Of mallets, gongs, bells ordinary household relay alarms transmitted to the electro-calls, calls electronics and a solid set of sounds and melodies, and then to wireless calls. It should be noted that the newest electronic wireless calls is very convenient because you can have more than one call button and more than one speaker, as well as not to mess with wires. Yes, and power the electrical devices can be not only on the 220V transformer, and batteries that are much safer. Another undoubted advantage of modern phone calls for many is a huge variety of shapes, sizes, colors, buttons and speakers. After all, few people already like a dull gray spot above the door – the device should be hidden or be part of the design hall, organically fit into the interior as if it were an office computer desk in the corner. But if, despite all the "steepness" of the latest devices, given your sympathies "real" bell, then, except for the signal and decorative features, it can be a talisman, as it can be applied even though the Celtic runes, though the Chinese characters, although traditional Russian wishes of good luck and a guest house.


Each additional door leads to a more expensive box, but think about the convenience and security, washing windows – washed standing in a room or lean out of windows? Decide – on which side you prefer to approach the window, which hand it is more convenient to open it. The versatility of modern windows and provides the opportunity to design window. If someone wants to when you open the two valves in the middle had no rack order a so-called window with shtulpom. If you prefer, you can specify the use of laminated PVC profile, both from the premises and from both sides. For example, from the room under the tree and the color of the facade of the house – with a street side. Specialist firm itself should offer a choice of several options for technical solutions and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3. The choice of glazing should be remembered that 75-85% of the window is windows, so his choice is necessary to pay very serious attention. Retrieved on many years of service in our region and is enshrined in the SNIP, the most effective use for children, medical and residential Premises triple-pane windows (three windows with two cameras between the glass) with a minimum width of 32 mm. In addition, this glass has good sound quality. To enhance the sound insulation used camera widths. Possible to use a twin-glass 24 mm thick with drawing on the inner glass of a special low-emissivity (heat-) coating. This glass has even some advantage on thermo-technical parameters before the triple-pane windows is 32 mm, because it is lighter in weight, but inferior in sound insulation and retains a certain amount of ultraviolet rays.

Soviets Housewife

Mirrors decorate the room, visually expand its internal space and provide us with objective information about our appearance. But without timely treatment it is bound to tarnish the mirror and not be able to fill the bill. Therefore, among the many tips on household management recommendations for cleaning mirrors have a special place. The first useful advice concerns the location of the mirror. Practice shows that the mirror quickly fade when struck by sunlight, so do not install or do not hang them in front of the window. Originality, brilliance and luster faded reflecting surface cleaning will return mirrors with a solution of ammonia and water. Alcohol should be diluted with water in a ratio . In order not to fog up a mirror in the bathroom it can lubricate the back of the molten wax, mixed with turpentine.

But the smell of turpentine – is not the best flavor bathroom, so it is recommended to combat fogging a mirror a more acceptable way: wipe the surface of the mirror for the bathroom soaked flannel shampoo, and then just wipe it dry. Fogging the mirror in the bathroom can be avoided if sprinkle on the surface of the balloon with antizapotevatelem enjoyed by motorists. And to prevent fogging the mirror as a result of the impact of moist air bathroom, you can either stick on the rear surface of the plaster strips (with frame capture), or cover up the grooves between the mirror frame and window putty. Very effective cleaning mirrors alcohol-containing substances (eg, cologne). Just soak a swab and treat their reflective surfaces, to handle the corners of the pad can be spread on a match. "Launched", long mirror can be peeled lead to the "divine form", carefully wiping his reflective surface with chalk or tooth powder, pre-washed with warm water and soap. Mystics claim that the mirrors maintain information about anyone they have ever reflected. It is likely that this "old wives' tales", but clean and sparkling mirrors are an ornament of our life, and proper care of them does not require any "transcendent" effort.

Housing in Russia

Russia – is inseparable from the notion of cottage. In forest areas hut known in IV-V centuries. Cottage called the ancient Slavs heated log cabin and lived under her roof as one family grandfathers, fathers, sons, grandchildren. All the outbuildings are gathered under one roof and can be a long time without leaving home perform all the chores. The first types of huts were similar to the simple wood house. Gradually, from one century to improved appearance hut complicates planning, increased size. Remained unchanged but its constructive framework – framework.

House cut not a simple matter. Russian peasant house put firmly on the century. Some simple tools – an ax, adz da bit. The whole house will fold without a single nail. From the side it seems as if a log through another is missing. From one village to another, from city to city were team of Russian craftsmen with an ax in his belt.

Their work, their talent, their hands rose monuments architectural art. What kind of house built for himself and his family, our ancestors, who lived 500-1000 years ago? Basis in the old dispensation – a wooden log hut. Traditions were largely determined by climatic conditions and the availability of suitable building material. A place in our grandparents had a lot of timber and, therefore, very early came home with a ground floor, even somewhat elevated above the ground. Although the tradition of housing in the Slavic tribes (Krivichy and Ilmen words) can be traced far back in time, but scientists have rightly believed that the wooden houses erected here in II millennium BC.