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Ventilated Facades

To achieve the maximum level of heat-shielding properties of walls with ventilated facades can only use the protective layers of special construction fabrics TEND. Different brands of tissues can reduce heat loss through wall due to: limit air permeability of the longitudinal walls exclusion of air filtration in a layer of insulation protect insulation from moisture Reduced risk of damaging the layer insulation Reduction breathable walls. Located on the outer surface of the insulation, TEND prevents the penetration of cold air in the room – infiltration. There should be established risks associated with wetting layer insulation with vapor diffusion from inside the premises. Exclusive feature of the TEND is a combination of low air permeability with a high vapor permeability. Depending on the brand TEND minimal resistance air permeability fabric with a thickness of 0.15 mm is 250 m2 * h * Pa / kg. Brickwork 250 mm thick resists air permeability not exceeding 18 m2 * h * Pa / kg, and mineral wool insulation with a density of 200 kg/m3 and a thickness of 50 mm of 2 m2 * h * Pa / kg.

Setting the fabric prevents the loss of heat due to air permeability not only insulation thicknesses and densities, but also the carrier of the wall. TEND is not a noticeable obstacle to the release of vapors in a ventilated gap. Minimal resistance to water vapor tissue 0.02 m2 * h * Pa / mg does not exceed the resistance of an ordinary cardboard 1.5 mm thick. Such a high moisture vapor transmission eliminates the insulation. Application TEND for buildings high-rise buildings to prevent heat loss up to 50%. Reduced air permeability of the layer of insulation. At the corners of buildings and window piers with pressure drops in the wind there is an increase loss of heat due to air movement in a layer of insulation – a longitudinal filtration.

Topic Making Cabinets

We live in a world where we are surrounded by a huge pile of things we need. Of the heap at some point in our lives, we pull out (as well as put) a particular thing we needed. What would it be easy to do (do not get confused and choose exactly the …) We need also thing that will serve as a source of storage and selection of everything else. Storage cupboard made the man. First cabinet was quite simple and was called a trunk, but as time went well-being increased, and trunk was not easy. People began to develop a case for the start put the chest on the side and made a shelf and go. (As opposed to Dell). Create new materials, invented the internal device that facilitates searching and adding facilities for storage.

The cabinet was very tech thing. Manufacture of cabinets and furniture took up a serious business, which began to invest in technology and cabinet making furniture. Thus, consider these interesting processes occurring in the manufacture of furniture. The cabinet is made up of elements such as walls, doors, shelves and shelves, drawers and boxes. Well, the last squeak of all useful elements for easy storage certain things.

This furniture is a closed, protected from dust, and sometimes other people's eyes thing. The cabinet is a separate piece of furniture, usually shaped like a rectangle, which has recently become fashionable (practical) embedded in the Seine dwelling. Initially, this furniture was made from natural wood, and sometimes is a real work of art.

Corrosion Protection

It is known that some iron and its alloys because of thermodynamic instability susceptible to oxidation by water and oxygen, resulting in a well-known to all the rust. If the medium, surrounding the product of a metal contaminated with various chemicals, the corrosion process is greatly accelerated. Go to The LeFrak Organization for more information. As a result of corrosion of metals industrial countries receive damages of up to 5% of gross domestic product. Corrosion protection of traditional methods, including through the application of paint (the simplest based on GF-021 primer and enamel PF-115 and more sophisticated and expensive coatings) are not always appropriate. For example, for repair coating of metal can not be stopped for long term traffic on the bridge, requiring repairs. Also, it is uneconomical to Remove Hardware, continuously working in the technological process of production. It should be borne in mind that the cost of preparatory work to clean up metal from rust, scale is quite high. Attempts to applying conventional paint surface covered with corrosion lead to disastrous results, as traditional materials do not provide sufficient protection, and the corrosion process in this case becomes uncontrolled visually.

Today produces a wide range of special coatings, applied directly to rust. This water-borne primers and primer paint containing orthophosphoric acid, chemically transforming rust, and organorazbavlyaemye two-component with a hardener (universal anticorrosive composition "Gremirust", "Cornick"). Developed and manufactured and single-component quick-drying materials that can be applied directly to rust (priming enamel AU-1-201-1518 enamel AU). These materials are added corrosion inhibitors and a variety of target agents. Water-based materials are environmentally friendly and cheap, but can not stand requirements for a high decoration. The coatings based on waterborne materials usually dull, do not have a wide color gamut. Polyurethane paints and varnishes (enamel primer SD-1-202-enamel SD 1524) best meet the high demands for protection from corrosion. These materials protect the painted surfaces of over 15 years in an open industrial atmosphere temperate and cold climates. It should be borne in mind that before applying a decorative protective coating on the metal surface with traces of corrosion, you must first remove loose, loose rust, reducing the adhesion of paint.

Engineering Equipment

For example, when creating a garden pool its engineering equipment (pumps, water filtration, etc.) can be placed not on the limited area of the roof, where it would interfere with planning and use the attic space. Ventilation shaft – a source of noise and smells – can be designed so as not to impede the progress of the garden. They can not just cover up the plants, but use a As optional equipment, as was done in Tashkent. In disguise, and, possibly, in some add-ins, tools and materials needed for the care of a garden, and tall buildings – machine for washing windows. (As opposed to Property Transfers). Certain isolation requires economic zone, especially if you need to ensure that drying clothes, but so that no wind blew the clothes and the entire device would not spoil the appearance and the overall interior of the house. Creates particular difficulties Stay on top of children. Left unattended, they often not only spoil the garden equipment, but that happens very often and throw things down from the roof.

Parents are especially worried that they themselves may roll over through the roof parapets and fencing (fence but, according to the regulations, sufficiently high). International greater Philadelphia may find this interesting as well. There are techniques that reduce the vandalism and the possibility of children getting their injuries unwary games. Thus, the improvement of the garden, Hosted at high altitude, the use of objects which are not fixed permanently. This also applies to small decorative materials such as gravel and crushed stone, going to cover the tracks – they must be securely embedded in concrete. .


One of the most effective ways – to set different partition and division of a large room into several smaller ones. To begin to fill the void all sorts of little things: hang on the walls small picture frames with photos, set up in free racks and shelves on display bright dishes, figurines, candles, boxes and so forth. Meadow Bank Designs often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But clutter up the apartment's still not worth it, try to strike a balance between uncomfortable emptiness and a heap of unnecessary things. All selected details of the interior must be combined with each other. In the fight against "excess housing space will help the massive furniture of dark tones. Complement the overall picture of the cape thick fabric on the sofa and chairs, table cloths with bright patterns, heavy curtains with optional accessories, rugs with thick pile. Rich colors and a major figure in the interior visually "eat" free space, so safely buy wallpaper with a clear pattern, attractive look. In order to visually reduce the space of the room, move furniture away from walls, move closer to the center of the table or floor lamp.

Any major thing – a piano, a large statue, a huge bed – attracts attention, and visually reduce the space. To change the "scale" apartment, use the curved lines, contrasting colors. Even the smooth surface, articulated by two or multiple colors with different spatial characteristics, will look deformed. You should see the sense of a single, but stick interior. Zonirovat large space, you can use changes in the ceiling or the application to him the ornament. The room should be adequately lighted, but instead open powerful lamps use various lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers whose light is refracted, it becomes less bright. Cold white fluorescent light can be replaced by a cozy yellow. Surface of the walls, ceiling, furniture and interior must absorb light, so you should not bring into the interior mirror and an abundance of glass. Reduce the large apartment – this means, first of all, make it more intimate, chamber. To do this you need to enter some chaos in the interior, add vivid detail to get rid of straight lines. Reduce the space of the big things – Furniture of high quality, large ornament and so on.

Wooden Stairs

Stairs have in the house fine Stairs has always been considered a sign of wealth, an indicator of taste and affluence. Currently in the construction of town houses, villas, cottages, various steps that great fit in a modern design and decor are a beautiful addition. Wide range of materials used in the manufacture of staircases, stair allows virtually any style. Designing stairs requires a special approach and skilled craftsmen. Stairs, stairs and railings are made of different materials and combinations thereof, with any design from classic, modern and country to hi-tech. Ladders made from different materials: solid wood (oak, beech, pine, ash, walnut, mahogany, etc.), metal as a bearing elements and fencing (stainless steel, chrome, powder coating), glass (triplex Acrylic different colors) in combination with metal and wood, the forged guard at any level of complexity, natural and artificial stone (marble, granite, agglomerate). It would not have changed fashion trends, stairs continue are extremely popular. Wood used in the manufacture of stairs from the Middle Ages, and to this day remains the most popular material.

This is due to the fact that the tree has a number of qualities that make the wooden stairs durable, easy care, safe. At different times prefer different types of ladders: the large and massive wooden staircase, elegant spiral staircases of stone, carved or strict classical. Wooden stairs makes the interior cozy and bring the energy of nature, warmth, which is so lacking a resident of the modern metropolis. Wooden ladders must produced at a new, modern equipment to ensure safety and comfort. Ladders are used for the manufacture of wood species, such as: oak, beech, pine, ash, walnut, mahogany and other materials, used in the manufacture of products (ladders, fences) should be natural and clean and should not harm the environment. Wooden ladders and wooden ladders fence may be made with turned parts (pillars, balusters), thread or any other profiles. Structurally, the stairs are made of all types: marching (on Kosourov or stringer), screw on the Boltzmann or combined in Depending on the characteristics of the room, opening to the stairs and the customer's wishes.

Italian Home Ceiling

Most importantly the weather at home … But the atmosphere in the house affect, including, and flavors that you can choose. Check out the aroma of Italian Home for themselves. Then each product as a nice gift (this is for home fragrances, sachets, herbal soaps, decorative soap in a garland, decorated with scented candles, gel, foam bath and shower, bubble in its crystal bottle, body lotion, dry oil spray for body, shampoos and conditioners, hand cream), but what can we say about ready to gift baskets for every taste. Sky with diamonds do not promise, but the sky on the ceiling of your room easily. Such a plot, and not one, but in variations we have in our catalog frescoes. Incidentally, the frescoes of the options we have in the catalog over 1000.

We never believe that none of them is that which is absolutely necessary for your interior. By the way, recently Timur Kizyakov – a leading TV program "So far, all at home" on the first channel (the site of the first channel), was visiting the family of Alexander Rosenbaum, celebrated September 13th birthday. In Petersburg's apartment Alexandra Jakovljevic placed on the ceiling fresco in the plot clear sky, which the inhabitants of St. Petersburg is not so often be seen on the street. But we would not advise confined to the ceiling, there are so many stories to walls. We already wrote about the progress in this matter experts from the success of the "School of repairs" on TNT (the site of the School of repair:).


Each additional door leads to a more expensive box, but think about the convenience and security, washing windows – washed standing in a room or lean out of windows? Decide – on which side you prefer to approach the window, which hand it is more convenient to open it. The versatility of modern windows and provides the opportunity to design window. If someone wants to when you open the two valves in the middle had no rack order a so-called window with shtulpom. If you prefer, you can specify the use of laminated PVC profile, both from the premises and from both sides. For example, from the room under the tree and the color of the facade of the house – with a street side. Specialist firm itself should offer a choice of several options for technical solutions and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3. The choice of glazing should be remembered that 75-85% of the window is windows, so his choice is necessary to pay very serious attention. Retrieved on many years of service in our region and is enshrined in the SNIP, the most effective use for children, medical and residential Premises triple-pane windows (three windows with two cameras between the glass) with a minimum width of 32 mm. In addition, this glass has good sound quality. To enhance the sound insulation used camera widths. Possible to use a twin-glass 24 mm thick with drawing on the inner glass of a special low-emissivity (heat-) coating. This glass has even some advantage on thermo-technical parameters before the triple-pane windows is 32 mm, because it is lighter in weight, but inferior in sound insulation and retains a certain amount of ultraviolet rays.

Soviets Housewife

Mirrors decorate the room, visually expand its internal space and provide us with objective information about our appearance. But without timely treatment it is bound to tarnish the mirror and not be able to fill the bill. Therefore, among the many tips on household management recommendations for cleaning mirrors have a special place. The first useful advice concerns the location of the mirror. Practice shows that the mirror quickly fade when struck by sunlight, so do not install or do not hang them in front of the window. Originality, brilliance and luster faded reflecting surface cleaning will return mirrors with a solution of ammonia and water. Alcohol should be diluted with water in a ratio . In order not to fog up a mirror in the bathroom it can lubricate the back of the molten wax, mixed with turpentine.

But the smell of turpentine – is not the best flavor bathroom, so it is recommended to combat fogging a mirror a more acceptable way: wipe the surface of the mirror for the bathroom soaked flannel shampoo, and then just wipe it dry. Fogging the mirror in the bathroom can be avoided if sprinkle on the surface of the balloon with antizapotevatelem enjoyed by motorists. And to prevent fogging the mirror as a result of the impact of moist air bathroom, you can either stick on the rear surface of the plaster strips (with frame capture), or cover up the grooves between the mirror frame and window putty. Very effective cleaning mirrors alcohol-containing substances (eg, cologne). Just soak a swab and treat their reflective surfaces, to handle the corners of the pad can be spread on a match. "Launched", long mirror can be peeled lead to the "divine form", carefully wiping his reflective surface with chalk or tooth powder, pre-washed with warm water and soap. Mystics claim that the mirrors maintain information about anyone they have ever reflected. It is likely that this "old wives' tales", but clean and sparkling mirrors are an ornament of our life, and proper care of them does not require any "transcendent" effort.

Housing in Russia

Russia – is inseparable from the notion of cottage. In forest areas hut known in IV-V centuries. Cottage called the ancient Slavs heated log cabin and lived under her roof as one family grandfathers, fathers, sons, grandchildren. All the outbuildings are gathered under one roof and can be a long time without leaving home perform all the chores. The first types of huts were similar to the simple wood house. Gradually, from one century to improved appearance hut complicates planning, increased size. Remained unchanged but its constructive framework – framework.

House cut not a simple matter. Russian peasant house put firmly on the century. Some simple tools – an ax, adz da bit. The whole house will fold without a single nail. From the side it seems as if a log through another is missing. From one village to another, from city to city were team of Russian craftsmen with an ax in his belt.

Their work, their talent, their hands rose monuments architectural art. What kind of house built for himself and his family, our ancestors, who lived 500-1000 years ago? Basis in the old dispensation – a wooden log hut. Traditions were largely determined by climatic conditions and the availability of suitable building material. A place in our grandparents had a lot of timber and, therefore, very early came home with a ground floor, even somewhat elevated above the ground. Although the tradition of housing in the Slavic tribes (Krivichy and Ilmen words) can be traced far back in time, but scientists have rightly believed that the wooden houses erected here in II millennium BC.