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His inspiration are the neighborhoods of the former industrial areas of Northern Ohio, almost empty by the crisis in the industry started at the end of the 1970s. In his works, there is an in-depth study of the perspective, but also nostalgia and concern by a polarized capitalism. Countryside homes who draws Ben Grasso (1979) desmiembran in the air. Painted wood tables fall from above as toothpicks. The reason? In the majority of cases, unknown.

In the hands of the American painter constructions seem to sheets of paper. My work is an investigation of the American landscape. I seek not represent something impossible or particularly, but something that may happen or not: a reimagined vision of what already exists. He works in Brooklyn (New York), but he was born in Cleveland, Ohio, a State whose northern area was noted for its heavy industry. Grasso often ponders the fragility of structures and short active life that have had many of the houses of the area in which he grew up. The construction and destruction of the belt’s oxide in the years seventy and eighty, the so-called rust belt (Rustbelt) suffered a profound economic crisis by the rise in the price of fuel, the closure of factories to cheaper countries or States and foreign competition.

It was a similar fate to the automotive industry in Detroit, also included in this belt: there are neighborhoods where tens of thousands of people lived and which are now nearly empty. I often visit these places. There is something fascinating in the image of an empty House and foot. Oil paintings by Grasso are also a proof of the perspective setting. The houses are sometimes viewed from chopped planes, on top of a few trees. Other times made him attend the destruction in a flat shots from the floor and stick the viewer into the soil. I want to extend the line in space, painted in such a way that it embraces and abuse at the same time of the laws of perspective. In their games construction and destruction there is a background of nostalgia for a lost landscape and concern by a polarized capitalism: I think in the time taken to compose these places and how fast it disappeared. I have read that the Ohio steel is recycled to build bridges in China. A great economy failed builds another economy also destined for failure. Global capitalism needs this type of cannibalism to operate. Source of the news: houses flying through the air.

Houses For Rent In Monterrey

Houses for rent in Monterrey the houses for rent in Monterrey have become a rarity in Mexico, due to as the (ACE) tenants (ACE) are affected (as) by increased costs of households and the decline in revenue. According to some recent data on these homes for rent, most of the (ACE) (ACE) tenants in the country seem to consider the desire of home ownership as unaffordable. In this particular decision influence such as services and maintenance costs that continue to rise, while the sources of income have become true grips that barely reaches to basic food, health and education expenses. There are some relevant research indicating that 51.5% of the (ACE) (ACE) tenants are spending less than 30% of their income on rental costs. Under the parameters of the Government, the housing is considered unreachable if families are spending 30% or more on housing costs, including utilities and rent rates. This percentage revealing and it denotes somewhat a tenacious decompensation in the housing is slightly higher than in previous years, when around 50% of the (ACE) tenants (ACE) were spending much more on housing demands. The increase in the percentage of tenants living in units inaccessible (meaning for this term those apartments or places that are not so open to the general public) is mainly attributed to the decrease in average household income. Based on figures that correspond to recent dates, the median income of households fell 2.9%, mainly because unemployment rose about 10.2 per cent for this year.

In addition, housing costs increased by 3%. The (ACE) most analysts believe that the affordability of housing will continue becoming a problem, when revenues continue to decline and job loss SYB. The (ACE) housing analysts have also stated that the lack of cheap rental housing also reflects the rising demand, and problems of exclusion are still discouraging families and individuals towards the purchase of homes. Also, added that with the current condition of the market, the majority of the citizens of Monterrey and Mexico in general believe that renting is more practical and beneficial that homeownership (a) of a residence. One good thing is that according to the data of the real estate market 2009 revealed that among those who actually have own home only 37.6% spending less than 30% of housing costs, taxes, utilities, insurance and mortgage payments. Reference: Source: press release sent by andgomez. Bad ozone the EPA and unemployment M r T r a d r House economica in Acapulco, acapulco, House Creek rental lodging, House turismo caleta caleta caleta, caleta houses, holidays, House cheap rent, article written by Michael in mexico travel catagory: all Acapulco House for rent Col. Colorines Buy and rent houses unemployment low in the United Kingdom Last minute Online House for rent forests of the summits