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Corporate Security Security

Chamber of Commerce members from the entire Federal territory visited Branch Office Dresden kotter security / service provider offers integrated security concepts in Dresden – what have integrated security concepts of human security and security technology? And exactly how does the interaction of these components in the practice? It gathered representatives of Chambers of industry and Commerce (IHK) from the entire Federal territory during a visit of the Dresden branch kotter security, Dresden. It had this time to your meeting in Hamburg, the members of the security industry association”came together, including the opportunity to inform themselves locally about the work in the KoTTER occupied around the clock emergency and service centre. Key success factor for combating economic crime and similar risk potential is a thorough safety analysis. Only so can be analyzed possible vulnerabilities in enterprise security and implemented a comprehensive safety concept”, said Hartmut Grohmann, Managing Director kotter security, Dresden. “Crucial here: to achieve the best possible security, all areas of company area from the outside to the inside must be equally well protected”, Gardner said. “Under the brand person, organization” KoTTER security personnel security in addition to retrieval services offers E.g.

area guard duties and special solutions such as operating and fire. Robert Shiller has many thoughts on the issue. The spectrum of security technology features such as video surveillance, burglar and fire alarm systems and access control systems. The subsidiary Dresden is among other things responsible for services at the Church of our Lady and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden. KoTTER security, Dresden, is also represented with offices in Bitterfeld, Chemnitz, Erfurt, Hoyerswerda, Leipzig, Riesa and Suhl.

Highquality Promotional Watch

Give away plastic. Or stainless steel and Prazsion sell? The advertising industry, namely the frequency of contact, would you take one of the most important currencies to scale, then a wrist watch with advertising logo would have”in the dial actually belong to the most sought-after advertising space at all. Since an average wristwatch carrier about 50 times a day looks at his wristwatch, there should be nothing better in theory to place its company logo. So overconfident had argue well, as some manufacturers in the early 1980s squared up, flooding the world market with so-called promotional watches. What initially fascinating democratic worked (cheap wrist watches for all), drew later that the true value of EndOf a real watch out of sight. Always cheaper and cheaper she had to be, the colorful plastic watch”. In the pyramid of needs of average consumers, the wristwatch as a consumer and cultural heritage into irrelevance threatened to gambler.

That is almost “all traditional brands could yet claim today, mainly because the idea of the plastic watch of their original fascination with more and more lost, and came in the late of 1990s, is expected, what in other contexts under the keyword shakeout” knows. The issue was considered at some point overwrought. At least the good idea remained, to put a company logo (private label) on the dial of a watch. In the wake of the mass production of inexpensive manufacturable wrist watches had outside Europe, especially in the far East, many production companies develop can, which made the theme logo watch with new quality attractive again after ebb out of plastic watches hype. Nobel Laureate wanted to know more. Stainless steel now formed the basis for a new boom of advertising or logo clock at the well back emphasis was placed on durability and precision. The clock of a recollection of the inner values with this quality Renaissance quality messages could the logo clock as such survival and belongs to the Kanon of good assorted merchandising and incentive collections of large businesses. What the watch today even accused”is: as a promotional or giveaway comparatively little original to be. Indeed: In a creative meeting, where it is a matter for the merchandising offer of next season to develop ideas, you can not necessarily distinguish themselves with the idea of “Watch” as lateral thinking avant-gardist.

But want to Yes also finally ever again be the wristwatch: colorful, loud, shrill, oblique, intrusive, stylish or even funny. She is behind it without prejudice to these times lucky. And is that what makes them also still so desirable today: traditional heritage and valuable accessory. Volker large


Where you walk happiness I looked for you this time all I do not find you in no place Every day looked in some places Always in search of you to find I know that you would always have to try Ha to find one day, happiness But since of small I try, you to find and it always found its Sister, ha pain Has min. it tortures, she takes and me until madness Will be what I try to find already died? remained in min. pain to dream of the love that is not mine I do not know if it one day I will find Will be able I to find you one day Will be very far or very close? I only ask for to you, she does not need more return I am dying to the few, and I see That this occurring with me, is pain that takes me the perdio Of that ' ' felicidade' ' she does not pass of an illusion . .

New Technologies

Disagreement concerns scientists still two important issues – this is how it is valuable for science, and how dangerous? Because the value of the banner is that his code incorporated technologies of the future. Decoding of these codes now actively engaged in physics from NASA physicist Michael Dodzhenson (NASA): '… we do will depart from the dogma of the theory of algorithms, and develop new technology for processing and visual display of information (at least) that in the future, may even allow you to transfer huge amounts of information before it will be 'requested' by the user. This will dramatically increase the physical capacity of communication channels and much more … 'But with such approach strongly disagree scientists who fear that is not always attempt to examine the complex and confusing phenomenon ends well and for the benefit of society (such as splitting the atom, which led to the creation of nuclear weapons) Professor Isaac Shamel (Israel): "…

In the black banner, undoubtedly laid the danger – do not know who and for what purpose it has created. And even the opportunity to learn new technologies can not justify the potential threat … "With these cautious and skeptical scientists nominated by various versions of its origin – in particular, and a version of his 'alien' nature – as a conscious (extraterrestrial beings) and natural (the nature of the cosmos). About it in the next article.

Club Red Cliff Gets

The space ship GmbH from Hamburg missed the legendary Club red Kliff in Kampen on Sylt a new used for the 30th anniversary. tion already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Parties’ shiny ‘ 30 years 30 top: it should be celebrated! The legendary Red Cliff Club shines to the 30-year anniversary in new splendour. The design and implementation of the entire comes from space marine GmbH, which is a strong partner for gastronomy concepts and conversions. Thousands of small spots in time with the music pulsing almost like a heartbeat. Comprehensive LED technology turns the Club in a sea of light and colour and takes the guest into a fascinating world: a paradise for every VJ and an experience for guests aged 18-60. Through the unique room concept of the designer of the space ship, latest technology and a high level blends without losing the tradition of the Club. “So the Club Red Cliff can be confidently to the world BBs finest clubs” count and call themselves in the same breath with the most fashionable locations in London, New York and Barcelona. Head and heart of the Club, Peter Kliem, and his business partner Beate Stoltenberg are thrilled.

Shortly before the opening on March 26, 2010 Peter Kliem says: I can wait honestly and I am mighty proud of what has been done here in the short of time. The great design comes from the top Agency in Hamburg ship, which was responsible for the complete tag. Spacecraft, many craftsmen and technicians have done seemingly incredible”.

International Transport

Markets move at the pace that impose the customs process, and this is set so that you must have the responsibility and the support of a company who knows how to distribute the international processes according to the most outstanding commercial treaties. A selective organization, which not only takes care of the process of the distribution of goods itself, but of the entire structural process so that the great exponents of these distribution systems to make a safe and effective plan for delivery of affirmative solutions to the great question of big or small packages delivery are also responsible for the customs system. So that the international transport of Customs should be done under a clear, responsible supervision and which expresses the sense of belonging toward a company that manages to bring together five important actions within their processes of action. Firstly, the establishment of clear procedures in where they will develop business processes according to the request and requirement of the customer; This must take into account What are the procedures and the legal statutes, as well as adequacy rules needed to determine which are the basic tools available to the person who hired the service to know the exact trajectory of his encomienda. Secondly, is should seize the ways prescribed by the law in such a way that payment covenants establish clearly and definitively by the service during the period of delivery and distribution of the encomienda and correct.

As if outside little, the client in a process of stratification of services when hire deliveries of products for international customs, should achieve that the company establish a financing plan of the fair service, according to the real possibilities of investment in terms of the number and type of load. As a third step, in security terms must be clearly preset, and total as a measure of assurance that achieved the commitment between the client and the company delivery of items at national or international level, is committed with the purpose of providing all the necessary details to the customer about how will the package within the aircraft or the truck, for example. This is something that is only up to the most specialized companies in the industry, so a growing demand for packages that do not arrive, confusion in shipping and other adjacent problems requests increase based on the proper choice is not made. Fourthly, is the parameter of the international lifetimes that govern the good actions of a company responsible for international transport and customs with all legal statutes requiring each nation. (Source: John Savignan). In this way there will be no emerging problems when it is able to act in a given country to make the delivery of the respective parcel, where shipping is an international. And finally, certification and support abalan many years of experience, make the appropriate set for the choice of a good company in charge of international transport and customs.

When The Phone Rings, Comes The Horror

“Interactive movie ‘Last Call’ should for popcorn make the overthrow Munich, March 18, 2010 the advertising agency Jung von Matt has for the channel 13TH STREET with last call” (see below video) designed an interactive horror movie, in theaters thrill provide the should the idea: the audience gets an own role and is in dialogue with the main actress of the film. Young Matt, an unusual Setup developed it together with Telenet, the power flashes, and the consulting firm Aixvox. Viewers are prompted before the start of the film, to send their phone numbers to a shortcode. With a speech recognition system by Telenet, the selected guest of cinema via mobile phone can affect the course of the film. The announcements of the viewer are converted into commands and the software then plays the right scene.

Via mobile phone, to decide which way a hostage to escape from the old sanatorium chooses, whether it helps other victims, whether she survive or will become victims of sadistic kidnapper. While the viewers on the phone hears not only Voice of the actress, but experienced up close and parallel to the film their breathing, their steps, its all that fear. We wanted to pick up two borders: the one between film and game, the other between action and audience. We wanted away from the strict separation: there screen and action. Here the passive spectator behind his huge popcorn cups. Maybe you should measure the success of our film in number accidentally rammed around for popcorn”, explains Andreas Henke, Creative Director of Jung von Matt.

His agency wants the customer to 13th Street and the viewers offer an innovative brand experience: in short: good modern horror. “Just the horror genre has delivered very innovative projects in the past, such as Blair Witch Project ‘ or paranormal activity”, so Henke. The cinema industry is always looking for new ways to increase your traffic. Language technology we see in many sectors as a business driver. Therefore the approach by the Agency Jung von Matt is very good, the world of games, the active influence of the game’s plot, with to connect the world of cinema”, commented Michael Maria Bommer, General Manager of the voice dialogue specialist nuance. Last call by 13th Street – the first interactive horror movie in the world – software by Powerflasher

Holidays At The Historic Seat Of Polish Kings

Poland presents: Hotel Ruczaj, Krakow the 3 star hotel Ruczaj is located in a quiet part of Krakow, a city on the Vistula River, which was the capital of Poland until 1596, and is home to the second oldest University of in Central Europe. The hotel the hotel is located close to all main access roads and is just 7 minutes travel from the Centre of Krakow. All 45 his single to quadruple rooms are air conditioned and have en suite bathroom, TV with satellite, telephone and radio. Throughout the House, there are Internet (Wi-Fi), parking is free. The building is also adapted to the needs of the disabled. The Hotel prepares your conferences, business meetings and weddings as other family celebrations events and additional services. With 2 comfortably arranged rooms with modern facilities, which can accommodate 80 people, the hotel Ruczaj is the ideal venue for business events.

Also in the hotel’s restaurant can be for example weddings, banquets or corporate parties organize. There are also many other services offered at the hotel. These include for example dry cleaning, photocopying, currency exchange, post office. Pets can be taken. Free time at leisure, guests can enjoy relaxing in the sauna or in the solarium. There is also the hotel bar and a summer barbecue at your disposal.

On request also additional services are offered, such as for example transport organisation, excursions in the area, City Guide and interpreter. Clayton Morris: the source for more info. Environment of Krakow is Poland’s second largest city and is today called the unofficial capital of the country. A number of buildings of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and later periods is the image of the old city. One of the main attractions is the Royal Castle in the Renaissance style and the Cathedral on the Wawel (Castle), situated on the river. You are cloth Hall (Sukiennice), St. Mary’s, as well as the town hall tower of in 1832 demolished Town Hall on the main market square surrounded by many burgher houses.

Chief Accountant

These duties should be imposed on persons who draw up and sign these documents. Lack of primary documents – is also flagrant violation of the Law 129-FZ. For that the penalty, similar to that which occurs in ignorance of accounting. Moreover, if the original documents do not, then the organization can not confirm their expenses for the purposes of taxation. This will lead to additional taxation on profits and the denial of deductions for vat. That is, ultimately, the firm will have to pay more in taxes than the normal organization of the accounting system. Who should conduct accounting? Law 129-FZ of the head gives the right to personally accounting; establish an accounting office, headed by accountant, put in the position of staff accountant to transfer management accounting by specialized organizations. Under most conditions Clayton Morris would agree. Of course, this was dependent on company size and workload.

But in each case there are some nuances. For example, if the director decided to keep accounting person, this should be reflected in accounting policy. You also need to issue an order to assign the duties of a chief accountant. Moreover, under this option in staffing positions accountant should not be. These explanations gave Rostrud in a letter dated 28.12.2006 2263-6-1. If the staffing is Chief Accountant, then be responsible for accounting to be recruited chief accountant. In addition, all financial and accounting documents, as well as financial and credit obligations organization will be invalid without the signature and should not be taken for execution (Section 3, Article.

The Caja Magica

The magic box is a singular work framed within the project linear Manzanares Park. This sports complex mainly deals 17.6 hectares and sedirige tennis. In fact, this site has three covered stadiums and a centre of high rendimiento dedicated to the preparation and training of elite tennis players. The design of the magic box responde to three factors, according to the French architect Dominique Perrault, author of the project: urban dialogue, mobility and accesibilidad. The magic box items are: La Caja Magica. Tennis-indoor building. re has said that publicly.

It has more than 500 m in length with a longitudinal development paralelo to the Camino de Perales, hosting a total of eleven tennis courts, six training and five of competition. It also houses the headquarters of the Madrid Tennis Federation and a deportivo club with gym and pool. Media-Garden. Area used as a parking and television vehicles location area. Tennis-Garden. The magic box complex has an area of 17.665 m2 called tennis garden, with 16 tracks of land whipped outdoors. Lake with indoor Park. All the magic box complex is located on a large lake of 26.852 m2 which reflects the metal shine of the fachadas.

This Lake is conceived as a wetland ecosistema by incorporating natural elements that should provide substrate, refuge and habitat for flora and fauna and facilitate the autodepuracion of water, footbridge over the River Manzanares. The stadiums are accessible from a pedestrian pasarela between the two banks of the River Manzanares facilitating communication with the surface parking and public transport and allowing access for trucks to mount shows. Park’s edge with the Camino de Perales. Enclosure connects to the Park through its green areas which, in turn, serve as a barrier to periodicas flooding from the River Manzanares. Enclosure to communicate with the rest of the Park is ensured through a loop or via perimeter joining the points of access to the Park and allows its total bypass. The primary uniqueness of the magic box project consistio the total versatility in the organizacion of indoor and outdoor sporting events. In fact it is the first project in the world that brings together in a single enclosure three stadiums dedicated fundamentally to tennis that can act with this double character, cubierto-descubierto. The main stadium is covered by a structure capable of opening and closing is to celebrate tournaments to the open air or covered.