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Beds at Home

Embroidery colored threads attached to the brightness and clarity of deposition of decorative image. Sateen bed linens with colored yarn looks more elegant than the usual linen colored satin, but more expensive. Ranfors. Ranfors – is the main type of human tissue for the production of bed clothes, different density, strength, durability, good hygienic properties. Withstand very large number of washings, retaining strength and lightness.

The density of weaving ranfors exceeds all known calico and linen. In the textile industry in the manufacture of ranforsa use a special method of weaving of high quality raw materials, 100% natural cotton st. Ranfors is the most costly option in collections of bed linen . Damask. Damask is made from high-grade cotton. Ornament satin fabric weave is provided that gives extra shine the drawing surface. This is especially noticeable on the matte the fabric surface.

Strength and durability of damask has no equal. Bamboo. Bamboo – the fiber of the "new generation". Bamboo bedding has a natural sheen of silk and cashmere is softer. Different fiber unusually porous, which makes it much absorbent cotton: moisture is absorbed and evaporates instantly. In addition, bamboo fiber itself, which goes for fabric, very durable. Bamboo fiber non-irritating and has natural antibacterial properties, it contains a component BAMBOO KUN (pronounced kun Bumbo) that prevents bacterial growth. Suitable for people suffering from allergies and asthma. Saves their unique properties, even after repeated washings and dryers. Organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown in a controlled biological farming without chemicals – in accordance with strict environmental criteria. The share of this "organic cotton" is less than 0.1% of the world total. Cotton in the rotation (ie, the cultivation of certain crops intermediate) and using natural fertilizers and soil retains provides plants with enough nutrients. Cotton picked by hand, not machines. Cotton, harvested by hand, better quality and greater purity, there are no impurities foliage. Set bedding made of organic cotton is soft and tender to the touch. Such kits are sold in their original packaging special Issimo Home of wood. It's underwear as a work of art, Issimo – it iskusstvo.Polny Issimo home directory in our Internet store you can buy bed linen, bedspreads, blankets, and other manufacturers – Plaids JUA, bedspreads and blankets Mora (Spain), bed linen Le Vele. Pillows and blankets series Ofhello (Turkey), Penelope, towels Pavia. Also, children linens and other textile products.

A Happy Home

In Manaus I can say that a family of the happy home exists, sabepor what!? Because in this she exists the requirements essential of a family to live beme with a structure favorable to the members that this family composes.The main couple of this family is the young Aldemar S and the senhorita ElianeS, good is not brother hein! But the woman inherits of its husband its last name. Then they had been married in 2007, were a victory they to reach objetivodo heart of them. In 2008, in the August month they commemorate its little party of married marriage that completaramnesse 1ano day of! She was very pretty the little party of them, all the neighbors of them participaramcomemorando with joy that pretty party.In the other following day the problems had started to appear for the couple, noentre they more with interested participation of third in wanting acabarcom the gotten passionate happiness of this pretty couple. More for sadness of this person who pursued this couple, the love existenteentre the couple was so strong that they had not given to importance for the problems queeles were passing at that moment. It sees in this historical and real context that same the problems cannot acabarcom the force that has the love.

Birthday Holiday

This long-awaited holiday birthday! It's no secret birthday is the best and most favorite holiday. Especially when it comes to children. After all, these sweet table and a lot of different gifts – this is the most wonderful and joyous event of the year. On the birthday, of course, without greeting or toast can not do. That is why, looking at our site, you can pick up in the relevant section of the exclusive or toast congratulations. Regard to the objective, the holiday was filled for a long time, it is always necessary to carefully prepared. Our online resource is filled with various interesting information you find congratulations birthday, congratulations for a wedding or any other greeting, besides a host of other fascinating things. After all, the happy memories to be present not only festive – covered table, but also interesting and fun games, songs, dances, competitions, and, of course, unique birthday greetings.

Naturally, anyone want to congratulation him was special. That it has added a nice recovery and gave a smile. Search charming compliments you can just on our site. It is not usual, and will differ from all others, and remember not only the hero of the festivities, but for all the guests. Learn more here:

Clothing and Accessories

You are petite and short stature? Then you fit dresses, repeating the line of the body, form-fitting, emphasizing the hips. However, you should make sure that the silhouette did not divide the visual shape, and the skirt and bodice looked like one tseloe.platya Empire style with a length slightly above or below the kolen.fason dress with vertical trim or detail. Do you have a full figure? Then do not choose a shiny fabrics, as they have full figure looks even more magnificent, do not choose short dresses (they shorten the piece as a whole). Do you have a long torso and short legs? Then the dress is recommended: A-shaped silueta.v style baby dollar. Also add to the dress or artificial flower brooch.

They will focus on top of the figure. Avoid the following: dresses below the knee, dresses that accentuate the natural waistline, paying attention to it. But no doubt, no matter what your shape, you need jewelry to buy which can be in the shop, "Turquoise" -. This store offers a wide selection of costume jewelry: brooches, pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, pendants, necklaces, pins, rings, chains. And it's inexpensive. Even if you have boyish figure, jewelry will not hurt you. But as far as dresses, it is recommended to wear: dresses with belts that will create more wrinkles and give volume to your hips, feminine model with pleated or lush skirt (the tissue should not be too heavy). If you are the owner of magnificent forms in the abdominal area, you should choose dresses that do not emphasize the waist.

You fit the A-shaped silhouettes and garments from high waistline. In this case, leave the most open-chest area. Avoid tight dresses of fine knitwear. Skirts with a slit back, sides, as well as any vertical line of clothing, pulled and visually slim figure. Owners of magnificent forms with a pronounced waistline, hips and the bulky suit magnificent breasts soft flowing dresses. Lines should be sharp, but smooth and well-defined waist or cut and ornamental details, or belt. To give the image of harmony dress should be knee-length. The ideal option for you – from jersey dress with a smell. Also note the dress bag, dress-shirt. You should avoid too narrow models, as well as dimensionless dress-raspashonok.

Cat House

Dear owners of domestic cats, we are pleased to introduce our website Cat's House (Cat '>). Our unique site will delight you with their content and help you in difficult times. It will show you what a variety of pedigree cats. Give you advice on their growth and many other issues the content of domestic cats. Today the world has so many interesting books which will help you in caring for your young and older pets from among cats. On the site you will find plenty of good information about what your pet might get sick and how to cure it, without the help of a specialist.

From our directory of cats you naedete information about how you should behave with their pets. The site presents such a unique and rare breed of angora green-eyed. You can admire all the variety of your pets. Here you can find articles about what to do if your cat tamed begged on the street. And how to behave if one favorite after walking on fresh air became a mother. Today you can not only learn many interesting things and satisfying your need for knowledge, but many have not known you. In fact, the site of domestic cats (Cat '>) are very inquisitive and will be so helpful.

We will try every day to please you with something interesting in the world of domestic cats. So same site you will be able to consider interesnenkoe and cool videos about your domestic cats. We want to hope that our project will be entertaining not only lovers but also to connoisseurs of domestic cats. Our project will help you with choice for your cat. The site also will find articles about the bodies of your house cat, and more. You can learn the peculiarities of its stock. Note your interest on our site.