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Among the most basic questions about portable storage the following: why the climate for storage? The air conditioning keeps the temperature constant based on central air conditioning and heat. It isolates your stuff from the damage that bad weather could cause them. What you should or should not be stored in a portable minibodega? The portable storage is an excellent choice for various types of items for home or business. However, there are certain items that should not be stored as combustible, inflammable, toxic or hazardous materials (gasoline, compressed gas, tanks of propane, kerosene, lamps and oils of engine, as well as acids, fertilizers, paint, cleaning products, chemicals, narcotics or biological or toxic waste). Asbestos or products containing asbestos are not allowed. Artificial, explosives, weapons or ammunition nor can be stored.

Tires and vehicles are acceptable, provided have insurance and are in good condition. Most storage companies will not allow you to save more than four tires within a minibodega. In case that you want to store construction materials, please question the company with which you go to sign the contract of rent on what kind of tools you can save. Some construction equipment, for example the Locator of groundwater, are prohibited. Perishable foods and products of animal origin are not allowed because they can throw to lose and/or attract pests. Animals or plants, alive or dead, are not accepted for storage and, of course, neither are the items stolen.

If you live in a portable minibodega it is not allowed to use or connect refrigerators, freezers, generators or heaters. Conditions to the company’s income of miniwarehouses question before we encourage you to live in a storage unit. Security options when you select a laptop minibodega you should ask if you have a security system. The measures of Security vary according to installation policy and income of the unit costs. Choose the correct size of storage. The estimation of the amount of space you need to store your items can be easy if you know what you are going to store. To assess your storage needs follows these guidelines: to) get a list of items you want to save. (b) write down are you going to pack the items. (c) decides how are you going to organize all the elements. It secures stored items if you’re planning to store your personal belongings or business, it is important that everything is covered by insurance that covers you in case of loss. Storage of any type of car vehicles can be stored in a portable minibodega, but you must ask miniwarehouses rental company if they have any condition especially for these cases. Choosing boxes and packing materials once you have decided to move your stuff, the next step is to decide the correct package. The first step is to find appropriate boxes. Many times we tend to go to the store to see if they have boxes for sale, but we should know that these are easily broken almost as soon as that you start to pack. In addition they can come dirty or smelly. Cases exclusively for moving can seem like a luxury, but the investment is worth if they allow you to keep your belongings safe.

Moving Boxes Suitable For Miniwarehouses

Moving boxes are usually of the same weight and quality that regular shipping boxes, however, what are the most appropriate when you want to store certain objects within a portable minibodega? We can usually find the answer on a combination of need and cost. I.e. for valuables, fragile or they enclose some sentiment for the members of the family, is always best to go on the side of caution and buy new moving boxes. Por_tanto, by choosing moving boxes to store your objects in a minibodega, takes into account the following tips: 1) buys small moving boxes. The general rule is that each box must not weigh more than 20 pounds. Even if you’ve hired a moving company, you have to remember that sometimes you have to move the boxes by yourself and if they weigh much won’t be able to. Some things like cabinets or electronic cash can be heavier, so try to be few. (2) It is possible that you need certain type of boxes.

Most used moving box can endure up to 27 kilos and is ideal for packing kitchen items, home appliances small and fragile dishes, lamps, or curtains. Other types of boxes are: to carry 29 kilos. Ideal for storing clothes, pots and pans, as well as electronic devices. To carry 70 kilos. You can use this type of boxes for storing pictures, toys, large blankets and sofa, as well as cushions for chairs.

But beware of save unnecessary objects or the box will be heavier. (3) Purchase hanging of various sizes boxes, will serve for the Cabinet. These boxes can be small, medium and large size. Each of them has a metal bar with shape of which are in the closet, are large and you can hang items of wardrobe that you can not put in other boxes. Just remember that they are very heavy and they occupy much space. Some moving companies used these boxes for storing wind clocks or candleholders. (4) Get boxes Lay Down. They resemble a drawer of the dresser and are ideal for packing clothes. Just remember not to overfill them, since they do not support much weight. (5) Purchase boxes for pictures, portraits, or mirrors. All these boxes can be placed together in pairs. When you put two boxes together, make sure you use a strong filament tape to be able to handle the extra weight. Mirror boxes are designed to put the mirrors and they are covered with the box as a framework. You can use plastic bubble to avoid damage to all framed items. (6) Packages Dish. Packed much of the glasses, cups or bottles of liquor or wine in this kind of boxes, but be sure not to overfill them. Verify the weight to make sure that you can handle them. Excessive gasket can collapse them. (7) The boxes for mattress. It may these boxes may not be necessary for the majority of the moving companies, because many tend to pack your mattress in plastic bags. However, please note that boxes keeps your mattress free to drilling and give greater external protection. Boxes of mattresses come in many sizes, just have to find the proper. With information: moving.about.

Cantabrian Government

Michael Mirones as President of the Confederation of businessmen of Cantabria, directors of public works, planning, housing and urbanism, Jose Maria Mazon, and economy and finance, acute Angel, along with the President of Caja Cantabria, Enrique M. Ambrosio, have signed this morning a cooperation agreement to facilitate access to credit for the purchase of homes in Cantabria. Mirones Miguel together with the Minister of economy and finance explained that the objective of this Convention is facilitating access to housing in property and access to credit for new construction, boost activity in the sector and contribute to job creation. For his part, the Minister of public works has pointed out that in these moments, in which difficulties are greater, is when individuals need assistance and, therefore, the Cantabrian Government granted a loan to purchasers of housing between 10,000 and 15,000 euros to facilitate payment of the same during the first nine months. Homes, whether they are free or of public protection, must have license of first occupation and be built in the region of Cantabria, explained Miguel Mirones. The selling price of housing and its adnexa, excluding taxes, must meet two simultaneous conditions: you may not exceed the 245,000 euros or may not exceed 80% of the amount of the loan granted by that House the sponsor, except in protected dwellings, in which case 100% of the legal maximum price can be reached. In any case, the price of housing can exceed 245,000 euros. The deadline to accommodate this Convention is maintained until December 31, 2011, and the aid lasts a minimum of nine and a maximum of 30, with an interest rate of Euribor more a point.

Mazon and sharp both Mirones Miguel have wanted to highlight that he is not repayable grants or grants to promoters, but loans for home buyers that, in any case, computed in the public accounts of the community Autonomous. Thus, they have pointed out that, if the buyer does not return the amount the Government, risk the financial entity assumes it. In addition, sharp pointed out that 50% of the promoter credit release of its balance sheet, as a result of these financial institutions operations, will be earmarked for the new promoter credit for the construction of new housing in public protection regime. MAZON has explained that currently have between 3,000 and 4,000 homes in stock in the region and that this agreement is expected to encourage the sale of half of them. Both counselors next Mirones Miguel have shown their appreciation to Caja Cantabria by being the first entity that joins this agreement and have said that they hope that other financial institutions subscribing to the agreement in the coming days.