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Children’s Sports Facilities For Small Apartments

Unfortunately, the best is the enemy of the good, and a large selection of accessories leads to the fact that the sports complex is quite impressive for the size of the area. U-shaped children's sports facilities for the apartments in the assembled sometimes able to take about 4 m2, T-shaped slightly smaller, about 2.3 m2. But what if the space is quite a bit? Should not be upset! If you are unable to place a sports complex in your house: you can completely do a simplified version – T-shaped complex. Usually L-shaped complex is a structure consisting of the Swedish wall, which adjoins the wall of the room (and thus the area occupied by them is only 0.8 x 0.6 m), horizontal bar and additional sports facilities. It can be swings, rings, rope, rope ladder, or even boxing pear. Swedish wall mounted vertically to the wall from floor to ceiling and it can be add board Benches, a basketball ring. At the top of wall bars ends large horizontal bar. Despite the diversity of T-shaped complex, parents often make mistakes when installing, ie put so that there is scope for a swing on the swings or rings and horizontal bar generally available only to the pope.

In such cases, as time is to apply to the additional inventory. When the child is still small, the stairs can be fixed mounted horizontal bar, which permutes the height – it is optional to standard. For "Family Stadium" is desirable to have wall bars with a width of 60-65 cm distance between the rungs of 15-20 cm and a thickness steps are not more than 3 cm, otherwise the kid would be difficult to grasp it handles.

How To Choose A Plumber For An Urban Apartment ?

Bath. Most standard toilets designed for installation bath length 170 or 150 cm, but not every buyer thinks about its width. In some cases, excess of 10-15 cm made it impossible, for example, installing a washing machine. In our country, enjoy a traditional cast iron baths in demand, as they are considered the most durable in operation. The only disadvantage is the large (over 150 kg) weight. That's why a quality installation cast iron bathtub assumes its installation on a special basis to evenly distribute the pressure on the floor. Shower.

If you have a flow-through water heater, a shower and need to pick up, With this in mind. For example, in a new series of hand-held showers grohe Euphoria are two models that are adapted to work with instantaneous water heaters. On the inside of the shower head is the pressure regulator with three modes Flow: 60, 85 or 100%. Many people prefer to buy shower. Now produced a very compact modification.

For example, hydromassage cabin Albatros Ilyt has dimensions of 90×70 cm If desired, the usual standard of the bathroom booths can be set as much as two. Sink. By mounting modern sinks are divided into the console (wall), with a pedestal ("tulips") and built (in a table or cabinet). Last easiest to install, since Furniture base serves them a reliable support and simultaneously serves as a decorative cover that hides eyeliner. But such designs are usually a solid size and not suitable for every room. "Tulips" also rely on the protective liner and optional pedestal attached to the wall. Such an option is quite acceptable for a small bathroom. True, the space under the sink, the lesson "foot", to use longer succeed. Choosing a plumber for an urban apartment, you must first remove the size of a bathroom and plan a place to mount the equipment so that the room there is adequate space for a person.