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Looking at High Household Debt

Every day is a greater number of families are being affected by the current economic situation in Spain. Certainly, the problem comes in the wake of the sustained increase in market values of homes, creating a housing bubble that was always weigh heavily on the economy. With the credit boom of the last five years we could see as the buyer of an apartment, apply for a mortgage that covered the purchase price, the transaction costs and even extra money for buying furniture. Not only are we satisfied with that, but we allow ourselves to two credit cards, a loan to buy the car and personal loan for the reform of the floor. It is common in the Spanish mortgage market that mortgages are engaged using the Euribor reference. 5 years ago this index was in the order of 2%. A mortgage contract at this time had a very low financial burden.

If people borrowed on the assumption that each year your house was worth more, it was expected that if the EURIBOR, suffered an increase for whatever reason, the impact on the family budget would be devastating. And that is exactly what has been happening. Here its evolution: JANUARY 2005 JANUARY 2004 2.216 2.312 JANUARY & n bsp; 2006 2.833 4.064 July 20 JANUARY JANUARY 2008 & nbs p; 4.498 has been increased by 100% since 2004. The effect on the letter of the mortgage is paid every year more and more. yQue done in this situation? Obviously if we are up to their necks in debt and interest rates climbed to the stratosphere, it is very possible that we failed to pay one or more of the loans. In this case, what we can do is: Negotiate with the bank the conditions of the mortgage debts Reunify benefit plan mortgage moratorium ICO Filing for bankruptcy bankruptcy law applying in any case, we must take action sooner the better and try by all means to resolve the situation through the four options we have. The important thing is we win in quality of life and maintain control of our finances. Edgar Roquett Financial Advisor If you want to delve into herein visit: immediate solution to family indebtedness.

Finding the Right Home Insurance

Due to the increase in crime home and natural disasters more and more families decide to insure your home, and material possessions in it. There are a variety of different possible policies to ensure quiet couple, and contemplating the risks that every household is exposed and some policies include additional services and maintenance support. Some home insurance also include holiday homes or a family might own, and also its content. With respect to additional aid, some policies have included technical assistance for the home PC, and send specialist contractors to quote and make any necessary repairs, both preventive and emergency maintenance usually need all home. The insurance company usually assist the insured in obtaining the budget and the implementation of the repair, although the coverage is usually limited to send qualified personnel to budget, and the works are often borne by the beneficiary. Given the importance of insurance Similarly, more companies opt for an insurance policy that never ends, that is, which is renewed automatically. If the beneficiary wishes to discontinue must provide written notice to the company.

Other companies offer so-called HOMEOWNER INSURANCE, which is a combined policy with different features, offering more than one type of insurance in the same policy. These usually combine insurance for dwellings, personal property, for medical payments, and liability insurance and include certain additional costs. This coverage pays for damage to housing, including the garage and other surrounding structures, and damage or theft of personal property, such as televisions, DVD players, etc. If the damage to housing is such that the owner and his family have to move temporarily, the insurance covers a large portion of these additional costs. Some companies include home PCs and other do not, because they consider them a tool work. However, it can be included under any other provision. With regard to the coverage of liability policies typically cover accidents not own the property and beyond, for example in the garden, if the damage is not caused by the policyholder or by an animal home of their membership, or any member of the family of the owner. This policy covers certain medical expenses if a visitor gets hurt on the property. Choosing the ideal coverage for each family and the payment contingent on completion of the monthly fee for this insurance, you really should be seen as an investment of time and money that contributes to peace of mind for the whole family, and should never be taken as an expense.

The Construction Sector

The construction sector showed a slight increase in March (1.9%) compared to March 2008 after filing down nearly 3% in January and February. It is important to note that March 2008 was not a good month in the excellent first quarter. When we analyze the behavior of the accumulated in the first quarter, despite the March performance, it was negative by 1.2%. Apart from the annual analysis, and focusing on what happens in the month to month, seasonally adjusted activity in March was 4.4% lower than that observed in February. For its part, the trend indicator continues to show declines, in this case by 6.6% year, the highest since 2002. In the analysis by block, in March surprisingly, with the exception of oil buildings all had a positive growth.

The two best performance were the road works (+7.7%) and housing (6.1%). Clearly the process of an election year and strong push for public works can be seen on this information. Also, the accrued first quarter these two sectors are the only ones to grow and this is explained by the poor performance of public works in the first part of 2008. A positive note after two months of levels of building permits recorded in a list of 42 municipalities under the 600 thousand square meters in the month of March saw a slight upturn and the record is located in the 658,000 meters square. This level is below the average of 800 thousand square meters in 2008 but higher than 5% last March. Also positive is the increase in cement deliveries rose from 10.8% in February and against the same month of previous year by 6.5%. To close the analysis is important to see what are the expectations of entrepreneurs in the sector. It is noted that those who are principally engaged in public work for the election year had high expectations, they are fading by the end of the fiscal problems is having the national government and doubts about how post-election monitor implementation. In February, 18.9% expected an increase future of the business while only 3.6% in March.

Duties Of Landlords

Among the burdens of the concept of a lease, find a part of vital importance to achieve the same be done with complete clarity, we are talking about at this time to the duties to be fulfilled before the landlord to that contract law is legal and can be performed in its entirety. The duties of the lessor as stated are a crucial part when making a lease, since they ratified by the lessor some minimum parameters that it must meet before and during the contract is in force, then why mention some of the most important duties of the lessor, in order that prospective tenants know some things that the landlord must comply with by law. The landlord must comply with the entire contract. The landlord is obliged to deliver the movable or immovable property in the state, which the same specified in the contract previously signed. The landlord must provide the necessary infrastructural damage owns the property, that the lessee can lead a daily life as normal. The landlord must maintain in good order the property to the lessee to benefit from it without any difficulty.

The landlord must prove legally that the movable or immovable property is free of debts of any kind. The landlord must make the necessary improvements to the well, in order that it can be used properly without any mishap. In case of housing, the landlord must fully respect the privacy of the tenant. The tenant is on the right to ask all the keys and elements that may provide access to property and the landlord is obliged to comply with that request. The landlord is obliged to inform the tenant with a time via written prior to the termination date of the contract or the date of renewal. The landlord if you have any kind of modification to the immovable must ask permission to tenant, since signing the contract, the tenant would become the interim owner of that property. The landlord is obliged to give the tenant a receipt certifying that the same, if I cancel the prompt and timely financial sum agreed in the contract. While many other duties to which the landlord must be upheld, the above these are just some of the basics to consider when making a lease. It is very important to recommend that before signing any contract, it is good to read it carefully, since in this way means by which we defend ourselves legally if the landlord fails to comply with some requirements that were previously mentioned .

El Paso: A Bit of History

In addition to being the sixth largest city in Texas, El Paso is the 21st largest city in the United States. It has a population of about 670,000 and is found along the Rio Grande River just across from Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. Together Juarez-El Paso has a combined population of about 2 million people, with Juarez having about twice the amount as El Paso.

There are several United States military facilities located in El Paso. One of the largest army bases in the entire United States, Fort Bliss, is found in east and north east of El Paso. Holloman Air Force Base is near El Paso in Alamogordo, which is also near the White Sands Missile Range used for testing missiles.

The first European to visit the Rio Grande River at El Paso was the explorer don Juan de Onate, who arrived in 1598. Almost 100 years later, in 1680, El Paso became the seat of government for the territory of New Mexico, and stayed the largest settlement in that state until it was joined to the United States in 1848 at the time that Texas conquered it in 1850.