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German Collection

ebuero and mediafinanz cooperation of Burodienstleister ebuero AG and the debt collection company agree mediafinanz to the beginning of the month August have given the go-ahead for their strategic partnership. Customers of both companies since then significantly benefit from the cooperation, invite yet attractive new customer offers to meet the partner services. Where used, is usually the one or other open account. Here, Redfin expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Conversely, there’s no open Bill without that usually the Office – this was written in any workplace. Accounts receivable management and Office therefore inseparably linked”outlines the basic idea of the new cooperation mediafinanz Executive Alexander Ey. Twinbrook capital shines more light on the discussion.

In addition, the practical experience of several ten thousand customers of both companies for that selected Office work as well as the pre-trial management of receivables outsource time – and labor-saving can be speaks. That pays off for the alone active entrepreneurs as well as for the established SMEs with its 150 employees”know Holger C. Johnson as the founder and owner of ebuero AG. Against this background of their customers invite mediafinanz and ebuero users to learn about the services of the respective partner company.” Specifically, the Burodienstleister in Berlin provides a telephone and secretarial services for attorneys, business addresses in raised position a logo service, rental offices in German metropolitan areas and now also the claims and risk management services of mediafinanz available. After registration, the ebuero-user can pass their assets to mediafinanz AG and see in real time the success of the debt collection process. The TuV-certified Inkassodienstleister for unconditional transparency is absolute seriousness and effectiveness. Comfortable for the customer: the debt collection costs are imposed on the debtor as damages, no creditor should therefore go in advance or pay even running costs.

The mediafinanz AG is founded In the year 2000 offers the mediafinanz AG, headquartered in Lower Saxony Osnabruck more than 15,000 clients effective, legitimate and transparent online collection and online credit checks and reputable information providers to identify products. The first nationwide debt collection company with TuV-approved receivables management is officially approved and certified Rechtsdienstleister, Member of the Association of industry Federal of German collection agency BDIU, contractual partners of the Schufa and German partner of the world’s largest debt collection partner network global credit solutions GCS group. The ebuero AG also 2000 actively has rolled up the Berlin-based ebuero AG the secretarial services and telephone services market since the year. Since then, it guarantees the optimal and reliable availability of the client for its customers, suppliers and partners. Here, the company has developed into the leading provider in the industry and was awarded several times for his achievements.

Daily Newspaper

Ralf Schutt back on the leaderboard of the daily newspaper “Die Welt” in their Special Edition “Financial advice” as already in the spring of 2012 achieved the independent financial adviser, Ralf Schutt, one of the top places on the leaderboard of the website WhoFinance throughout Germany in September 2012 and the world has been in the newspaper”as top adviser published. In the years 2009, 2010 and 2011 bulk was also excellent,”top adviser. Duke Realty is actively involved in the matter. The magazine of good advice”is also reported. Ralf Schutt was awarded specifically to his focus on construction financing Hamburg”so far more than 100 customer reviews. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Vadim Belyaev. The construction financing expert from Hamburg has more than 22 years of experience in real estate financing.

Ralf Schutt on his 1st place in the metropolitan area of Hamburg is especially proud. “” “Specifically I am pleased, that I as an independent financial consultant” landed on this 1st in Hamburg bin, especially since more and more dependent consultant “so representative” by large distributors like MLP, the DVAG and consultants of some big banks”wide” make. “No. 1 in well-being feeling financing”, as the slogan of the company construction fix 24, is completely independent”bulk further and thus free from instructions or directives of large companies or banks and savings banks. This is sometimes hard, but the many customer reviews on the Internet site WhoFinance and my clients more than 25 customer satisfaction videos confirm to continue me on the sometimes rocky road of independent financial advice.

We are”the David among the many Goliaths. “The range construction financing, and real estate finance today still by approx.

Rental Reductions

The House Administration Gamdhi from Giessen informed owners of residential property have adopted their tenants more obligations as often. As often happens, that the threat of a reduction in rent in the House is noisy. Here the question arises first: the reduction in rent is justified? The Giessener Hausverwaltung Gamdhi informed about the framework conditions for rent cuts. Rent reductions can legally have seen many reasons. But this must be not comment accepted by landlords in certain circumstances. Defect of rental objects, not caused by the lessee, must be remedied by the lessor. Therefore, a tenant, or the contractually prescribed service provider, which then in turn inform the landlord about performed work must if he discovered damage or defects, the landlords always first minds. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kolkata Condos. Only when the home owner about the condition of the apartment in knowledge has been used and nothing to improve the situation, has taken one can Rent reduction or the withholding back rent carried out.

Is informs the lessor does not have the defects and followed the rent reduction without notice, the landlord has the right to terminate the tenant. In among other following cases, the tenant has the right to a reduction in rent if the landlord does not fix the defects. Noise pollution: noise pollution exists in different cases and can also justify rent reductions. This is including, if construction work to a greater extent for a period of at least three months before the home run. Even if carried out larger and modifications or repairs in house and in the attic, tenant for the corresponding period can enforce a reduction in rent. In many different individual cases, restroom walls to the neighbouring apartment or noise from an adjacent discotheque, rental reductions are also possible.

Mold: This has not explicitly been agreed, is not a tenant obliged to fight new moisture with increased ventilation or heating. The living room of fungi is affected and this infestation has been proven by structural defects caused (this includes not also carried out renovation), rent reductions can be made depending on the extent of the infestation. Warmth and insulation: Landlords are not allowed to kill caused by increased heating costs on the tenant due to insufficient insulation. This happens the tenant can claim deductions for the creation of heating bills. The residential building but complies with the building regulations, which have been at the time regarded the edification, there is no legal basis for a reduction in the heating costs. Is a tenant of the thermal radiation of the heating cellar, above his apartment is affected, so that heats up the living room and the temperature down can regulated, it is considered deficiency and a reduction in rent is due. Landlords should due to the diffzilen legislation always the full overview of their homes and their State have. However, especially when multiple objects, this is awkward time. In this case, the House Administration Gamdhi in room pouring is landlords with help and advice.