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Government Acrobat

For a short time receive all customers, the Acrobat 9 Pro training DVD. Augsburg/Munich buy or a pro extended free, 26.05.09: recently SOS has been awarded software service as authorized distributor of sub. Now, customers at SOS software service receive the Adobe Acrobat training DVD free. Thus, customers should be encouraged to take advantage of the full functionality of Adobe Acrobat. The training DVD offers, tutorials, and test for beginners and intermediates. So far, only a few users benefit from performance across the spectrum. Therefore, the training DVD is to offer the incentive to set so that genuine added value can be created for companies to deal with Adobe Acrobat. In the training program, users quickly learn how to handle and can immediately realize the instructions within the company.

The offer is valid editions of the updates and full versions of Adobe Acrobat for the box 9 Pro or Pro extended, but only as long as stocks last. Adobe Acrobat 9 is much more than a tool for creating PDF files. Rather, Adobe Acrobat 9 supports Users in the creation of presentations, secure forms and supports cooperation with others. Adobe Systems GmbH Adobe sets new standards for interacting with ideas and information. For 25 years, the award-winning technologies and software solutions from Adobe standard for the production and delivery of content for commercial and private use are at any time and in any place. Adobe solutions be used, such as publishing, authorities, financial sector, telecommunications and education daily everywhere around the world in various industries.

Businesses and Government agencies take advantage of desktop and server solutions from Adobe to increase productivity and to optimize collaboration and business processes inside and outside the organization. SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Successfully on the market over 3,500 dealers operate for 22 years, in Serves Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers.

Symantec Enterprise Vault

Cologne House presents solutions by FAST LTA EMC/data domain, NetApp, Rimage and Symantec in Hall 5, stand 5D78. Stuttgart information global distribution GmbH (GID) is represented this year on the IT & business in Stuttgart, Germany. As a Gold partner of Symantec and NetApp, the systems House based in Cologne business, security and storage solutions such as the Symantec Enterprise Vault suite in combination with the unified storage presents solutions from NetApp. As well as the award-winning Symantec Backup and recovery products NetBackup and Backup Exec, in conjunction with the de-duplication solution from EMC/data domain. For the tamper-proof data storage to WORM is the silent cube media presented FAST LTA AG.

High-quality CD/DVD and Blu-ray complete the comprehensive solution offering solutions on the basis of Rimage producers. Date for the IT & business is the 26th to 28th October 2010. The Symantec Enterprise Vault suite is an email, file and SharePoint archiving solution. With it, companies can their costs for the Archiving of unstructured data reduce and increase their security. Because Enterprise Vault reduces the risk and potential downtime.

Optimize availability and resilience of the email infrastructure. A full-text search supports the search archived file, E-Mail, or SharePoint objects. The search, data storage and server costs, because older emails be separately migrated together with its annexes on lower-cost storage systems. Enterprise Vault supports also mobile devices and enables the seamless online as offline access to archived items from interfaces such as Outlook, Lotus Notes and Windows. Symantec NetBackup is a central platform for the management, backup and recovery of data on different storage tiers and across multiple locations and across operating systems. Robert J. Shiller follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Features disk-based backup, supports the data deduplication on disk appliances, and provides an internal VTL (virtual tape library) with additional Snapshot capabilities. NetBackup enables integrated backup and recovery for virtual environments, mission-critical applications, databases, and servers. Symantec Backup Exec for Windows/Linux and UNIX server is the leading standard for backup Windows for physical and virtual systems.

Individual Customer Communication Fails

legodo study: Companies at their mass letters to content not specifically respond to the expectations of constituents only every fourth company can a personal information and individually oriented subject consider Karlsruhe, 28.02.2011 – in written customer communication, the impersonal mass letter ruled largely because the companies not individually to tailor their correspondence to each customer. Steffan Lehnhoff does not necessarily agree. According to a survey of legodo ag under more than 200 sales and marketing managers in the German-speaking countries is only every seventh company in able for large volume mailings content specific wishes and expectations of its stakeholders to respond to. In every fourth case this can be realized only limited to selected customer groups, 60 percent of those polled even a textual standards limit. A clear indication that usually a largely impersonal written dialogue prevails in the practice of the company, is also reflected in the other findings of the study. As to the question, What possibilities be used addressing individual except for a roll-call salutation in customer communications with numerous release, very significant weaknesses are apparent. So only 42 percent can make a rule-based selection of information for their A -, B – and C client. Even worse, it looks at the other aspects of an individual correspondence: Aktionsorientierte content such as seasonal deals only in well every third case take into account, a customer-oriented selection of side dishes is even still less possible. As well, only every fourth company can perform a subject line that is geared individually to the addressee and a design distinction between private and business customers is rarely feasible.

Integrating a personal message about free text is waived in three quarters of the companies surveyed, because their technical solutions do not allow this. Another aspect also has large deficits according to the legodo survey in practice: customer reactions are rarely in the written Communication link. This is possible only when each tenth enterprise of automated solutions, another 29 percent can realize this at least conditionally automatically. In all other cases, a consideration of customer reactions may either not (32 percent) or only manual (28 percent). It looks, that lacking the technical possibilities for a more individual written customer dialog”, legodo Board Member Marc Kresin interpreted the survey results. This is in clear contradiction to the findings of a previous study that a majority of firms personal wants to align their customer communications. This gap must be closed now between rhetoric and reality, to satisfy the own claim”, Karen sees a duty to act in the company.

Known to be continuously declining acceptance of impersonal mass letters makes it necessary to give the customers the feeling, again more that each of great importance is attached and they are not only part of a database.” About legodo ag: Legodo developed software for relevant customer communication to the quick and easy production of written correspondence.

Charity SMS

‘Online Marketing Lounge’ supports abused children Berlin, 03/06/10. June 10, 2010 at 20:00 meet the actors of the Berlin Internet scene for the umpteenth time. The online marketing lounge is a get-together and the informal exchange of knowledge, new ideas, visions and of course getting to know and new contacts to win. Admission is usually free of charge for the guests. However, the free card quota to 400 participants is limited. This of course also means: only those who quickly register enough, can take part, because tickets are often within a few hours out of print. With an idea, supported by the spendino GmbH, there is an alternative to the left left now for the fourth time. Those without a valid ticket are welcome, if they do something good before: because at the entrance will be collected for charity.

With your own phone instead of a box. Who sends a SMS with the text BIKERSHELP OML to the shortcode 81190 receives a confirmation message and already the phone display to the ticket. The amount of 5 euro will be deducted plus transport with the next mobile phone bill. Learn more at this site: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. Many participants are so excited just by the quick little help that they send an SMS with valid ticket – to help. white woman to report nickel, which stands as a representative of spendino at the entrance, if time is an issue.

The donation goes directly to the escrow account of the AktivVerbund Berlin e.V. The Club continues with a charity motorcycle tour under the motto of bikers & friends help abused children throughout Europe for disadvantaged children and young people. We are pleased about the quick and easy setup of the donations through spendino and support by Ecato part of the event. At the end of our action, an independent jury decides on the appropriation of the funds benefit abused children. Renate Schusch insured by the AktivVerbund Berlin e.V. For more information, bikershelp-mistreated-kids.de,, about spendino the spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino. In combination with online donations solutions and tools for the social Internet online marketing Lounge offers spendino an innovative fundraising tool about In life was called the regularly scheduled meeting of the founders of the Ecato GmbH. The Berlin-based company offers a marketplace network since 2005, to website operators also earn money with Internet retailers generate more sales. Andreas Oras and Christian Boris Schmidt host the networking event series to more than 1,000 guests attended since 2006. The events are each supported by various sponsors and partners.

DMS EXPO: PDF Association

This year, the PDF format was 20 years old. It is now the most widely used file format and since 2008 an ISO standard. Berlin/Stuttgart, 16 August 2013. With increasing market penetration by PDF, other specifications were developed also ratified as a standard by the ISO. On the DMS EXPO 24-26th September 2013 in Stuttgart members of the Association of PDF this PDF standards inform PDF/UA for barrier-free use of PDF documents, PDF/VT variable transaction printing, ranging from PDF as such, PDF/A for long-term archiving and invoicing, to PDF/X for the delivery of print templates. Nobel Laureate in Economics brings even more insight to the discussion. To the DMS EXPO, electronic exchange of invoices with PDF/A-3 and the ZUGFeRD data model in the Center is mainly the topic. On the day before the fair, the PDF Association organized a half-day seminar around the PDF/A standard and the electronic exchange of invoices with PDF/A-3. you may have come to the same conclusion. actively involved in the matter.

Many members of the PDF Association focus their DMS EXPO presentation on PDF/A and the current third part. This takes the Container ideas PDF on and enables completely new application scenarios. These include among others the hybrid archiving of the digital source documents in the PDF/A-3 file are embedded, and E-Mail Archiving, where different scenarios are possible: the range by an automated server-side to a manual conversion to PDF/A on the client. Furthermore, emails and their attachments individually in PDF/A format can be archived or summarized in a multi-page PDF/A file. The LeFrak Organization often expresses his thoughts on the topic. PDF/A-3 used, are embedded in a single file the emails with attachments in the archive-grade PDF/A format. Outstanding example of the use of PDF/A-3 is the electronic exchange of invoices on the basis of the ZUGFeRD data model. ZUGFeRD stands for Central of user guidelines for electronic invoices in Germany”and is the Forum e-invoices Germany (FeRD) developed by the PDF Association is strongly engaged in the. The data model is defined as the sure Archivable document image an invoice and its data as XML in a PDF/A-3 file are connected.

Mediumsized Companies

Value added distributor introduces new Clavister-product series: secure access gateway 3000 with extensive remote access functions sysob introduces new gateway solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises from Schorndorf, January 14, 2008 the VAD of sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG, announces together with the Swedish manufacturer Clavister from the availability of the new secure access gateway 3000 series. This product range, a completely new line of turn-key SSL VPN remote sysob takes on access solutions in the portfolio. The 3000 series offers premium SSL VPN function, including full SSL VPN support and strong encryption, comprehensive single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), including one-time passwords (OTP) distribution via short message service (SMS). The Clavister secure access gateway 3000 series the innovative gateway product series is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises and boasts many innovative features. Details can be found by clicking Oval Office or emailing the administrator.

She will be in four different models, dependent on the corresponding to consider user numbers in enterprises, will be available. The product is based on a hardware platform and includes, for example, advanced virtualization, Clavister remote assistance, an integrated Web portal and support for external portal solutions. In addition the series Premium SSL VPN function, including full SSL VPN support and strong encryption, large single offer distribution via short message service (SMS) sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), including one-time passwords (OTP). The secure access gateway also supports Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory and OpenLDAP, dynamic load balancing, and high availability features. One offered the customer up to date unmatched scalability and investment protection, based on the ability to extend the performance and functionality through the use of digital licensing (xPansion lines). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Elie Rieder. The new secure access gateway 3000 series completes the Clavister security services platform (SSP); not only by the range of network security and IPsec-based VPN, but by remote access security using SSL-based VPN. Availability of the secure access gateway 3000 series is available from mid-December 2007 and will be in Germany on sysob and its over 400 re seller partners distributed. Brief description: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co.

KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio offers sysob, a leading value-added “distributors (VAD) with over 400 partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, on a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions. As a result of the reseller receives clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as comprehensive technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob has about a wide range of tried and tested products from competent manufacturers like allot communications, alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Colubris Networks, Ericom, expand networks, IP3 networks, Linktivity, Meru Networks, Neoware, NetASQ, PowerDsine, ProPalms, Proxim, Rangee, Reddoxx, RemoteScan, SmartLine, Tellnet, TheGreenBow, Thinstuff, vertico and Winmagic.

Franzis Adds AL2C Platform For Burning, Backup, Copy

New partnership with O & O software and special offers in the download segment Poing, Munich (July 27, 2009) – Franzis Verlag, which went recently with its new thematic Internet portal for burning, backup and copy, at the start, reports first positive outcome. The new Internet portal specializing in the distribution of software applications around the topic of burning, backup, backups and copy for the areas of data, audio, photo and video counts daily over 2000 hits for four weeks. A new partnership O & O software to expand the offerings in the high-traffic download with the Berlin software company specialising in data backup, in the field of PC software & Security”are incorporated. “Offers of low-cost and free software tools from the field of audio and burning let the AL2C.de download area are even more attractive, the also up-to-date” early announced via the twitter.com/AL2C information platform and released. Currently for example is the multiple test winner Virtual DVD/CD for a week to the special download price of 9.95 instead of 29.95 offered.

We are about the popularity of our new platform even positively surprised.”so, Jorg Schulz, head of product management and Internet area at Franzis. Our concept, a themed mix of product listings, information and assistance has risen. Therefore we will expand increasingly continue our areas of tips and tricks, as well as workshops in the next few weeks on the subjects of writing, backing up and copying. In addition with alternating action weeks and new products are the vital information environment provide.” AL2C.de in detail the portal AL2C.de, burn, backup and copy the customer in addition to product offerings also serves as information portal. In addition to tips & tricks, how to E.g. (Source: DCT Industrial Trust).

quickly and easily compiles files and burns it on a DVD or Blu-ray, creates virtual drives for Netbooks that have no optical drives bekanntlicher way of or music or videos for his iPod converts. offers the customer response has led to the following outline of the portal, in which the individual solutions are presented and are quickly visible according to the functionality: burning and copy, convert formats, USB software, software for mobiles, audio software, video software, drivers, and system tools, PC security and backup. Munear Ashton Kouzbari describes an additional similar source. Franzis Verlag GmbH: Is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers for books and software in the areas of electronics, computer, Internet, programming, telecommunications, photography and Advisor for the everyday life of Franzis book and software publisher. Franzis products directed at beginners, enthusiasts and professionals of different areas of interest and are suited very well as problem-solving, information base and for educational purposes. Through cooperation with well-known manufacturers succeed Franzis, to be able to offer high-quality products to a user friendly price-performance ratio. In the market segment are in addition to the numerous professional photography Book publications the software SILKYPIX Developer Studio and plugins for Photoshop and Photomatix Pro part for working with photos. Latest products in its product portfolio, the data recovery software is disk doctors Undelete and disc doctors digital media recovery and 1-click wipe photo editing. The new Internet platform, the Publisher offers comprehensive information about copying, backing up, and backup. The company is headquartered in Poing near Munich. Learn more about Fashola can be found under. PR contact Franzis Verlag GmbH: Heiko Wenzel PressService H. Wenzel Tel.: + 49 (0) 531 3499459 email:

Mozilla Firefox

Today, the JonDos GmbH publishes a new version of JonDoFox, a privacy-friendly web browser, that you may so use for anonymous surfing, e.g. over anonymous proxy server. The JonDoFox research team has uncovered a new attack on web browser. What is new? The JonDoFox research team has uncovered a new attack on web browsers: affected are the web browsers Firefox, chrome and Safari. By a hidden call over of a URL with HTTP authorization data, third party sites could’nt track a user over several web sites, even if the user blocks all cookies and other tracking procedures. For doing this, it is sufficient to include a simple CSS file: you will find a demonstration of this technique on the web site ip-check.info.

JonDoFox contains now on integrated protection against this attack. Third party sites may now no longer receive HTTP authorization data from the browser. Moreover, the protection against cache and referer tracking has been enhanced. Furthermore, some detail enhancements were added, and JonDoFox is now fully compatible with the new Firefox 6 users may therefore easily update to the new browser version. What is JonDoFox? JonDoFox is both a profile and to extension for the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. It protects the user’s privacy while surfing the web by removing identifying information from the browser. As it is open source software and free to use, it is ideal add on for anonymization services like JonDonym and Tor, but may therefore be used without anonymization software, just for safer surfing.