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The Construction

Stainless steel chimneys are suitable for installation in buildings with special fire protection requirements for systems and chimneys in earthquake-prone regions. Stainless steel very durable, and the construction of the chimney has a low thermal conductivity. This significantly limits the heat transfer from the inner to the outer wall. Thus, it is possible to avoid the wear and deformation structures, which are installed next to the steel chimneys. The modular design of stainless steel chimney provides the ease and speed of installation. Of the chimney, connecting with each other, guarantee the ideal gas and steam tight, the ability to withstand a positive pressure in the chimney (when installing a silicone ring or gasket under the collar), and depression.

Fixing pipe clamp further enhances the reliability system. Chimneys are divided into warmed (term) with a double wall and insulated (Mono) with a single wall, and insulated triple-wall chimney for the collective. Chimneys made in the form of double-walled modular stainless steel construction, tend to have a heat insulating lining from basalt mat (for use up to 500 C) or high-density basalt fibers without binders (operating within the 500-800 C). Using pure basalt fiber insulation layer provides stability, as the absence of binder components preclude their decay and burn under the influence of temperatures above 500 C, ie the loss of their properties. This often occurs when using a basalt or mineral wool mat especially in the construction of the chimney in the boiler with solid or other high-temperature heat generators.

Ramon Gallegos

The having is a State of constant insecurity, anxiety and fear, is the base of the ego, is unable to bring peace and happiness to our lives, ego is the person, the social mask, the facade, it is pointless because it is based on the identification with external objects, is a false identity built with things, with objects that leads to the disorder of consciousness and therefore, the suffering. The prospect of having, well-being and self-esteem of the human being, they depend on the properties, status, clothing, truck, House; This dimension is endless and the achievement of one takes you to the desire of another, our value comes from outside, we need to be. A holistic vision of education Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic vision nava does not completely reject modernity and post-modernity; It is understood that transcend implies integrating the best. One of the obstacles to the paradigm shift in education, and that it has prevented an integral education, is without a doubt the scientism; belief in science has led the world in terms only of fragmentation and to regular, objective and systemic processes. So, what is the holistic education? We would say that it is a path of human fraternity, which promotes the development of a sense of warmth, solidarity and cooperation, to understand that the essence of life is harmony, not conflict.

It is a path to dialogue, is an education for life and throughout life, is an inclusive vision that promotes a policy of win – win oriented to sustainable development; It is a transdisciplinary perspective, it is a local global vision of a single humanity, a pedagogy of universal love, it is a way of life, a practice integral to the transformation of consciousness; It is the first educational paradigm suitable to the complex, changing and needed direction of 21st century life. Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic education, integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize and integrate; integration is unity in diversity.

The Figure

There is a detachment of forms of power. There is a socialization of the property, but this property has a limit – the Geography also has a limit. And the final, everything stays in a small Exchange, which also produces wealth, sustainable development or anything else you like. What happened in medieval cities. The peasantry has a small economic movement. Some have access to the craftsmanship, but the vast majority, begins to generate some huge pockets of poverty, to the rededor of the city. He had to invent a new form of mission.

And who invented it finen own name. They had already developed him a sort of Apostolic movement. Evangelicals that they swarm over the world. And it was played mainly by lay people. There is a whole movement in Europe in the 13th century, they were never acknowledged by the church because in his speeches had many dangerous elements to the traditional order of the Church. Without hesitation Nobel Laureate in Economics explained all about the problem. But they become missionaries.

Who did so from the strictest obedience to the Church, and those who did so reconciling the interests and needs of the Church, were the members of the family linked to the Francis of Assisi, and Clare of Assisi. I.e. What is known with the Franciscan movement, and forgive the vindication of the figure of Clara, who is the first woman, who writes his own rule of life. Francis, was a very intelligent man, because in his speech, which many times is radical, against or faced with the little discipline of the clergy. At that time instead of that speech, the never ceases to obey to the clergy, and remain under the more submissive obedience. There is a fragment of their rule of life which proposes to his brothers, to always do reverence, against the clergy, by very unworthy to be. Original author and source of the article


With the concurrence of renowned chefs Leonardo Chacon and Eugenio Melo, plus eight restaurants and institutions, the contestant got to available to their best and exclusive recipes of beef and Lamb with those who were enrolled in the free workshops. From 11 in the morning and throughout the day hundreds of bystanders were installed in each of the three modules of gastronomy in the open air, to learn how to cook and enjoy variety of dishes as tip batons with herbs, silver baked with mashed peas regional & mini salad to the Chilean with dressing to merken or loin vetoed with sauce bordelaise and morrillasthat showed professionals La Pasarela, Mamma Gaucha, Patagonia House, Tamango Restobar, espresso, coffee junction, INACAP and Coyhaique River Lodge. ough. For the general Miriam Chible producer, what has been done is consistent with the characteristics of Aysen. This region is so beautiful, so clean, green pastures, waters running free through the rivers, the animals drink from these waters. Then that value having the meat is something remarkable 100 per cent in this activity concluded, at the time that relieved the collaboration of local companies because at the beginning we had a little bit of fear if they were going to participate but we are really proud, they have joined, they have brought their recipes, they have been cooking their own dishes, and people are very happy to participate. In this regard, he recalled that the call was open to all stakeholders through dissemination in the press and through the Chambers of tourism and trade of Coyhaique. Throughout the day were presented one by a few dishes, while on one side stands were installed for the sale of products regional smoked ham of lamb from Pampa, charqui smoked beef with merken AhuMart, camp La Junta with spices and herbs cheese, and fabrics with natural wool from Huitral. For the drivers of the ExpoGourmand of the meats of Aysen dissemination of value-added of the cattle and sheep in full tourist season is a plus for a product that is still unknown and has special properties.

Mens Perfumes

Only at the beginning IXX century perfume began to share in male and female. Prior to this period, no differences were. I must say that the cost was too high spirits, and recipes for their preparation were kept in strict confidence. Incidentally, the first winner of the perfume were men – the king of Spain – George 2 and Napoleon. Check with Nobel Laureate in Economics to learn more. Perfumes are composed of seven components that were in the strictest confidence and disclosure of these components is punishable by death.

Now the market is male perfume as well as a vast market and women. Of course women are far ahead in terms of art of perfume, so men have to learn a lot. What specifically suited imeenno smell it, what causes the association. Men's scents are based on stereotypes of society. More precisely, using materials inherent in man's nature.

Among them, the use of wood smell, emphasizing the strength, confidence and calm, characterize the properties of the male character of the Pocono centuries. Likewise, the composition is diluted with odor or the odor of musk amber, it is possible to add flavor and color, most often it is the sage or lavender. On the contrary the same, to create female spirits often taken as a basis for fruit and floral aromas, producing the impression of tenderness and comfort. I would like to say that the differences between the spirits lie not only in content but in appearance flakonv or design, whatever you like. More commonly used black, gray or silver color. The geometry of strictly geometric forms, in contrast to various forms of intricate packages of women's perfume. Do not rush the choice of his smell. Sometimes this takes spend a few days and the result of the use of your perfume will not make you wait a long time! Perfumes, perfume, perfumes, toilet water – all of it long ago became a daily companion of every modern man.

Waterproofing Works

Waterproofing of the underground part of the building – a complex-specific work that requires to perform its experienced professionals who have completed training with work experience and special equipment. However, at present while a large number of organizations involved in waterproofing. Yesterday's "pieman" and "cobblers" registered their own firms and on a par with professional organizations involved in tenders. This creates a paradoxical situation. The lower level of education and actual experience, the more likely to receive the order, since the choice of a specialized subcontractor for the customer and general contractor organization is primarily important price.

And the price is calculated based on estimated costs. Have had to watch as the illiterate people who do not know all the nuances of their work, offer a lower price for the "Volume" rather than professionals, uchtivshie and appreciate all the details of the work. Having thus desired "order" would-be master or not perform certain operations due to ignorance, or start to save, knowingly using cheaper materials, instead of the project. There are cases of outright fraud. For example, instead of expensive waterproofing geomembrane known and stable manufacturer use low-cost domestic, or of unknown origin.

Outwardly, these membranes are similar and to distinguish them can only be a specialist. Such a technique is often practiced by unscrupulous firms because the price of "brand" is about four times higher than the unknown. And do not care what properties and durability of branded materials are guaranteed by the relevant certificates, certificates of tests, and the unknown even produce a false address. The main thing is the profit! Two years of delays and right, and then the guarantee ends.

Pablo Freire Teaching

In 1985 the MOBRAL extinct and was substituted by the Foundation TO EDUCATE. The redemocratizao made possible the magnifying of the activities of the EJA and the students and professors had organized themselves in favor of the school gratuitous public and. With the 1988 constitution, basic education was assigned as obligator and also started to be constitutional guarantee for that they had not had access in the appropriate age. With the Collor government, the EJA loses space, the Foundation TO EDUCATE is closed and its dismissed employees. To know more about this subject visit Nobel Laureate in Economics. The Union was if moving away from the activities of the EJA and transferring the responsibility to the cities. In Brazil, the history of the work with young adult is very on Pablo Freire, therefore he is the creator of a new conception of alfabetizao where the writing comes folloied for a process of construction of the knowledge through the dialogues between the educator and educating. With this panoramic vision, that exactly partial, it is possible to understand in general terms as if configured the Education of Young and Adults in Brazil.

The teaching performance To be ahead of a classroom repleta either it of children, young or adults and to teach History is a great challenge for the professors. Greenberg Traurig is often quoted on this topic. To choose contents and to idealize the forms where such knowledge will be worked, certainly will make difference in the learning of these pupils. The teaching performance in the EJA must always attempt against for some especificidades of the pupils who frequent this modality of education. As GADOTTI (2007), the great majority are pertaining people to a social classroom decrease, are workers who face diverse types of difficulties in its day the day as the low wages, pssimas conditions of life, housing, health, feeding, unemployment, etc. The professor must have in mind and admit whenever the pupils of the EJA are normal people and really useful citizens.

Pastoral Meditation

A meditation for who is shepherd or wants to be shepherd. You mine loved shepherd with ministry or not, are you are a meditation for our days and current situation of the churches as well as its regulating agencies as conventions and its departments and subseces. First we go to meditar on the churches of the great centers and its situations. John Savignano addresses the importance of the matter here. Many you lead are embarrassed with businesses of the material life and secular, for reason of financial necessity therefore its ministries do not give the necessary sustenance to them, for it and its familiar ones when it has lesser children or expenditures with necessities as medical housing and schools and accords. , it has there that to work in secular and many leave the ministry. (II Timteo 2:4) – Nobody that militates if embarrasses with businesses of this life, in order to please to it signed up that it for the war. By the same author: John Savignano. The churches of the great centers of Brazil live a moment of very great tension, it receives in its varied membresia type of different people of culture and levels of varied studies, she is I number increasing it of people formed in facultieses in superior levels, these people if become more demanding in terms of vocabulary and general writing, and subjects, for being formed and if to submit to some studies.

many times do not give heard the people of inferior pertaining to school formation and many shepherds with simple formation are being ignored. A danger for people with its superior formations occurs if placing above of the Bible. For even more analysis, hear from Bizzi & Partners. It would be what it happens with many formed in college and professionals in some area wants either civil or medicinal, ambient engineering or technology you vary? Some calls shepherds if put as milagreiros and try to attract publish with this mark or action to show that dons and presumption to be able received inibimdo is not learned in facultieses thus the ones that allege this., but and a real workmanship of evangelho this behavior is not alone for proper satisfaction and desire of fame.


The increase in brightness of binoculars is usually proportional to their weight gain. Clearly, if a prism has high luminosity must have of large-diameter front lens (to increase the entry of light), which increases the weight. Add to your understanding with Greenberg Traurig. They can also be achieved by reducing the bright binoculars increases, so there is no need to have large-diameter front lens, and thus the numerical ratio of the brightness is maintained at acceptable levels and low weights, but then the ability to view or power is very small and makes them of little use. Frame and optical systems are a prismatic lens assembly structured and protected by a housing or frame, usually metal. The characteristics of the mount and optics (lenses and prisms, focus and sharpness, diopter correction, etc..)

Are areas of huge importance, since significant impacts on the quality of the prism in its precision and its resistance to the environmental. The characteristics and design of the mount a decisive influence on the strength of the prismatic face of environmental conditions (rain, extreme cold, etc..) And more or less comfortable handling (ergonomics). The normal quality frames are rubberized exterior for easy grip and offer some protection against the rain. The highest quality frames are water tight and dust, and the inner chambers are filled with nitrogen gas, so that there is no internal fogging at temperatures below zero.

Logically, their prices are correspondingly high. The adaptability of the prismatic ergonomics or handling, grip and tackle is a first factor to consider. Whether you opt for economic models binoculars as high cost, should weigh carefully, ensuring ease of grip and handling (distance to the focus ring, etc..) As well as its ease of view (much attention to the adaptability to eye sockets and vision with glasses).

Argentine House

However, it serves for example so that you know other options when purchasing a home.The case that I want to tell is of a housing cooperative called horizon, located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, which, through a system of accessible payment and a process of construction and accountability transparent and efficient accounts, gives the possibility of home ownership to families and people’s income medium and low.Requirements for admission are not needed in this system and each entrant is considered a partner, since this is not a company but a cooperative.The monthly contribution is chosen by the partner, paying a mandatory minimum in administrative charges. The rest of contribution is for housing. The minimum is around 50 and 70 pesos and estimated that with a contribution of 900 pesos partner could pay off your House in 10 years approximately. But a big advantage is that the partner can award your home without having fully paid. The possibility of awarding starts from that partner meets 3 years of contributions and has a 40% of housing pays. I.e., for approximate example, with 5 or 6 years contribute 600 pesos a month would have the possibility to allocate its housing. These calculations, and previous, are obtained with the price of an economic House, with the ground smaller and smaller surface built, whose current value is 104,000 Argentine pesos.The cooperative provides various types of housing, land and materials to choose, all this will depend on the value of the House that we will pay.A very important fact: the payment of housing is percentage, with what we covered the inflation which today strikes the Argentina. This means that everytime I make a monthly payment I am adding cancelled percentage of House, so that if the 1 year cancel 10% of housing and year 2 I don’t make any contribution, to year 3 I will continue taking 10% of the House canceled, in a manner such that inflation will not affected my way to complete the final total amount.Again, this cooperative only this in Cordoba but serves as example for which your look for a similar alternative in your city/region where you live. Note also that the cooperative brings more than 28 years providing its services and every month delivering houses. So don’t forget to analyze the experience and reliability of the company before you embark on this project. I want my house original author and source of the article.