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The Construction

Stainless steel chimneys are suitable for installation in buildings with special fire protection requirements for systems and chimneys in earthquake-prone regions. Stainless steel very durable, and the construction of the chimney has a low thermal conductivity. This significantly limits the heat transfer from the inner to the outer wall. Thus, it is possible to avoid the wear and deformation structures, which are installed next to the steel chimneys. The modular design of stainless steel chimney provides the ease and speed of installation. Of the chimney, connecting with each other, guarantee the ideal gas and steam tight, the ability to withstand a positive pressure in the chimney (when installing a silicone ring or gasket under the collar), and depression.

Fixing pipe clamp further enhances the reliability system. Chimneys are divided into warmed (term) with a double wall and insulated (Mono) with a single wall, and insulated triple-wall chimney for the collective. Chimneys made in the form of double-walled modular stainless steel construction, tend to have a heat insulating lining from basalt mat (for use up to 500 C) or high-density basalt fibers without binders (operating within the 500-800 C). Using pure basalt fiber insulation layer provides stability, as the absence of binder components preclude their decay and burn under the influence of temperatures above 500 C, ie the loss of their properties. This often occurs when using a basalt or mineral wool mat especially in the construction of the chimney in the boiler with solid or other high-temperature heat generators.

Ramon Gallegos

The having is a State of constant insecurity, anxiety and fear, is the base of the ego, is unable to bring peace and happiness to our lives, ego is the person, the social mask, the facade, it is pointless because it is based on the identification with external objects, is a false identity built with things, with objects that leads to the disorder of consciousness and therefore, the suffering. The prospect of having, well-being and self-esteem of the human being, they depend on the properties, status, clothing, truck, House; This dimension is endless and the achievement of one takes you to the desire of another, our value comes from outside, we need to be. A holistic vision of education Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic vision nava does not completely reject modernity and post-modernity; It is understood that transcend implies integrating the best. One of the obstacles to the paradigm shift in education, and that it has prevented an integral education, is without a doubt the scientism; belief in science has led the world in terms only of fragmentation and to regular, objective and systemic processes. So, what is the holistic education? We would say that it is a path of human fraternity, which promotes the development of a sense of warmth, solidarity and cooperation, to understand that the essence of life is harmony, not conflict.

It is a path to dialogue, is an education for life and throughout life, is an inclusive vision that promotes a policy of win – win oriented to sustainable development; It is a transdisciplinary perspective, it is a local global vision of a single humanity, a pedagogy of universal love, it is a way of life, a practice integral to the transformation of consciousness; It is the first educational paradigm suitable to the complex, changing and needed direction of 21st century life. Dr. Ramon Gallegos holistic education, integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity, the development process means greater integration through differentiation, pluralize and integrate; integration is unity in diversity.


With the concurrence of renowned chefs Leonardo Chacon and Eugenio Melo, plus eight restaurants and institutions, the contestant got to available to their best and exclusive recipes of beef and Lamb with those who were enrolled in the free workshops. From 11 in the morning and throughout the day hundreds of bystanders were installed in each of the three modules of gastronomy in the open air, to learn how to cook and enjoy variety of dishes as tip batons with herbs, silver baked with mashed peas regional & mini salad to the Chilean with dressing to merken or loin vetoed with sauce bordelaise and morrillasthat showed professionals La Pasarela, Mamma Gaucha, Patagonia House, Tamango Restobar, espresso, coffee junction, INACAP and Coyhaique River Lodge. ough. For the general Miriam Chible producer, what has been done is consistent with the characteristics of Aysen. This region is so beautiful, so clean, green pastures, waters running free through the rivers, the animals drink from these waters. Then that value having the meat is something remarkable 100 per cent in this activity concluded, at the time that relieved the collaboration of local companies because at the beginning we had a little bit of fear if they were going to participate but we are really proud, they have joined, they have brought their recipes, they have been cooking their own dishes, and people are very happy to participate. In this regard, he recalled that the call was open to all stakeholders through dissemination in the press and through the Chambers of tourism and trade of Coyhaique. Throughout the day were presented one by a few dishes, while on one side stands were installed for the sale of products regional smoked ham of lamb from Pampa, charqui smoked beef with merken AhuMart, camp La Junta with spices and herbs cheese, and fabrics with natural wool from Huitral. For the drivers of the ExpoGourmand of the meats of Aysen dissemination of value-added of the cattle and sheep in full tourist season is a plus for a product that is still unknown and has special properties.

Argentine House

However, it serves for example so that you know other options when purchasing a home.The case that I want to tell is of a housing cooperative called horizon, located in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, which, through a system of accessible payment and a process of construction and accountability transparent and efficient accounts, gives the possibility of home ownership to families and people’s income medium and low.Requirements for admission are not needed in this system and each entrant is considered a partner, since this is not a company but a cooperative.The monthly contribution is chosen by the partner, paying a mandatory minimum in administrative charges. The rest of contribution is for housing. The minimum is around 50 and 70 pesos and estimated that with a contribution of 900 pesos partner could pay off your House in 10 years approximately. But a big advantage is that the partner can award your home without having fully paid. The possibility of awarding starts from that partner meets 3 years of contributions and has a 40% of housing pays. I.e., for approximate example, with 5 or 6 years contribute 600 pesos a month would have the possibility to allocate its housing. These calculations, and previous, are obtained with the price of an economic House, with the ground smaller and smaller surface built, whose current value is 104,000 Argentine pesos.The cooperative provides various types of housing, land and materials to choose, all this will depend on the value of the House that we will pay.A very important fact: the payment of housing is percentage, with what we covered the inflation which today strikes the Argentina. This means that everytime I make a monthly payment I am adding cancelled percentage of House, so that if the 1 year cancel 10% of housing and year 2 I don’t make any contribution, to year 3 I will continue taking 10% of the House canceled, in a manner such that inflation will not affected my way to complete the final total amount.Again, this cooperative only this in Cordoba but serves as example for which your look for a similar alternative in your city/region where you live. Note also that the cooperative brings more than 28 years providing its services and every month delivering houses. So don’t forget to analyze the experience and reliability of the company before you embark on this project. I want my house original author and source of the article.

Brazilian Providence

They are critical that they go of meeting to the projects that try to assure a solution for the drastic one situation of the Brazilian Providence. 3 AGED AND its INSERTION IN the FAMILY to analyze the insertion of the aged one in the family considers the one of the contributions most important study on the conditions of life of the aged population. The studies that enclose the families are also important, a time that, is one of the space where if its members define the attendance standards. Moreover, she is the family who makes use of the destined resources to supply its necessities not being in the dependence only of the chances that appear in the work market. The aged one suffers, in the majority of the cases, of problems of housing. The widowhood is a constant to be followed of the delivery of the house where the search of the house of the married children liveed and already, for a new cycle of its life. However this is a difficult question.

The children allege, exactly that he is far from the presence of the aged ones, that its life passed to be modified with new habits, new concepts of life. The aged one, in turn, feels that it bothers with its presence in the new house. The majority of these lived moved away from the children, and is important to observe the biggest index of masculine mortality makes with that the women survive for more time starting to live with children. In 1998, the ratio of aged mothers without husbands inhabiting with children was almost three times bigger of what of widowers in the same situation. These ratios are in virtue of the tax of feminine widowhood, either for biggest masculine mortality, or for the fact of, after widowers, the aged women hardly are married again. The aged ones imagine that the house of a son or son will be a continuation of its house.

Home Insurance

Your home is your Castle, where you store all your possessions and all what you want more. If you were a feudal Lord would have a lot of troops protecting your property, but as it may not be the case, the best thing is to purchase home insurance. This way you will get the tranquility you need and guarantees of protection in case that your housing and what it guards suffered any damage or unforeseen. A good home insurance gives you the assurance that if your home needs to be rebuilt or repaired, would be protected against a situation that otherwise would hardly be manageable. Equally, if you suffer a theft or your possessions were damaged in some way, you’d be compensated by this appropriately. To deal with the recruitment of a home insurance, arises on many occasions what are going to be covered and what not. Warranties that are included to protect homeownership are varied and cover a wide range of different aspects. According to the type of housing and the use to be given, there different types of policies aimed specifically at each of them, either one the main house, summer house, live rent or you own.

In any case, a home insurance coverages are organized around two concepts: content and continent. The continent refers to the housing itself, its physical structure and dimensions. The content refers to what in it is contained, i.e. all kinds of possessions that lie within the walls of the House. A good way to understand the difference is to imagine putting your House in the Palm of your hand and turn it over.

All that fall (TV, bed, sofa, etc.) is what is included in content, while what remains on your site (walls, doors, bathroom, etc.) is what is protected by the continent. If you live in rental, probably only have to worry about the content. But if you own your own home, you will surely have to hire both hedges to achieve the highest possible coverage, and remember, before hiring today We have the hand tools on the web that allow us to compare insurance, where you can see the coverages and prices of several insurance companies at the same time.


There are several types of containers. In capacity are the most common containers are designed for 3 and 5 tons. Most frequently used containers 20 or 40 feet in length (respectively 6 and 12 meters). In this case, there are different versions, adapted for the carriage of goods that do not fit into standard sizes. Such containers can have different height, or even be an open-top, which when transportation rose from the canvas tent.

Such containers are used for transportation of bulky cargo. For transportation of liquid cargoes, there are so-called tankteynery, in which the frame of conventional container enclosed tank. For the transport of perishable cargo containers used refy. Widespread use of containers due primarily to concern about the safety and security of cargo. Rugged metal housing the possibility of system hardware and locks, as well as the use of fillings – all this makes the container very reliable equipment for cargo, which is comparable in these parameters with trailers or railway cars. In already distant 1984 in the ussr were developed and put into operation a special railway platforms, conveyors. The novelty of the technical solution was that the use of such platforms allow have the containers in two tiers.

This was achieved through special grooves on the size of containers in the platform design. Thus, by reducing the ground clearance, it is possible to place second tier. It should be noted that in European countries such a way to position the goods are not caught on because of restrictions on height for trains. For the carriage of goods in containers by road using special container equipped with a platform in the form of a semi-trailer. With respect to carriage of goods by sea, there are also used by specially equipped vessels, allowing transport to several hundreds and even thousands of containers simultaneously. Designs for fixation of such containers on ships allow you to place containers at 7 storeys in height. It should be noted that no matter what means of transport were not involved in the intermodal system of transportation, based on the successful operation of this system is information support of the transportation process. Indeed, in addition to direct cargo to be efficiently move and information accompanying him. That at any point where the cargo could say exactly what the cargo belongs to whom, where and where directed. In addition, common information space is prerequisite for successful planning route of delivery. Some kind of problem in this area is that the world is not a um logistics and transport data, no single standard. Modern international practice trucking shows that the degree of information equipment, level of modern technologies for data exchange and control over the location of the cargo en route delivery, the most direct impact on the degree of competitiveness of the company engaged in cargo delivery.

Spanish Service Companies

Caralin Group, Spanish company specialized in comprehensive service to companies, has analyzed the change that has suffered the Concierge profession recycling is made janitor. The traditional figure of the goalkeeper has been transformed, and approximately 30% of them have become janitors or workers who provide that same service in enterprises. The difference between the two jobs lies not in their roles, but in that the doorman has House or room in the building, and the Concierge not. For this reason the goalkeeper sees reduced his salary in cash, through the use of housing, and through the free supply of electricity and water to some extent, by 15% while the Concierge charges salary entirely in cash, assuming one major community expense. Today, rents so high price has motivated it to numerous communities of owners more cost-effective to hire a janitor and rent to a third party housing of the goalkeeper, satisfying this way the total salary of the Concierge with the income obtained by the rental of the property.

Changing society and profession must evolve with it. In the new districts of any city of Spain, where common services housing complexes, have risen owners resort to companies managing services such as Concierge, security, cleaning, etc. says Juan Carlos mate, CEO and founder of Caralin Group. The collective agreement for employees of urban farms of Madrid the difference between six types of urban farms employees: doormen, janitors, gardeners, cleaners, drivers and garage-watchers. Although unifies the functions of doormen and janitors, in shortened form, in the following:-cleaning, preservation and care of all dependencies that have access by a common element of the property, as well as electrical devices that may be present in these units. -Surveillance of these areas of common access, as well as of persons entering and leaving the building. -Care of the farms empty, care for people requesting information about the occupants, always with discretion.

-Opening and closing of the portal, switching on and off of lights, central heating, be responsible for correspondence or notices to neighbors, caring for the hoists and elevators. -Transfer of collective dustbins. -You can also handle the payment of rentals and other charges incurred by the owners. They are not, however, functions of the portero the collect individual trash bags of each of the floors, cleaning of sports areas, saunas, gyms, gardens, or the commercial passage nor care for the garage, unless with the community of property owners which is obliged to recognize wage supplements for these tasks whose minimum amount can be found in the above mentioned Convention. Caralin Group is a company specializing in the outsourcing of services from other companies. This method of human resource management has greater elasticity, through the integration of specialized, technical and human resources contributing to perform specific tasks and enabling companies most important tasks and to increase thereby the benefits of your company.