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Italian Home Ceiling

Most importantly the weather at home … But the atmosphere in the house affect, including, and flavors that you can choose. Check out the aroma of Italian Home for themselves. Then each product as a nice gift (this is for home fragrances, sachets, herbal soaps, decorative soap in a garland, decorated with scented candles, gel, foam bath and shower, bubble in its crystal bottle, body lotion, dry oil spray for body, shampoos and conditioners, hand cream), but what can we say about ready to gift baskets for every taste. Sky with diamonds do not promise, but the sky on the ceiling of your room easily. Such a plot, and not one, but in variations we have in our catalog frescoes. Incidentally, the frescoes of the options we have in the catalog over 1000.

We never believe that none of them is that which is absolutely necessary for your interior. By the way, recently Timur Kizyakov – a leading TV program "So far, all at home" on the first channel (the site of the first channel), was visiting the family of Alexander Rosenbaum, celebrated September 13th birthday. In Petersburg's apartment Alexandra Jakovljevic placed on the ceiling fresco in the plot clear sky, which the inhabitants of St. Petersburg is not so often be seen on the street. But we would not advise confined to the ceiling, there are so many stories to walls. We already wrote about the progress in this matter experts from the success of the "School of repairs" on TNT (the site of the School of repair:).

Author Club

Old views in the Balkan war of destroyed cities in Henning caps mountain are mnemonic images. Karsten Konrad with his model of missing DDR architecture refers to the quarries in the Berlin urban fabric as well as the visions of a defunct state. “Other works concentrate on the local history of the Neukolln: Franz Johns sound installation remember…” makes perceptible forgotten and overlooked places in the district. Martina Becker asks for our roots and cultural frame of reference. They staged operation Richard”the spectacular discovery of a small, forgotten society, which is sealed off from the outside world has not changed for 650 years. Continuously from Friday 19:00-Sunday 19:00 reads Author Club cross text poems and stories across all genres, times and worlds.

Location: Altes Museum, Ganghofer str. 3, FR 19:00 to 19:00 urban memories in parallel developing six artists from different countries of participatory projects and performances, which seek the participation of children, young people and adults, or come in direct interaction with visitors to the exhibition. urban memories pointed out that the own, multi-perspectival stories of intercultural population Neukolln are the Geschichte(n!) of the district. Location: Altes Museum, Ganghofer str. 3, FR 19:00 19:00 becomes Eleonore Prochaska at the media art project of Eleonore Prochaska reminded, was born as a daughter of Czech immigrants in Bohmisch Rixdorf 225 years ago. During the wars of liberation against Napoleon she joined the Lutzow as a man disguised Freikorps, was seriously wounded in the battle and died. She point out as the Prussian Jeanne d’ Arc “honoured. In one Including surviving intimate letters written by Eleonore Prochaska at her brother, and a funeral March composed specially for Eleonore Prochaska by Ludwig van Beethoven will be to hear outside installation of the artist Beate Klompmaker. Stations of identity change of Eleonore Prochaska (actress Rita Braisch) are in the form of photographic portraits on advertising media in the Berlin City area, in particular in Neukolln, and in Cologne, Germany and in usti nad Orlici in the Czech Republic to see.

Mozilla Firefox

Today, the JonDos GmbH publishes a new version of JonDoFox, a privacy-friendly web browser, that you may so use for anonymous surfing, e.g. over anonymous proxy server. The JonDoFox research team has uncovered a new attack on web browser. What is new? The JonDoFox research team has uncovered a new attack on web browsers: affected are the web browsers Firefox, chrome and Safari. By a hidden call over of a URL with HTTP authorization data, third party sites could’nt track a user over several web sites, even if the user blocks all cookies and other tracking procedures. For doing this, it is sufficient to include a simple CSS file: you will find a demonstration of this technique on the web site

JonDoFox contains now on integrated protection against this attack. Third party sites may now no longer receive HTTP authorization data from the browser. Moreover, the protection against cache and referer tracking has been enhanced. Furthermore, some detail enhancements were added, and JonDoFox is now fully compatible with the new Firefox 6 users may therefore easily update to the new browser version. What is JonDoFox? JonDoFox is both a profile and to extension for the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. It protects the user’s privacy while surfing the web by removing identifying information from the browser. As it is open source software and free to use, it is ideal add on for anonymization services like JonDonym and Tor, but may therefore be used without anonymization software, just for safer surfing.

Ingo Vogel

Author of the book ‘ top emotional selling’ inaugurates the secrets of the top seller. “Top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller” is the title of a seminar, the the Esslinger success coach and author, is holding of the book Ingo Vogel, on Friday the 15th of October in Stuttgart. The specialist for emotional sell explained in the approximately eight-hour seminar”the participants, what distinguishes a top seller of rather average sellers. Bird’s core thesis is: the Central secret of success by top sellers is that they love their profession and looking forward to the conversations with their customers. They are accordingly awake and focused. And also the customers feel this passion, inter alia on the basis of their appearance and their language. “Therefore they are ver of them like to purchase-lead”. Works like this ver lead”, which illustrates Ingo Vogel in the seminar on the basis of numerous practical examples.

A prerequisite for this is, according to bird, the also best sellers “” The pleasure principle: emotions as a success factor “and so you’re talking to the top: language as an instrument of success” wrote, the ability to move even on bad days even in a good mood. How, that explains the sales rhetoric trainer in his seminar. Also, he illustrated the participants as pique the curiosity of customers and build up a relationship of trust with them for example by deliberately unlike Remaking the chitchat at the start of the talks as 08/15-seller sales calls in the blink of an eye. Intensive bird arrives also as participants equal wishes detectives”can explore their customers buying motives. Two more thematic focus are: how master I as a seller objections confidently and I get the prices they want in negotiations? And: How can I increase my completion rate? “The participation in the seminar top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller” costs 490 euros (plus VAT) including drinks and lunch. In the price “also included the top book is selling emotionally”.

Kurt Tepperwein

This year again on a seminar tour with the Tepperwein Congress “this universe is the stage for the unique and fascinating spectacle that we call life, and it invites you to play the main role”, so Kurt Tepperwein. The famous author of over 60 books writes about health promotion through e.g. the de-acidification of the body as well as about the meaning of life, how one can become a winning personality and offers one to series of “Keys to happiness”. His live seminars are an experience that you won’t forget. In this year of 2010, there are the 2nd Tepperwein after the success last year Congress in the brandner Valley / Austria with seminars, trainings and workshops. Kurt Tepperwein itself is 3 compact seminars (“master of your life”, “The power of the spiritual laws”, “life licence”) and the “training for life teacher” coveted for years.

In this education, it comes to understand the “language of life” and to follow how to be really successful life “leads” and how you achieve whatever you want. You will learn all the things that you have not learned in school; How they find their calling and how to make “inevitable” his success, how they find the ideal partner and be one myself and how to solve their problems, fulfill your desires, and sure to reach their goals. In addition to the seminars and training courses by Kurt Tepperwein, offer trained speakers after Kurt Tepperwein one workshops fill such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, wonderful world of the immune system, fascination with purify, deacidifying and detoxification, basic cosmetics – water – Urquell of life, mental and physical fitness and intuitive energetic dance applied properly,. Another highlight is the education awareness training by Elisabeth Hintermayer, where it comes to recognize you, as creator of your life about if but to let go and to take responsibility for your life. Awareness training as a continuation of the mental training after Kurt Tepperwein, in the among other things different Exercises done are to open the consciousness and to enjoy life in the here and now. Organizer of the Tepperwein Congress is Tepperwein AG of collection, is the man at the Center. “Kurt Tepperwein got it easy, intellectual and material knowledge are so easy and for everyone to understand convey, it makes great pleasure to listen to him” so an enthusiastic seminar participants. Meanwhile a Kurt Tepperwein emerged on Facebook Fan Club, in which nearly 300 fans regularly philosophies of Kurt Tepperwein and other wisdom discuss and comment.

Eckehard Niemann

The spokesman of the “civil initiatives against pole attachment” Peter Butz, pointed out clearly on the in-bred feeding addiction with painful consequences for these animals. Diseases and germs threaten people and the environment. Animal welfare must be definitely improved and the residents protected from noise and pollution. Also sacrificing real estate prices in the vicinity of such facilities are to be feared. As the last speaker of the evening, Eckehard Niemann came from the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft peasant agriculture” at the microphone. This man, even trained agricultural engineer, showed his passion for the preservation of rural agriculture with lifeblood and warned against too much euphoria before the “fallacy” of Mr Pieper farmers present in the room. He pointed out the agony of the chicks at about 33-day breeding with clear words.

As many in the past few days no longer neither water nor food be able by their own efforts to achieve. Diseases of the feet such as foot pad dermatitis through at the feces or dead animals and deformations of the feet or legs are the rule here. Painfully, these animals experience the time if still alive up to transport to the slaughterhouse. Such mass breeding facilities have nothing more to do with rural agriculture and are already in the branch of industrial agricultural factories. Eckehard Niemann in his association represents the Guild of the peasants, who are interested in sustainable agriculture and that is according to his statement more and more, even if it may not give the impression at present farmers. Subsequently, the discussion has been released and were reported concerned and interested citizens to speak and the professionals were answer. It involved questions of concern to the health risks for local residents and the environmental impact in the affected villages, more details about the procedure at the chicken fattening, the “vacuum cleaner for broilers” and the torture of animals up to the Arrive at the slaughterhouse, as well as the prompt more enlightenment to mindful and healthy nutrition in the schools to operate.

Operating Expenses May Be Photocopied

Document understanding justifies reproduction of documents if the operating expenses in the letter box lands to tenants often fight their way through multiple pages and read carefully, understand the individual items. Not rarely doubt occur then the tenant, so he asks for an insight into the settlements with the landlord. What rights he then at such a meeting, said the real estate portal In the case of a tenant had come with his camera to a conversation with the landlord, where the current operating expenses should be discussed. The tenant wanted to photograph the evidence of the statement of operating costs, to peruse the pictures alone at home the documents and to check whether the correct amounts were posted for his apartment. The home owners in turn denied him this wish, whereupon the tenant his claim for document inspection saw injured. The case was heard in the District Court of Munich which gave the plaintiff right.

Thus would be equivalent to taking pictures of documents only a modern type of transcript. Since it was allowed to take notes during such a conversation it is also allowed to use modern and common technique. So documents are likely to be, easily copied, scanned or photographed there a such duplication neither damage to the documents still the landlord costs.


Real estate financing, how high are the interest rates? Consumers have been hard in the financial world. The reason is the varied, the banks offer the customers, although they of course also something for it, and although the real estate financing to such collateral and at the opening of a current account a minimum income level, so that the consumers also the discount offers a free checking account. However, it is done in the real estate financing alone with the provision of certain securities. Once financing by the consumer must be found at the real estate a Bank, he also trusts and has the offer with regard to the interest that. Clear: Some consumers choose their bank to the real estate financing to ensure that they have committed so little collateral as possible.

But that they will pay higher interest rates, is usually not right also these consumers. For this reason, it is called eyes on and all factors when comparing the offers for real estate note financing. This is the case of course also on another financial product – a depository for securities or deposit to. Here it is called eyes on at the depot open. The costs, such as deposit and transaction costs are the decisive factors at the depot open. These are namely considered cost drivers and can diminish ultimately significantly the profits (or the return) that the consumers of a financial investment but now once expected. Open at the depot should be respected especially on additional offers are, because of the cost a free checking account given to can compensate again to somewhat higher deposit fees..

Right Within The Landlord Community

Constantly changing tenant allowed objectives the investors with the purchase of a property different. Some want to live even in it, other industrial use, by they rent out the object in whole or in parts. The real estate portal reported as membership in a rental community affects. Different parties owned a house or building, it is usually a so-called community of homeowners. Apart from contractual provisions, the individual landlord have the right to act relatively autonomously.

As emerges from a judgment of the Federal Court, that the decision about the use of his condos alone rests with the owners. In this case, a Berlin landlord community had appealed because a member without asking leased his apartment to holidaymakers. They argued that this disturbing sense of security within the building complex. The judges saw it differently: permanent residents also receive visitors. Basically coming up is different and Going to tenants from changing. The decision finally fell in favour of the defendant. He may use his property as he pleases. He inhabited it, rented long term or for short periods of time or otherwise commercially use, whether he is alone. It is crucial that other members of homeowners community this is not seriously degrade. In the present case the judge may be not assumed according to.

Advantages Of A Granny-flat

Two-in-one variant when building a House, there are different possibilities of financial support for the construction of a House. So KfW loans and other loan forms that ought to give financial relief to the future owners of the House are available. Another very lucrative alternative is also setting up a granny flat. The real estate portal informs, what advantages does this measure and what should be considered when building. Creating a granny flat should be good considering already before the start of the new building and planned. The formal requirements must be kept accurately.

The apartment ( guides/Encyclopaedia/apartment) must have a private entrance and thus clearly be separated from the rest of the House. The ambiguity of the acquisition and production costs to the individual parts of the building is also required. Therefore, separate bank accounts are absolutely necessary. In addition to the fact that a granny flat allows the coexistence of individual family members, it offers also financially many advantages. So it allows eligibility for special tax breaks. Also interest payments and maintenance costs can be claimed.

In addition, the rental income in the financing phase are a welcome support for the new homeowner. The new building meets the KfW funding standards for energy-efficient construction, can be taken by up to 50,000 euro per residential unit in claim an interest discounted loan. However, the possibility of promotion is eliminated when a House with separate apartment after living Riester. This is applicable only to a completely own used real estate.