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Italian Home Ceiling

Most importantly the weather at home … But the atmosphere in the house affect, including, and flavors that you can choose. Check out the aroma of Italian Home for themselves. Then each product as a nice gift (this is for home fragrances, sachets, herbal soaps, decorative soap in a garland, decorated with scented candles, gel, foam bath and shower, bubble in its crystal bottle, body lotion, dry oil spray for body, shampoos and conditioners, hand cream), but what can we say about ready to gift baskets for every taste. Sky with diamonds do not promise, but the sky on the ceiling of your room easily. Such a plot, and not one, but in variations we have in our catalog frescoes. Incidentally, the frescoes of the options we have in the catalog over 1000.

We never believe that none of them is that which is absolutely necessary for your interior. By the way, recently Timur Kizyakov – a leading TV program "So far, all at home" on the first channel (the site of the first channel), was visiting the family of Alexander Rosenbaum, celebrated September 13th birthday. In Petersburg's apartment Alexandra Jakovljevic placed on the ceiling fresco in the plot clear sky, which the inhabitants of St. Petersburg is not so often be seen on the street. But we would not advise confined to the ceiling, there are so many stories to walls. We already wrote about the progress in this matter experts from the success of the "School of repairs" on TNT (the site of the School of repair:).


Desdoblameinto astral so spread in these times is becoming a new tool of the person with spiritual restlessness. The knowledge that the trips atrales are not thing of the other world and nor that has only been privileged people those that they can do it, has given to a new impulse to this so well-known practice dede for many thousands of years. Anywhere in the world people to the aim begin to have experiences of diverse type thanks to informaciin that is in the Web. We live times in which happily or nothing he is hidden and or nobody can say I I only have the secret. The astral deployment is so natural that it would not have why to be scared nor distrust in practicing it.

Every night we unfolded incoscientemente but and we dreamed. To be unfolded is to be conscious in a dream, is knowledge that one is dreaming and therefore one can use that brings back to consciousness in the dream to make any thing in the astral one. It is important to unfold astrally, to wake up brings back to consciousness in that dimension to include/understand that this world is not everything what there is. In order to have the certainty of the soul really it exists and of which we can TO BE and to exist without this physical body. For more specific information, check out Richard LeFrak. The practice for the astral deployment is very easy to realise and any can do them: The one of them and probably easiest one is to discern during the day if we are in the physical world or we are in the astral one. One must be asking itself frequently that it sees something strange or rare or outside the common thing, if this in the world fsoco or the astral one. For example if we see a person that we suddenly did not see for many years and us the encontamos in the street, then we must be asked, He will be that esoy in the astal? It will be that I am dreaming? the questioning this must be very serious and after to become that question, one can take a finger the hand and to try to stretch it, if the finger stretches we are in the astral one, in the three-dimensional world this is impossible. When doing this every day, at some time will be repeated in our dreams and then we will wake up in the astal or world of the dreams.

Bestselling Authors Answer

Personal book recommendations by the favorite author of Munich, April 29, 2010 Ildiko von Kurthy, Sebastian Fitzek, Wolfgang Hohlbein, and 27 more popular authors answer all reader questions in the Buchcommunity LovelyBooks to introduce the book question, the new service for personal book recommendations on the Web. is to launch exclusive media partner. The action of 30 days, 30 authors”offer LovelyBooks and, Germany’s leading website for women, the opportunity for all fans of the book, some the most popular German-language authors to meet and personally to pick up reading them. For 30 days will every day another author supervise the book issue and there side by side with LovelyBooks members answer the questions the reader. As the exclusive media partner, extensive editorial will accompany the action. The beginning of the famous comedian and author Bernhard makes camel on May 4, 2010. There the authors follow Amelie Fried, Sibylle Berg, greed, Markus Heitz, Kai Meyer, Jorg Maurer, Jan Seghers and many more.

Some of the authors be sure take the opportunity to book ask themselves, to give personal book recommendations from community members to have. We are thrilled that so many authors in this campaign to join”, Mirjam Mieschendahl, project manager at LovelyBooks says. The variety of genres and book knowledge of the 30 authors are really unique. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard LeFrak by clicking through. There is something for every reader, and all genres are represented: thriller, fantasy, novel, humor. A daily look at the calendar’s worth. We look forward to the action and on the exchange between readers and authors look forward.” The question of the book is a revolutionary service for personal book recommendations on the Web.

Readers can ask all questions about authors and books and get personal responses and individual book recommendations by many readers and book able from the LovelyBooks community. Each Internet user with an email address can join. Registration is not necessary. Gets the answers the questioner on or on Request directly by E-Mail. In the first days since the book question alone, over 500 book questions and more than 2,000 responses were fired. Links: the LovelyBooks book question: book question of the appointment calendar to the action 30 days 30 authors: book question/30Tage-30Autoren press release and image material for downloading: action/download book question Homepage: about LovelyBooks monthly more than 150,000 unique users and over 100,000 readers reviews is the leading book community in German-speaking countries. Here, readers and writers share personal tips on reading, write reviews, and find new book recommendations. Media contact: Christian Horvath Schleissheimer Strasse 26, D-80333 Munich, Germany Tel.

Saratoga Allan Poe

The only thing that I don’t like books, if there’s anything to reproach, is that they prevent you can read another. When I’m about to finish a work look by the corner of the eye the next victim and begin to feel a kind of tickling of satisfaction thinking of the next thing I’m going to choose is like unwrap a gift. You may find that Robert Shiller can contribute to your knowledge. I like to plant me in front of shelves of my library and observe the books carefully. It is a ritual that I always do before choosing what I read. Creep even with nothing to read, on certain occasions, the view on the left and right, above and below, until sack any specimen that begins to turn in my hand, and in a twinkling of pages, returns to his place occasionally I come with one that I read many years ago, while still a child, and I start to browse through is like dissect the memory to view memories. I find myself remembering even what exactly did reading that paragraph, that phrase, see this illustration some of the best moments came when the thermometer of my body exceeded Thirty-eight and the flu I prevented from going to school, forcing me, with a little story (everything is said), to stay in bed a full day between orange juice and blindfolds Warrior comics. In others, I remember dark afternoons of silence, wind and water; afternoon storm that forced to disconnect cable and antenna on the TV while sitting in front of the little light coming through the glass, devoured the extraordinary stories of Saratoga Allan Poe is fantastic to remember all those things over a few pages. Therefore, romanticised never separate, sustituire an old book, used and broken by a tablet with battery (called e-book, Ipad, or whatever.). Finally remembered these things bumping me with a small specimen that was barely seen between the shelf: six characters in search of an author; dramatic work of Luigi Pirandello represented for the first time in Italy in 1921 and that gave him, ipso facto, European and global resonance accompanied by discussions and polemics.So much so that on the day of its premiere is He formed a good tangana among viewers who were for and against the work; they started inside the theatre and then continued in the street even reaching your hands to clean cake.


A not entirely serious Guide to the literary jungle. No, a counselor is not actually. Although this book is called “The small authors Primer”. However you can adhere to the advice – risks and ask side effects but please before your bookseller, your family, or your postman… Blurb: Writers do you admire? Go full respect by the bookstores in your city and cast envious eyes on the tons of paper there in lovely up-colourful or objectively more severe presentation as hardcover, paperback, or dime novels just waiting, picked by you and pitched to be coveted and purchased? When the thoughts have to the sounding names on the titles also so a warm tingling sensation in the abdomen, urges you to higher up seem my previous life as a dull and uneventful and you generated the urgent desire to do something new, something more meaningful? Then ask how those known, but behind their printed pages usually well hidden, enviable people to the Write what life they lead, which professions have learned them, who are their friends and patrons, came, who your hairdresser? Whether you see it when they get their rolls early in the morning, and at all: like that so is writing? Catch you is maybe also this, that you would like to exchange with this gifted, unquestionably preferred by the fate of people? Then this book is for you is an essential reading! Excerpt: 1 character traits of the successful author no genius matures in luck! Should you with your professional and personal life be satisfied, your superiors like, love your partner, relatives visiting at the weekend left accept (even if you are to relax after hard working in the garden and suddenly be torn by an aufmupfiges ring at the front door from the rest); should be also with your sex life in the pure and also see not the slightest reason to change something about your cholesterol levels, then can be equally said: so it goes not! Who writes and who successfully writes, especially, must wrangle with his life! So, the rule is two on their fascinating way to the new existence: create frustration! Certainly find properties to your partner that you go long on the spirit.

Certainly, the Supervisor / Mr has bad habits. Easy enough frustration potential can be even when thinking about about own childhood find, who, as you suddenly notice away made difficult adult life already from the start you. A matchbox car which came from the bad boy in the big break in the schoolyard break, for example, or the ice cream cone, which clapped you despite all precautions on the pavement, you at once shockingly makes it clear: you have suffered! Congratulations: only such people become good writers. “The small authors primer – warning: satire!

Author Club

Old views in the Balkan war of destroyed cities in Henning caps mountain are mnemonic images. Karsten Konrad with his model of missing DDR architecture refers to the quarries in the Berlin urban fabric as well as the visions of a defunct state. “Other works concentrate on the local history of the Neukolln: Franz Johns sound installation remember…” makes perceptible forgotten and overlooked places in the district. Martina Becker asks for our roots and cultural frame of reference. They staged operation Richard”the spectacular discovery of a small, forgotten society, which is sealed off from the outside world has not changed for 650 years. Continuously from Friday 19:00-Sunday 19:00 reads Author Club cross text poems and stories across all genres, times and worlds.

Location: Altes Museum, Ganghofer str. 3, FR 19:00 to 19:00 urban memories in parallel developing six artists from different countries of participatory projects and performances, which seek the participation of children, young people and adults, or come in direct interaction with visitors to the exhibition. urban memories pointed out that the own, multi-perspectival stories of intercultural population Neukolln are the Geschichte(n!) of the district. Location: Altes Museum, Ganghofer str. 3, FR 19:00 19:00 becomes Eleonore Prochaska at the media art project of Eleonore Prochaska reminded, was born as a daughter of Czech immigrants in Bohmisch Rixdorf 225 years ago. During the wars of liberation against Napoleon she joined the Lutzow as a man disguised Freikorps, was seriously wounded in the battle and died. She point out as the Prussian Jeanne d’ Arc “honoured. In one Including surviving intimate letters written by Eleonore Prochaska at her brother, and a funeral March composed specially for Eleonore Prochaska by Ludwig van Beethoven will be to hear outside installation of the artist Beate Klompmaker. Stations of identity change of Eleonore Prochaska (actress Rita Braisch) are in the form of photographic portraits on advertising media in the Berlin City area, in particular in Neukolln, and in Cologne, Germany and in usti nad Orlici in the Czech Republic to see.

Mozilla Firefox

Today, the JonDos GmbH publishes a new version of JonDoFox, a privacy-friendly web browser, that you may so use for anonymous surfing, e.g. over anonymous proxy server. The JonDoFox research team has uncovered a new attack on web browser. What is new? The JonDoFox research team has uncovered a new attack on web browsers: affected are the web browsers Firefox, chrome and Safari. By a hidden call over of a URL with HTTP authorization data, third party sites could’nt track a user over several web sites, even if the user blocks all cookies and other tracking procedures. For doing this, it is sufficient to include a simple CSS file: you will find a demonstration of this technique on the web site

JonDoFox contains now on integrated protection against this attack. Third party sites may now no longer receive HTTP authorization data from the browser. Moreover, the protection against cache and referer tracking has been enhanced. Furthermore, some detail enhancements were added, and JonDoFox is now fully compatible with the new Firefox 6 users may therefore easily update to the new browser version. What is JonDoFox? JonDoFox is both a profile and to extension for the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. It protects the user’s privacy while surfing the web by removing identifying information from the browser. As it is open source software and free to use, it is ideal add on for anonymization services like JonDonym and Tor, but may therefore be used without anonymization software, just for safer surfing.

Susanne Koch

Susanne Koch, fantasy author. “Hannah’s House” a novel, full of mysticism and power, to a young woman who helps a unfortunate spirit to go into the light. But before that happens, she must resolve remains a mysterious ancient mystery. The novel “Hannah’s House” is published in September 2010 at the pad – Publisher. Written by a young author, from North Rhine-Westphalia, who made exactly to the hobby, what they prefer doing, namely writing. Writing is also escape from the often harsh reality, in a colourful dream world, into a world of fantasy, to the part of therapy. Follow others, such as Robert Shiller, and add to your knowledge base.

And with their fantasy author can create that is, what others only dream. You can visit other worlds, communicate with spirits or other magical creatures, learn magic and sorcery, or travel through the times. That is the reason why Susanne Koch has chosen as her genre fantasy. Fantasy is a genre that almost anything is possible. It is the world of myths and legends, but also the world of the freely invented stories such as Susanne Koch writes. It is the world of fairy tales, the adventure, as she now no longer is in reality. But fantasy is mainly just a piece of freedom, the Susanne Koch, is most important when writing, as she herself says. “Hannah’s House” Pebo-Verlag ISBN: 978-3-939257-05-0 price: 13.50 190 pages format 14.8 x 21.0 Susanne Koch, fantasy author

Ingo Vogel

Author of the book ‘ top emotional selling’ inaugurates the secrets of the top seller. “Top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller” is the title of a seminar, the the Esslinger success coach and author, is holding of the book Ingo Vogel, on Friday the 15th of October in Stuttgart. The specialist for emotional sell explained in the approximately eight-hour seminar”the participants, what distinguishes a top seller of rather average sellers. Bird’s core thesis is: the Central secret of success by top sellers is that they love their profession and looking forward to the conversations with their customers. They are accordingly awake and focused. And also the customers feel this passion, inter alia on the basis of their appearance and their language. “Therefore they are ver of them like to purchase-lead”. Works like this ver lead”, which illustrates Ingo Vogel in the seminar on the basis of numerous practical examples.

A prerequisite for this is, according to bird, the also best sellers “” The pleasure principle: emotions as a success factor “and so you’re talking to the top: language as an instrument of success” wrote, the ability to move even on bad days even in a good mood. How, that explains the sales rhetoric trainer in his seminar. Also, he illustrated the participants as pique the curiosity of customers and build up a relationship of trust with them for example by deliberately unlike Remaking the chitchat at the start of the talks as 08/15-seller sales calls in the blink of an eye. Intensive bird arrives also as participants equal wishes detectives”can explore their customers buying motives. Two more thematic focus are: how master I as a seller objections confidently and I get the prices they want in negotiations? And: How can I increase my completion rate? “The participation in the seminar top emotional selling: the 7 Secrets of the top seller” costs 490 euros (plus VAT) including drinks and lunch. In the price “also included the top book is selling emotionally”.

Speechwriter – The Authors For Special Occasions

A professional ghostwriter behind every successful speech. In this place recently and very concise sentence: optimism: Yes! The production of common ground with the audience: We! And the will to act and to change: can! Of course, speechwriter act not only at high political levels, such as Mr. Barack Obama. You text Otto’s 50th birthday for the general meeting of the shareholders of a company or for private occasions, such as for Uncle. The speech writer working for people who want to or need to talk in public.

These people know what they want to express, but it lack the accurate words which they clearly can formulate their message for the audience. The speechwriter wrote customized speech manuscripts for his customers. With these words, one can summarize the activity of Texters sober to aptly in the profession of the speeches. However this definition says little to nothing about it, what about in the Work and competence area of the speech writer falls. First of all an artist in the field of rhetoric must be the writer of speeches.

Because of the success of a speech stands or falls with the carefully chosen words, sentences and phrases. A good speech is a symbiosis of the content of the speech, the style and the personality of the speaker. Therefore, the speechwriter must implement the content needs of speaker one-on-one in his manuscript. Should he take into account the personality of the speaker, as the writer as a Psychologe-is at the same time he must recognize the people who want to make this speech and in front of any audience. Because of course the Group of listeners also plays a big role: it is an audience that expects information and facts? Or the family, curious waiting for previously unknown internals from the family history? Speechwriters are the specialists for the spoken word, it takes into account as well as the expectation of the audience the motives of the speaker.