El Paso: A Bit of History

In addition to being the sixth largest city in Texas, El Paso is the 21st largest city in the United States. It has a population of about 670,000 and is found along the Rio Grande River just across from Ciudad Juárez in Mexico. Together Juarez-El Paso has a combined population of about 2 million people, with Juarez having about twice the amount as El Paso.

There are several United States military facilities located in El Paso. One of the largest army bases in the entire United States, Fort Bliss, is found in east and north east of El Paso. Holloman Air Force Base is near El Paso in Alamogordo, which is also near the White Sands Missile Range used for testing missiles.

The first European to visit the Rio Grande River at El Paso was the explorer don Juan de Onate, who arrived in 1598. Almost 100 years later, in 1680, El Paso became the seat of government for the territory of New Mexico, and stayed the largest settlement in that state until it was joined to the United States in 1848 at the time that Texas conquered it in 1850.

The Franconian Onlineprinters GmbH Is Club Partner Of The 1st FC Nuremberg

diedruckerei.de accompanied the first Division through the Bundesliga season Neustadt an der Aisch – the Middle Franconian onlineprinters GmbH is diedruckerei.de with its brand new season official Club partner of the 1st FC Nuremberg. “As a Franconian company we are rooted in the region. The Club is the flagship of our region. Therefore it stands to reason that we are expanding our involvement in sports sponsorship with the 1st FCN’, Walter Meyer, Managing Director of onlineprinters GmbH, about the new partnership with the Club forward. The cooperation includes various advertising sites at the Nuremberg Stadium. Onlineprinters GmbH will present in the course of their commitment as a club partner, inter alia on the TV band and over a large area on the upper tier at the home games of the 1st FC Nuremberg with its pressure portal. Richard LeFrak has compatible beliefs.

As an official partner of pressure of the 1st FC Nuremberg onlineprinters GmbH will produce the need of the Association on printed matter. 99 percent to review diedruckerei.de with “Very good” “else print with color. We with passion”, is that Motto of the online printing company that constantly expanded their fan curve with 99 percent satisfied customers. “The 1st FC Nuremberg offers us the ideal sporting platform, still promote our diverse offer and to convince more customers by our performance”, so Meyer. Onlineprinters GmbH is one of the largest online providers for printing in Europe, and employs about 300 people.

Corporate and private clients, see the online portal over 90 percent of all types of printed matter. In the in-house production of online printing, flyers, brochures, posters, and much more in the high-quality offset printing and brilliant digital printing are printed and finished. Printing partnership for the new Bundesliga season “we glad to welcome another well-known company in the sponsor family of the 1st FCN with onlineprinters GmbH. Of course we will produce in the future our print products through the quick and uncomplicated printing portal by and are pleased that the new season both parties benefit from this commitment”, confirms Ralf Woy, Chief Financial Officer and Vice President of the 1st FC Nuremberg. “The online printers are already very active in the sponsorship landscape of German football. The more we are pleased, that they expand their sports sponsorship by the commitment with the 1st FCN and demonstrate their commitment to the region through comprehensive cooperation package”, Christian Kothe confirmed by the Club marketer SPORTFIVE the new partnership. Frequently Clayton Morris has said that publicly. Company Description onlineprinters GmbH, headquartered in the Middle Franconia of Neustadt on the Aisch is one of the largest online providers for printing in Europe and employs about 300 people. Corporate and private clients for over 90 per cent of all types of printed matter from our own production in offset printing quality and flexible digital printing in the online portal. A wide range of business stationery is printed by stationery and business cards, flyers, postcards, and posters to adhesive bound catalogues and stitched brochures. The Company supplies 25 countries of the European Union as well as the Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein and Norway. Private and business customers in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Italy in standard shipping delivery free shipping. This applies to customers in Poland, Great Britain and France from an order value of 99. For the exemplary development of the company, the online printing 2010 was “Bavaria’s best 50” excellent businesses. Product information in the print Portal: and company contact: onlineprinters GmbH Walter Meyer Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 10 91413 Neustadt on the Aisch Tel: +49(0)9161-620 98 01 email: Web:

VIVA Prepaid SIMcard Price

VIVA prepaid lowers the price for the SIMcard. The discounter VIVA prepaid lowers the price for the SIMcard from 14.99 euros to now exactly 10.00, the already contained sign-up bonus remains the same and is still always 10,00 euro. So new customers will receive refund, the purchase price for the SIM card completely in the form of airtime what makes the card free mathematically. VIVA prepaid has the mobile tariff on a clear target group aligned to the offer to friends of the text messages, but also to groups who decide together for a prepaid discount is aimed. For an SMS to another VIVA users are only 4 cents charged, to all other phones 8 cents. Thus most undercutting other prepaid cards VIVA significantly. Internal calls fall also community only with 4 cents per minute to book, so that the calls to all other owners VIVA prepaid card is also very cheap possible one. Significantly above the average for calls to all other mobile phone networks and the fixed costs which VIVA prepaid charged 18 cents, this goes with other prepaid cards for less than half.

Multimedia are very inexpensive, however, messages, for an MMS fall at VIVA only 29 cents on and thus 10 cents less than at all other vendors. Discussions within the community are ultimately even cheaper to do so because VIVA prepaid for credit charges free minutes credits, which can be used for network-internal calls. For a charge of 15 euros, there are 30 for 30 Euro credit even 90 free minutes. Because the internal network minute normal costs 4 cents, a cost advantage by at least 3.60 euros per 30 euros charged credit arises from 90 free minutes.

Chemicals Worldwide Resources

Chemigo.com launches an Internet startup from Aachen as a B2B online trading platform for chemicals launches Chemigo.com as online trading platform for chemicals, geared to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. Everyone who uses industrial chemicals, she produced or thereby boosting trade, has the opportunity to offer its goods around the world and to seek with Chemigo. Already in the development phase, dealers in Germany as interested buyers were won, which were also advising their market knowledge and experience as experts. The direct trade with chemicals over the Internet is not yet developed in this market and customer segment. Even before the start of the online have registered dealers and businesses after a short presentation of the product and your offer. The Internet platform Chemigo is explicitly designed for the trade in chemicals and is now released for customers to use.

In addition to auction and buy it now the electronic hearing is to the individual contracts offered. In this, seller and buyer can exchanging their conditions online, bids, and contracts. See John Savignano for more details and insights. Through the Internet, it is now more easily possible his goods to offer worldwide, to find new suppliers and to enter directly into negotiations. Accelerates and simplifies the procurement process for companies. The goal is to enable all chemical companies to combine industrial users and dealers all over the world in a network. At present, the small and medium-sized players in the market for chemicals have no adequate way to trade directly via the Internet or to make procurement processes in electronic form. Chemigo closes this gap and offers his services as an independent and neutral intermediary between sellers and buyers. Companies, traders and industrial users can register online now at as a user. Johannes Tebbe

MRSA: Pathogens In Hospital

With MRSA, it can infect hospital of multi resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), originally Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterium out of the ordinary. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Bizzi & Partners. It can occur almost anywhere on the skin and in the nasopharynx of people. But only in some cases, the bacterium raises a disease – mostly in hospital patients. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs about the bacteria that makes the hospitalization of a risk. The bacterium of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, abbreviated often with the letters MRSA, remains unobtrusive, as long as humans have an intact Imunsystem. A patient is sick and weakened, benefited the bacterium: it spreads and can become the cause of skin infections and various life-threatening diseases. There is thus no MRSA virus, or hospital virus, but only a MRSA infection, which can lead to pneumonia, as well as muscle disorders and blood poisoning. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Clayton Morris has to say.

Resistance of MRSA In contrast to other bacteria is the MRSA resistant to drying out and thus able to survive long on dry surface. A particular risk of MRSA is that it produces a penicillin-binding protein, which causes an immunity to certain antibiotics. While other Staphylococcus aureus strains are sensitive to antibiotics, doctors struggling to combat the MRSA and infected mortality is high. Kills 700 people as a result of infection with the causative agent. Colonization by MRSA is only dangerous when doctors in the course of the life of MRSA can prove over half of all people. 20 percent of all people are even permanently affected by the bacteria. These colonizations are generally not dangerous for the host and also occur in perfectly healthy people. Often only by chance, doctors determine that patients carry the bacteria in their bodies. Can the contact with colonized persons for weakened patients However, pose a risk because they can become infected and get sick. MRSA is transmitted from humans to humans and a single handshake or contact with an object, a MRSA Kolonisierter touched, is sufficient to transmit the pathogen.

B2C E-Commerce Clothing Sales Around The World

Global clothing B2C E-Commerce report 2014 the current “global clothing B2C E-Commerce report 2014” the Hamburger secondary market research company yStats.com provides information to online trading with clothing. One of the findings of the yStats analysts is that this world is area the best-selling product in the B2C E-commerce. The Internet has become an important instrument, with the apparel items are searched and researched, regardless of whether these are purchased later online or in a store. According to the report, made a purchase in this category 2013 more than one-third of all Internet users worldwide or intended to do so. The report analyzes global, regional, and country based on sales trends. Online purchase of clothing in Europe especially popular B2C E-commerce trade in apparel is Europe on the upswing. In the EU, the proportion of who 2012 online bought clothing and sporting goods increased more than 20%.

In Germany clothing is the biggest B2C E-Commerce category, whose sales to almost one-third have risen and reached several billion euros. Among the leading suppliers on the market, the Otto Group 2014 plans to launch a new E-Commerce fashion project named Collins, while Zalando 2012 more than doubled its online clothing sales. In the UK the B2C E-Commerce clothing market is already very mature, because almost half of the adult population buys online clothing. There, early 2014 ASOS and Debenhams were among the most popular online retailers for fashion items. In France, almost half of all Internet user 2012 clothing purchases made online, where there were the most popular merchants La Redoute and 3 Suisses. The clothing market is expanding in Eastern Europe. In Russia, increased B2C E-commerce % sales 2013 with clothing and footwear by more than + 40 and amounted to almost one-fifth of all B2C E-commerce sales. Clothing, shoes and accessories were the most popular online products in 2013.

New Year Out

Maybe because it allows people to relax, to show their "indiscipline", the more "advanced" boss believes that there is no subordination of the holiday should not be, and get pleasure from it should be each participant. Of course, very much "Liberate" a Christmas table, it is hardly appropriate. Nothing can be done – the head must hear and remember everything about him or the company said – good or bad. So, it is possible with the time you recall and your inappropriate behavior, if that's the case, and "freedom" to the leadership. Apparently, people who have already experienced this, and do not feel reluctant to visit the corporate party. Who interested in the festival to watch every word for fear, then what is it ! It turns out that much in the New Year depends on the individual manager. It turns out that little of all pay and collect the team for one table, it is important that they feel really for a holiday. This can often those leaders who are concerned first and foremost the development of their business and, as the main instrument of this – moral health of the team. But if problems are somewhat different – find out during a party, what people are breathing, then from whom you can wait, and the joy of the team from the joint celebrations eventually fizzles. That is, the boss still sure that they are necessary and beneficial as it – in terms of rallying employees and removing them to clean water, and by employees who, in his opinion, should always be delighted to be able to drink, eat at someone else's account.

Silver Mendoza

The province of Mendoza offers large number of tourist attractions, ideal for the whole family. Once you have been lodging in Mendoza capital it is possible to perform a series of excursions, commonly known as circuits, which are viable to be carried out in one or two days. One of these circuits, that is really worth being carried out by the magnificence of the landscape that can be appreciated is the circuit of the Cordon del Plata. The Cordon del Plata is a geological formation within the mountain chain of the Andes, which runs the American continent from North to South along its entire length. In geological terms, is the grounds of more recent formation, originated in the collision between the Nazca plate, which is located in the bed of the Pacific Ocean, and the South American plate. The latter moves constantly and since made millions of years with northwesterly direction, while the Nazca plate made with direction to the East, by fitting below the South American plate and creating elevations and folds in the Earth’s surface. In this way, just in the province of Mendoza the highest peaks of the cordillera de los Andes, are located product of the incessant movement of the Earth’s crust. Read more here: Chicago.

The Cordon del Plata includes departments of Lujan’s whose and Tupungato. The summits of this part of the cordillera range from 4000 to approximately 7000 m of height of Mount Aconcagua. Level tourism, the place has a lot to give. Logically, one of the most popular activities is the ski and snow sports. In this regard the Vallecitos Ski Center is which lies closer to capital Mendoza, just 80 km. In this way it is possible to spend a beautiful day between slaloms and decreases in speed by its maximum length of about 2400 m runway, before returning to the city of Mendoza. Other adventure sports options are also possible in the Cordon del Plata.

A very sought after alternative is scaling of the Hill Stepanek, 4200 m of altitude. Climbers tend to make the escalation of this closed as a preparation for other challenges of greater difficulty, as the escalation of the Aconcagua. In short, it is possible to achieve a combination of luxury and sumptuousness, staying at a hotel in Mendoza’s four stars as the Diplomatic, without losing the opportunity to enjoy close contact with nature and the imposing geography of the province. Hotels explores Tupungato Mendoza Valle de Uco

The Three-day Diet

This three-day diet is observed for three days, followed by four days of normal (non-binge-eating) diet. Fast diet convenient and relatively easily portable. The hope that the three 'lean' days followed four normal, it helps to survive those three days. It is also important in the remaining four days to eat moderately and not try to 'offset', although it gradually gets used to the body itself 'rein in'. First day Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 slice of bread, 2 tablespoons jam. Lunch: half a grapefruit. Lunch: half of banks tuna in oil, 1 slice of bread, 4 radishes. Dinner: 100 grams of chicken without skin and fat, 1 cup cooked green beans, 1 cup cooked beet, a crisp bread.

Chicken chop finely, add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and, stirring constantly, quickly fry in a dry frying pan with non-stick coating. Before bed: 1 small apple. Day 2 Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 1 egg (in any form – steamed, boiled, in the form of an omelette), 1 slice of bread. Dinner: 2 sausages, 1 cup of cooked broccoli, 1 / 2 cup carrots, 1 crisp bread. Option – can be replaced by broccoli + carrots 1 cup of dietary borscht. Supper: Tea, 2 prunes.

3rd day: Breakfast: Black coffee or tea without sugar, 5 crackers and 1 slice of cheese. 2nd breakfast: 1 small apple. Lunch: 1 boiled egg, 1 cucumber (fresh or salted), 4 radishes, 1 slice of bread. Lunch: 1 / 2 cup tuna, 1 cup cooked beets, 1 cup cauliflower, 1 crisp bread. Option: Replace the tuna to 200 grams (raw weight) chicken, cooked as described above. Before bed: 1 / 2 small melon or a small apple. This effective diet can be repeated many times until you have achieved the desired results. If it just needed a lot of drinking – 6-8 cups of plain water a day.

Cafe Chelyabinsk Customers

The crisis of whom losses – who profits. Further details can be found at John Savignano, an internet resource. According to opinion polls can make a conclusion that most customers are going to restaurants to eat after the new year in a low-price segment of the restaurant market – in the cafe. Let's try consider the pricing of some cafe in Chelyabinsk, and understand how these institutions are trying to be agile in luring customers with more great offers. Cafe Chelyabinsk "Blues" offers the customer a good New Year's menu at very reasonable prices: – ear "In the Bishop" (two kinds of fish: salmon, pike) 300 grams – 63 rubles – Burgundy rolls (boiled tongue, filling of mushrooms) 150 g – 94 rubles, however, is not bad … Contact information is here: Clayton Morris. .. Cafe Chelyabinsk "Slavyanochka" pleases a varied menu and high prices: – meat spring-like (pork, pineapple, cheese, herbs) 250g-180 rubles – salad "Business" (beef tongue, boiled chicken mushrooms ….) 200 grams – 120 rubles Cafe "Liberty" offers its customers a pre-Christmas price cuts: – salad "Exotic" (chicken, pineapple, kiwi), 220 grams – 90 rubles – Stu fillet perch and salmon – 105 rubles, however, some cafes Chelyabinsk not catch the "mice" their prices are the same as in restaurants, and a couple even higher. Since the cafe "The Firebird" offers skewers of pork neck (200 grams) for 200 rubles.

A similar product in the restaurant "Argo" is cheaper, although the level of service and interior facilities are much higher. We have considered a small portion of the market cafe in Chelyabinsk, and you can make one conclusion after talking with owners of establishments – some cafes will reduce prices, and focus on people with high incomes do not, so they not only perezhdut financial crisis, but also increase the total number of its customers. Some directors reported Chelyabinsk cafe in a private conversation that they hope that after the stabilization of economic situation, clients will have them. For They will do their utmost, offering loyal customers a variety of bonuses, improving service and quality of service. Crisis – Time to make money ….

Legal Action

Therefore, to state that the marriage between complainant and defendant has not been dissolved since the crime of false report is not considered a crime against persons (Professional Code it fits into the crimes against the administration of justice) The appellant has no standing to prosecute this crime. "(AP Madrid, sec 5 20/06/2005). Other circumstances that are of interest include: "… the perpetrator of the offense it is the editor of the complaint counsel therefore was not limited to shape his client's assertions on the basis of data provided by it, but reverse process was followed. Counsel, annoyed by the Registrar's rating note assumed responsibility for the complaint on the basis of advice he gave to his client and provided the facts of it, taking the form of intellectual and material author of the offense, under the format of Legal Action. "(AP Santa Cruz de Tenerife, sec S 2nd 01/12/2007 – FJ 2). Although beyond the objective, we note that the contents of the indictment links the judge or court, including with respect to the magnitude of the penalty, which can not be imposed greater extent requested by the prosecutor or prosecution.

(AP Barcelona, 5th sec S 20.3.2007). The commission of a crime of false report could be presented in the figure imperfect attempt. (AP Vizcaya, 1st sec S 30.9.2005). And, the withdrawal does not prevent the consummation of the crime. (AP Cuenca, S 06/22/2005 1st sec.) – Opinion – The facts of complaints of domestic violence represent a social problem that it is, not all victims make use of its right to terminate, proves the deaths of women by their partners without previous reports stating.