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Renting an Office at Moscow’s Technopark

More than sixty of land will be allocated in the near future in Moscow for the construction of industrial parks, oriented to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. According to Moscow Mayor Yuri , no problems with allocation of land for the construction of such facilities would not be financing the construction of business incubators and technology parks, assured the mayor, will be carried out within the framework of public-private partnership. In addition, as reported by British Property, in 2010 under the program support innovative small and medium enterprises from the budget of Moscow planned to allocate two billion rubles, which is five times more than last year. Also, at least half space in the new technological parks city authorities intend to rent to companies innovate. It is this direction of development of industrial parks, rather than an ordinary office rent, according to officials, should become a priority in Moscow parks. Same aggregate amount of investments in the Russian commercial real estate this year, analysts estimate could rise by almost a quarter, reaching 3.5 billion U.S. noteworthy in this regard may look the incipient growth of rental rates, as recorded in the main business centers of our country. Thus, the Moscow office real estate regained third spot in the rankings of the most expensive cities in Europe, behind only recognized "leaders" London and Paris. It should be noted that the gradual upward adjustment is not exclusive to the premium segment. Rental of the most democratic office class "C" gradually become more expensive, thus prices, provided that the uptrend to reach pre-crisis level by early next year.

Russian Federation

Although the Land Code does not are indicated the consequences that would follow if the category is not registered land. Prescribe the category of land required, it makes no difficulty, but even if the category of land not registered, then the judicial practice Russian law, such cases are met and the deal was not considered negligible, because the basis of the plan, land boundaries, the cadastral number, attached to the lease agreement, announced by the category boundaries. Lack of land categories in the later can still be a condition for recognition of the lease null and void, so that prescribe in the contract category is not difficult, and complicate its subsequent relationship is not worth it. Further, lease agreement is concluded between the owner of the land, and this is usually the subjects of the Russian Federation and municipal authorities and the tenant in the lease, they should be registered as a landlord and tenant and not otherwise – the tenant and the owner. Further, there are essential conditions of the land lease contract, if the essential conditions are not specified, then the contract is null and void. Learn more at this site: Expert on growth strategy.

According to Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the essential terms of the lease is the subject of the contract. Subject of the contract – that property which passes by the result of the agreement into the possession of the tenant, that is, what land, its inventory number, the boundaries of the category. Significant contract terms are prescribed in the contract, after signing the contract – these conditions can not be prescribed and shall be deemed invalid, hence, to prescribe essential terms of the contract must be at once. In judicial practice, there are many cases where the contract is void due to lack of essential terms of the contract. The essential conditions land lease contract is the order size, the conditions for calculation, the payment of rent. Rent terms and conditions of its calculation is determined by the owner of the site – it could be as a percentage of harvest, and sums of money. By signing the land lease, the lessee acquires full ownership of the land under the authority of land use.

Consumer Price Connection

The adequacy of the owners of commercial premises is clear already at the stage negotiations, in some cases seen at the discussion stage of the lease. Costs of opening the store. Before deciding to lease the premises will not be superfluous departure of experts to assess the repairs to forge communication on issues of document tracking, as sometimes there are hidden costs that are up close work with the room not visible. Price question on opening the store is different, depends on the condition of the building and its preparedness, but if we take as an example of premises in the state "under the finish, is the following: Street Retail Shopping Center Fee for finding up to 100% rent by owner, directly Matching services of the city and verification 1000-20000 $ instances, about 2 months all ready to repair the premises from $ 100 per square meters., part of rental is payable on repairs from $ 100 per sq. m. + Coordination of actions with the Professional Code more electricity from $ 1000 up to 1 kW, from 3 months In agreement with the uk, up to 1 month Consumer Price Connection + Caller. pay a user fee for commercial lines of San node staff from 1000 $, 1 month, there is a local advertising signboards, approvals from 2 weeks by agreement with the uk can be seen from the table, many of the costs when opening the store in the mall just disappear, and time are reduced, which also reduces costs, besides eliminating the need for expensive frame, the decisive questions approvals and negotiation and inspection bodies company. .

Social Insurance Fund

The birth of a child – it's always a holiday. Of course, as befits every holiday, it passes quickly and gives way to endless series of everyday life. Young parents need to address many issues related to the provision of child favorable conditions for growth and development. At first, they have the support of the Social Insurance Fund. This state, therefore, supports the parents' newborn babies. After all, if you will not be born children, the nation doomed to extinction. Payments are most often young mothers. But the law can get, and other family members: fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers.

The amount of assistance can initially provide the child with everything they need. Further, all content of the kid falls on the shoulders of parents. But we are now talking only about material needs. For some reason, many parents believe that their case – to give the child clothes, shoes, food, shelter and a minimum of entertainment. A to educate children must state, kindergarten, school, college.

It turns out that most teachers of our children are the street and television. This is fundamentally wrong and irresponsible! Immunize your child social and universal values is only possible in the family. And only in the family can teach a child to independence. It is not so important to leave to his successor an apartment, how to teach him to earn enough so he could buy himself accommodation. It should not only seek to give a child everything you need, but also teach his own to support themselves. Most parents overlook this important aspect of education. But you can teach a child to adulthood live wisely and in that time for him to form a capital that he can manage and dispose of at their discretion. Make it helps children's cumulative insurance. If your coming of age child will have at its disposal a large enough amount, you can use to pay for tuition or to make another major investment in the future.

Aluminum Doors

Thanks to the rigid structure of the aluminum doors may be installed in places of high permeability, which require high quality and functionality of persisting under heavy loads and intensive operation. To the relative disadvantages include aluminum doors unless a sufficiently high the cost, compared with other designs front door the same price range they have a lot of advantages. First, the possibility of manufacturing doors of all shapes and designs with different ways of opening. Secondly, high manufacturability. Thirdly, maintainability and high performance.

Fourth, contemporary design and gorgeous looks. Apart from the traditional rectangular shape made of aluminum profile, you can create designs of other forms, for example, round. Open these doors will be just as pvc doors, meaning they can be hinged (swing and tilt), sliding, lifting and sliding, parallel-sliding, folding and automatic. Swing can be either traditional, ie, opened as the outside, and inwards, and with optional tilting, similar windows for ventilation. Double doors can be both with its own track, and with the dependent (middle porch) – right and left.

Sliding Design is always combined with a hollow glass. You can still use the one-, two-, trehkoleynoe direction. In this case, two thirds of the doors open and pushes each other. Such mechanisms of sliding doors can be used in doors and in windows, but more on that below. Standard models of aluminum doors do not exist. All designs are made by special order. Aluminium windows and doors are easily combined and can easily combined, blend in the design of the house. Filling the doorways may be made of glass, insulated glass, using a blind panel, filled tverdopenistym filler (insulation material) or different profiles. Sills are made of special profiles. Paint the doors can be any color (on request) – gloss, satin, or anodized metal. System of aluminum profiles allows make a choice of two different colors for interior and exterior sides of aluminum structures, so that the doors fit perfectly with the color and interior along with exterior finishing of the building. In this case, all door accessories (Hinges, latches, handles) can be performed in the same color as the door. When you select a profile, you can make a mistake and get a profile for windows, not doors. Door profile is wider than the window, and if there are no specialists, it is better refer to directories. Paint on the surface of the profile shall be applied without any errors (roughness, blotches or streaks), and not flaky. Anodized profile must also have a uniform surface. Particular attention should be paid to build quality. Angles of the box and shutters should be connected without any gaps or protrusions. Mortgages angle brackets are more reliable when mounted on the molded pins, rather than screws. Corner joints in the warm door must always be missed sealant. Fillet should be indoors, regardless of where the door opens: outward or inward. The gap between the profiles of glazing beads are not exceed 0,25 mm, ie it should not be seen. Installed on the box rubber seals should not be interrupted or be glued into the corners. Fit condition to anyone filling should be smooth without waves. The corners are not should be no gaps. Parts of locks and door handles should not hang

Apartments In Kislovodsk

Recently arrived in Kislovodsk. a very beautiful resort town. Wide streets, alleys bright, flowering wood. More info: Professor Rita McGrath. The city is divided river, the names do not know But here's what struck me from the first minutes of stay. The main avenue of the city of Kislovodsk rests on the Elite House Green Park. Apartments for sale in Kislovodsk has never discussed such a rate. yesterday welcoming a presentable area of the city was deprived of his grandiose projects, but here, for those read a banner: Flats from the builder in Kislovodsk. Asked tsnoy turned out chtotona so high that surpassed even my wildest expectations.

I took a few photos of the elite at home and threw her friends in e-mail it turned out that they like never before seen. Property Kislovodsk called 'Green park' on many of their hit his , grandeur and style, that one of my friends-businessmen decided to come here to buy an apartment in Kislovodsk. Said that always come to Kislovodsk in the summer vacation with his family and his advantage to settle in his apartment and be at home rather than buy expensive tickets to sanatoriums or resorts. In general, if someone needs to buy an apartment in Kislovodsk, then Green Park offers you to buy luxury properties.


What I don’t know, doesn’t bother me.Probervio very important stop to reflect on the contributions that generate us the law of attraction, determine its scope and truthfulness with the evaluation of concrete facts every day we do. With her able to explain many things that happen to us and start to despertare in order to give way to properly handle our thoughts on pro best optimize our results, knowing the opportunity of life that is given to us. It is said that the law of attraction has always been known, through the ages. However, it was kept jealously by groups of people who wanted to use it for their own benefit. Get more background information with materials from John Savignano. There is the antecedent as Wikipedia, remember that the law of attraction has its origins in Hinduism and Hinduism in Theosophy, but also references found in Judaism and in the zohar (the Kabbalah). In United States this ideology began to be published in 1902 with his book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen (1864-1912) (Think as man). Shortly after it was made even more evident with the book the science of getting rich by Wallace Delois Wattles (1860-1911) and Charles F.

Haanel (1910) in his book The Master Key System (the master key) published in 1912. During the 20th century many authors and many ideologies have made reference to this, but it was not until the year 2006 when the secret film was made public and enabled this knowledge becomes more earthly and could reach the masses. Adds Wikipedia, that the phrase law of attraction has been used by many esoteric writers, although the current definition has changed greatly. Most of the authors associated with the law of attraction with the phrase the similar attracts similar, usually applied to the mental state of the human being: This means that the thoughts that a person possesses (be they conscious or unconscious), emotions, beliefs and actions attract consequences that correspond to positive experiences or negative.

Board Member Armin Nowak

All claims not be enrolled at the rank of class 2 automatically land in the lower rank class 5. The rank class 5 is the claim of the creditors who were not satisfied in one of the previous classes. This means in particular the claims of homeowners, who are the last two years ago or claims that go beyond 5% of the market value, can be reported here. However with dubious success, since the real estate mortgage creditors, the banks then proceed as shown. Should the owner community already entered a forced backup mortgage have, this requirement of the fifth rank class is, and can be see the rank class 4 asserted. The question that always arises.

Can she initiate the foreclosure Wohnungseigentumerge community itself from the rank class 2? The answer is Yes, if the following condition is met by submitting the unit value notification of the condo to be auctioned must be shown that the claim to supersedes exceeds 3% of the tax value of the unit. (BGH decision of April 17, 2008;) V DIAL 14/08). “According to change of the original version of the 10 ABS. 3 ZVG way of remedying a defect” the way reform law of the 7.7.2009 (see BGBl. I S. 1707 (1711) “has a new set of half of the legislature is an enforceable title, so section 30 of the tax code of a communication of unit value, not precludes the creditors referred to in no. 2 in paragraph 1.” added.) It is easier to get the unit value notification from the IRS, which has rejected the sending to the owner community, set up in the past from privacy. However, there must be an enforceable title.

Because at the beginning of the auction market value still is not available, is to recommend the community first in accordance with rank class 5 to submit the entire claim, however with the abstract reference to map the extent of the rank class 2 being a part of this. The excess part is then to assign the rank class 5. About the company: The 20.06.1988 founded the company Nowak Immobilien AG from Berchtesgaden. In the year 2000 was the company was transformed into a corporation. Board Member Armin Nowak is publicly appointed and sworn expert for rent and lease. As a real estate expert, he is constant contact for radio and television. Among other things, the company in the Pro7 series has: three candidates – a job worked. The real estate company is specialized in the mediation of residential and commercial real estate for sale or for rent. In addition, still House administrations and authorities is conducted after the way right. The field of real estate auction offered by the company.

Depilatory Creams

It is sometimes difficult to choose the method of hair removal right for our skin and the type of hair that we have. One of the systems that is used by quite a few women are depilatory creams. You may wish to learn more. If so, John Savignano is the place to go. However, there is some confusion about them. Some of the things that we are not safe is if depilatory creams are better than shaving or are the same. It has shown that they are better than shaving. This is because the cream acts on hair keratin, and converts it into a soft dough, which is removed with a spatula or water. This effect has a part of hair that lies within the pore, so waxing last longer in this case than with shaving. Another advantage of depilatory creams is that it is a quick, painless and comfortable, method that provides hydration to the skin while you’re shaving you. Risks of cuts are also not run and you can choose between normal creams or for sensitive skins. When depilatory creams were created, some could irritate the skin or could even have a smell unpleasant, but that has been fixed today, since they have been enriched with soothing assets and natural perfumes to cover the smell of the compounds that are formed. There is usually no difficulty in using depilatory creams, but it is good to always read the form of use, since these can change with the brand. For example one of the important things to check is the time which should be left on the skin. Never exceed this time, since redness to the skin may occur. Once waxing is always good to moisturize the skin again with a mild moisturizing creama, which does not contain any type of alcohol. If you have questions or any incident that arises when it comes to hair removal, it is advisable to call the phone number of help that appears in the box. Original author and source of the article

Program Certification

"We offer our processors get the status of Certified Partner propleks, confirming the high quality products and work with customers – says Rafik Alekperov. – Program Certification includes an audit of production and sales offices of the partner company for compliance with our requirements for production technology, training, customer service and working out the claims. Only certified partners can count on full support from our side. " Improving the quality of care and involves extension of the standard range of services, which greatly increases the attractiveness to the consumer. For example, the company "Simplex" moved its client department on the clock. Now, get advice or to place an order at any convenient time. The company's specialists believe that this is especially true for modern city dwellers, many of which are painted bright day just a minute, and therefore to address the resettlement of his house almost no time left. Installation on the energy efficiency of crisis makes okonschikov not only look for new ways to attract customers, but also improve the design window. According to Viktor (PROMA – Window Supermarket "), the main trend of the last time – expanding the range of low cost products. "Furthermore, – the specialist – in the long term window market translates global construction trends. The main sign of the times – the course on saving natural resources. For this reason, today the demand for profiles with high insulation, energy-saving glass and so on. " For example, in April this year in Moscow Hall was presented the program "Energy efficient housing construction for 2010-2014 and projected for 2020. According to the project, a major factor in improving energy efficiency of residential buildings should be to use new design solutions in the manufacture and installation of windows and balcony doors, in particular – window profile and the glass with improved thermal insulation. Such programs appear in other regions of the country. Reaction market participants do not make them wait. "Thanks to the development of new technologies in the manufacture of glass for plastic windows will use energy-saving glass, with a special coating, which transmits more than 75% visible light, reflecting the more than 90% of heat radiation back into space. Consequently, in the winter in flats will be much warmer, that will save energy expended for heating of living quarters "- said Sergei Malyshev, regional representative of agc, the world's largest glass-making concern. Do not lag behind glaziers and producers profile. "By creating energy-efficient design, we can not take into account the fact that the solvency of a significant part of consumers today are much lower than before the crisis – said Rafiq Alekperov (PROPLEKS). – That is why we specifically designed the 4-chamber 70-mm system PROPLEX-Comfort. The new profile provides better heat and sound insulation compared with the 3-chamber and a better price – compared with a 5-chamber. " Thus, the rules of the game on the window market has changed. However, this does not mean that the industry comes to decline. We can say that the financial crisis drew a line under natural formation of the market translucent structures. Obviously, the total number of companies working on it will be reduced. Nevertheless, as often happens, Economic hardships have become a stimulating factor for the development and introduction of new technologies. Well, those companies that want to maintain your position, you must think seriously about improving the quality of products and expanding the range of services. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS