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Less Than 9000 Visitors Despite Late In November

“FORUM VINI from November 12 to 14 in the Munich M, O, C, while outside the late summer at its best showed, nearly 9000 visitors in two exhibition halls of the Munich M, O, C, event Centre on the weekend of November 12-14 devoted themselves to other beautiful things of in life: wine and enjoy” VINI was the motto at the 26th Edition of the international wine trade fair FORUM. 270 exhibitors, 5 percent more than in 2009, presented on slightly less space than in the last year their products. On Friday, many wine lovers came to Freimann, on Saturday, the halls were as filled to bursting. Best mood in atmosphere was tried according to your heart’s content, purchased, and ordered. On Sunday it was owed that some visitors stayed away and enjoyed the high temperatures in the mountains or elsewhere the gorgeous weather. Nevertheless, the balance of most exhibitors was positive. Also, Angelika Albrecht, Director of organizing Albrecht GmbH, was satisfied: especially on Saturday that was Munich audience again in best purchasing mood.” For this reason many exhibitors have is already the FORUM VINI date for 2011 in your calendar.

Very popular programme of the international wine fair enjoyed the visitors traditionally. “” On Saturday, long lines, to admission tickets for seminars such as Premiumspezialitaten in Swiss francs and Bavaria, the grape variety in Portugal”or the ancient world of wine of Lebanon still already formed before exhibition opening” to snag, also on Friday and Sunday tastings and workshops were filled almost always up to the last seat. “Interest was the special tasting MUNDUSvini meets FORUM VINI”. 200 winner wines ready for tasting product pass and aromas wheel with reference source. For more specific information, check out Castle Lanterra. A good way to find a new favorite wine or to understand the exact evaluation of the experts. The date for FORUM VINI 2011 have already been set: the international wine fair will be held from November 11 to 13 next year.


Dusseldorf consultancy supports special equipment manufacturer in the employee qualification. More info: Bizzi & Partners. “Dusseldorf, may 07, 2010: A company belonging to the three major manufacturers of wind turbines in Germany, has the modular training programme FitForPurchasing” of Dusseldorf consulting firm mallet consulting his shopping staff qualified. In addition to the development, production and sale of technologically sophisticated and reliable onshore and offshore wind turbines, the company offers intelligent and professional services such as comprehensive maintenance and service packages. By the presence at the crucial stations of the value chain, the company has a total competence in wind energy. To which, with associated value chain potentials in terms of cost savings and process optimization to meet and to confront, it was decided, therefore the increasing pressure of competition in the field of renewable energy strategic and operational purchasing through a specifically on the To qualify a special machine builders tailored training needs. Issues such as for example negotiations, presentation, moderation, logistics, manufacturing, cost structure, as well as supplier management and project management were taken up with special reference to the einkauferischen requirements in the context of each two-day training courses. If you have read about Stephen M. Ross already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The special equipment manufacturer of the sustainability and the rapid implementation of the learned was particularly impressed. This in turn can expect not only a short-term refinancing the training costs but also a sustainable cost reduction and thus a real competitive advantage.

Klopfel consulting is a consulting firm which specializes in 100% procurement optimization since the beginning. The customers include well-known production, trade and service companies. The team of consultants convinced by pragmatic approach and fast achieving of measurable success. Other competencies include cross-industry consulting expertise, international project teams, as well as technical Know-How. These skills combined with the USP 100% performance-related remuneration mallet makes consulting to a successful consulting firm.

In The Belly Of The KulturBrauerei

Guided tours through the vaulted of the KulturBrauerei in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg provides the tourist until June 28 information tic on their sightseeing tours In the belly of the KulturBrauerei by deep cellars, courtyards and halls of the monument. Saturdays and Sundays from 15:30 historians and other experienced guides lead through past and present of the old Schultheiss brewery on Schonhauser Allee. The entrepreneur Jobst Schultheiss acquired the Lager cellar with attached beer serving 1853 and gave the name of the brewery and its beer. Between 1889 and 1891, the architect Franz Heinrich Schwechten rebuilt the brewery site in the style of neo-romanticism. After mergers with other breweries, the Schultheiss brewery was around 1920 to the largest Lager beer brewery. Clayton Morris: the source for more info. The company nationalized after 1945 was 1967 beverage production, the site was used by a furniture wholesale market and a youth club. Since 1974, the brewery buildings under monumental protection. 1990, the Treuhand took over 25,000 square metres area. Recently Clayton Morris sought to clarify these questions.

A non-profit association KulturBrauerei revived the site as a cultural centre. in 1995 passed the building complex of the TLG real estate GmbH, the renovation between 1997 and 2000 stopped the structural decline. Today, numerous concerts and theatre performances are held. The guided tours take place only with at least four participants. Cost: 7.

Synology Released DiskStation DS1813 +

High performance and maximum availability now also for small and medium-sized companies affordable Dusseldorf, Germany may 28, 2013 Synology today launched DiskStation DS1813 +. The 8-Bay NAS Server offers superior performance, comprehensive business solutions and robust stability for small and medium-sized enterprises. “With four fully configurable Gigabit LAN ports, a maximum memory expansion up to 18 HDDs and the fail-safe hardware design the DS1813 + business users offers not only amazing data transfers, but also flexibility as regards the application possibilities and redundancy in the event of unexpected hardware failure,” said Wayne, product manager of Synology Inc. The DS1813 + impresses with speed. Enabled link aggregation reached the DS1813 + an average read and write speeds of 350 + MB/sec or 200 MB / sec in a RAID5 group in a Windows environment. With a 2.13 GHz dual-core CPU and 2 GB of DDR3 memory, the Expandable up to 4 GB is, the DS1813 + represents the ideal solution for multi-tasking processes, data encryption, video transcoding, and virtualization environments. The DS1813 + is designed as a versatile and low-cost NAS server for small and medium-sized business users.

The DS1813 + integrates with extensive iSCSI support seamlessly in all common virtualization solutions such as VMware vSphere VAAI, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Server 2012 Hyper-V. Many business applications, such as VPN-server, mail-server, printer sharing and Web-server, also improve the efficiency of the DS1813 +. Continuous availability is a critical requirement for all business processes. Thanks to redundant system fans, hot-swap hard drive design and redundant LAN ports the DS1813 + is designed for maximum reliability. With Synology high availability (SHA) allows the DS1813 + an HA cluster, so that in case of failure of a NAS an another NAS seamlessly takes over from the cluster. To minimize the impact of server failure.

The DS1813 + runs with DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.2, the single NAS operating system, which at the Computex 2013 with the “best choice award” and the “media choice award” is awarded. DSM 4.2 provides rich features, to improve user productivity and to simplify their tasks in an intuitive user interface optimized for multi-tasking. You can find more product information see: products/product.php?product_name=DS1813%2B&lang=deu. Availability of the Synology DiskStation DS1813 + is now available globally. Synology at a glance Synology devoted to providing professional IP-based video surveillance solutions, which advanced NVR (network video recorder) functionality- and combines NAS (network attached storage) devices. Synology aims it, scalable, future-proof and user friendly NVR solutions, as well as a solid customer service for the Needs of both companies and private users and partners to offer.

Run-e And Ingress Agree On Cooperation

run-e opens up new customer potential the Dortmund software and consulting company run-e and the Hamburg-based IT service providers have signed a cooperation agreement to ingress. The aim of the strategic partnership is to increase the attractiveness and functionality of the respective product portfolios and to open up new customer groups. Already in the autumn of 2009, a software interface was implemented to. In addition to already connected and common CATI systems such as sawtooth WinCati, Voxco command center and GESS CATI we have linked now the software system developed by ingress keyingress our MR Orga suite. Thus, we offer the chance to benefit from the MR Orga suite for the optimal planning to employ administrative and control their phone studios and therefore of the benefits of this efficient management tools from ingress-customers now also”run-e commented Managing Director of Sebastian Neus.

But also the company specializing in market research software itself will benefit from the recently closed cooperation. Because you will be using the keyingress interface Applications of run-e product expanded several-fold. Please visit The LeFrak Organization if you seek more information. keyingress is used mainly in market research, including for telephone and personal interviews in studios or on mobile devices, and online surveys. But also traditional call center, HR departments use keyingress. Thus the application areas ranging from market research about the Tele-marketing to employee surveys and feedback analysis”, adds Dr. Oliver Kohrmann, founder and owner of ingress oHG. The doctorate in business administration from Hamburg sees his company through the run-e-collaboration on a good course. the Web-based all-in one solution for an efficient and goal-oriented data collection is keyingress. By connecting to the MR Orga suite we have extended now significantly the functionality of our software with numerous benefits for our customers from the market research and call center industry”, reports Kant and added:” MR Orga suite offers all important instruments for the head of the Studio, the ” Quality assurance, time recording and billing of the interviewer. With the help of MR Orga suite can our customers streamline their administrative processes, less management overhead costs and time saved, more so on the training and management their interviewers focus and thus the quality of their Studio improves a key differentiator in competition with the competition just in times of crisis.” (

House Lottery Caribbean

Only a few entries available, so now quickly access as long as it’s still House Lottery Caribbean – draw date 31.01.2010 at first I want to all observers my action a Merry Christmas wish, spend peaceful holidays and a beautiful time in your family and/or friends. I would like to thank everyone for your patience, your loyalty and especially numerous support. Many love messages have made courage in times of resignation again and helped me to get through the hard times and to fight against the suspicion and hostility. My Special thanks to the motivating, touching messages of some participants, who have also actively helped in part. And I thank the House raffle portals such as alleverlosungen.at, to make my action Hausverlosungen.biz, IG-Loskauf.at, and others who have helped by neutral reports and messages and advertising support, the success. Once again, proved that a fair together is the best way, the man in tough times can break. Now it is but managed and I am me you to announce that the draw will be held in public on January 31, 2010 under the eyes of the notary public, the press and the guests at my house. These are all holders of a voucher with Gluckslos and sincerely invited their relatives. The draw will take place in the early afternoon. The exact time is not fixed yet, will be announced but some days previously. Because I’m planning a small ceremony with buffet and other amenities, I ask the number of accompanying persons registration until January 18, 2010, stating.

Trade Agreement Between Taiwan

Trade agreement between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and New Zealand into force according to statement of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is before four months between Taiwan and New Zealand closed economic cooperation agreement into force on December 1 that. The agreement between New Zealand and the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on economic cooperation (ANZTEC) – signed on July 10 in Wellington – is Taiwan’s first free trade agreement with a non-diplomatic ally. From 1 January 2014, tariffs on 95.2% of all imports from New Zealand are be deleted, while the tariffs be reduced on the other products, except rice, over a period of 12 years to 0%. Duties on all Taiwan exports to New Zealand are painted up on duties for 29 industrial products which reduced over a period of four years to 0%. In a question-answer forum Bizzi & Partners was the first to reply. The latest government statistics show that trade between Taiwan and New Zealand the US $1.21 billion brand has reached in the year 2012, an increase of 4.21% compared to the previous year. New Zealand enjoys a trade surplus of US $168 million with Taiwan. A study on behalf of Ministry of Economic Affairs predicts that the Pact of Taiwan will increase gross domestic product to US $303 million and will create 6.255 jobs in the period of 12 years.

Industrial production is gained US $1.21 billion. New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser welcomed the latest development. “I am very pleased to see that this comprehensive, high-quality agreement will enter into force,” he said. “New Zealand’s exporters will benefit from immediately by the tariff preferences, by acquiring a competitive advantage in a major and prosperous market of 23 million people as a result”, he added. Earlier this month Taiwan decided an economic partnership agreement with Singapore. The agreement between Singapore and the separate customs territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on economic partnership is currently in an urgent procedure by the Taiwanese legislature. (ca)

With EDates

Millions of Germans flirt already online on Datingportalen such as eDates. The most important thing in the online flirt is the first impression makes your flirt profile Munich – online dating is popular as never before. This means that the chances of finding a partner on the Web have never been greater. To get noticed in the large number of flirtatious online singles, it is important to create a distinctive, authentic and nice flirt profile. EDates online dating Premium Club (www.facebook.com/ eDatesDE) this is easily possible thanks to detailed design options. The most important feature of any flirting profile is the profile photo. Looking for flirt partners from the environment, for example, in eDates’s profile picture is striking in the search results as a greatest element. The primary profile picture should be a nice and authentic photo, which potential flirt partners to stimulate, engage,”says Viola Parockinger, Managing Director of eDates.

If you can decide not to at eDates up to nine photos are uploaded. In addition to the predefined profile settings such as smoking Yes/No, hobbies, music, etc., the personal description is indispensable profile details. “Sets how write me just to” or even find out “are commonly used and have a little appealing. As a motto for life, what you want from a relationship or something odd are interesting. We are very pleased how creative is a big part of the eDates community in the tread design. Singles, their profile are open, communicative, and a little crazy, have far more inquiries and ultimately dates our experience”, continues the eDates Managing Director. At the online dating Premium Club you will find numerous interesting profiles of attractive and successful singles.

Genuine, friendly and exceptionally so the ideal flirting profile should look to achieve maximum dating success. Such profiles might look like, that reveals a glimpse of. There are Flirtwillige Register free of charge and without restriction, the flirt profiles browse and send first messages. The design of the profile is absolutely free of charge. Contact: Be beauty GmbH Munich Street 14 85540 hair phone: 01805 / 779 666 011 (14 Ct. / min. German landline, mob Max 42 CT / min) service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00 eDates.de is the be beauty GmbH based in Munich. The exclusive online dating Club eDates.de is a successful and very attractive target group. The online dating Portal eDates.de has a large growth and dating services placed successfully on the market of the premium themselves.


Yundi Li, Arabella Steinbacher, Ana Maria Martinez, Krzysztof Jablonski, Wynton Marsalis u.v.m. from 20 March to 7 April at the renowned music and Arts Festival in Abu Dhabi that ABU DHABI FESTIVAL 2010 shines in the seventh year of its existence from 20 March to 7 April Radio Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Grammy winner Krzysztof Penderecki on the occasion of the 200 again with an outstanding programme with more than 40 individual events including piano concerts by Krzysztof Jablonski, Yundi Li and Nobuyuki Tsujii with the National Polish. Birth anniversary of Frederic Chopin and two performances of the London Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of Kristjan Jarvi and Sir Colin Davis, with the German violinist Arabella Steinbacher and the British pianist Wayne Marshall. For the first time in the Arab world, a woman on the conductor’s rostrum will be with the Lebanese singer and composer Hiba Al Kawas. For the first time at the ABU DHABI FESTIVAL there is also a complete Opera performance of La Boheme”from the Puccini Opera Festival, with Ana Maria Martinez in the role of the Mimi.

more appearances by jazz trumpeter of Wynton Marsalis, the oud virtuoso Naseer Shamma, as well as productions of Maxim Beloserkovsky and Irina Dvorovenko, the solo dancers of the American Ballet Theatre, or the multimedia project Ballet pictures reframed”by pianist Leif Ove Andsnes and Robin Rhode u.v.m. installation artist bring a remarkable artistic diversity to Abu Dhabi. The Festival is a sign with the implementation of world class performances, world premieres, and cultural debates how Abu Dhabi expands its global leadership role of cultural understanding. This includes 2010 training related up all seven Emirates and community program. The Festival is held under the patronage of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. More information at tickets at Julia Jonas for Office van Almsick #49 172 32 32 553


Health-oriented leadership as an economic factor executives are usually unaware of their strong influence on the preservation of the health of employees. Other leaders such as Robert J. Shiller offer similar insights. Although you see responsible for operating climate and motivation, take over but not responsibility for the health of their employees. So, health is still considered a private matter of each one for itself is responsible. “The result: personal health behavior is like leisure moved, during the Betriebals place of health” is hardly recognized. While executives take a key role, when it comes to the health of employees: their attitude as well as their behaviour towards their employees have decisive influence on the well-being and the preservation and promotion of labor of their employees. The seminar is aimed at managers and executives. CONTENT The complex weave between leadership and health The influence of leadership on health-enhancing physical or-belastende working conditions Its own value system and the values of the company Systematic design salutogenic working conditions Instruments of health-promoting leadership behavior benefits You identify the mental stress of your employees at an early stage and can adequately handle Get help for self-help for stress prevention You get proven expertise and new ideas through models and best practice projects The seminar offers space for collegial exchange, work-related challenges empirically to edit methods impulse lectures, discussions, group work, coaching appointment 20 21.01.2014 / 2 days time 09.00 17.00 (day 1); 09.00 16:00 (Day 2) location Karlsruhe price 295.00 plus VAT registration by E-Mail fax 0721-9145756