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Occult Enemy

Innumerable times in we see them falling in the same ambush of the easy credit: ' ' It buys now and it only pays with its 13' ' ; ' ' It buys with tax of interests zero' ' ; ' ' It buys, it buys, compre' '. we leave for there buying without any planning, as consuming that we are we do not think more about nothing, at least we stop to calculate how much what we are acquiring it will cost in fact in the ending of the payment. Taking in account the factor to buy a product the stated period and to find that we are having profit with this, we still forget that this parcel will compose our monthly expenditure. where enters the interests in this history? It there, occult, is inlaid in the parcels of the good however acquired, many times consuming great part of ours so sweated money, the problem is that we know of this and exactly thus we do not prevent it. But because this happens with the majority of the Brazilians? It happens because we are consuming imediatistas, we want everything in the hour, we do not know to wait. Clearly, he is very gostoso I smell to feel it of new car in the garage, with all spotless, comfortable and shining one, however, he is much more pleasant to exactly enter in this car without the indesejada presence of a robust stub-book in the door-gloves with parcels still more indesejadas taking our money even so.

But as to prevent this, in a country where to buy it is part of ' ' felicidade' ' of the majority of the people? The reply it dream not to turn nightmare is simple: BEHAVIOR CHANGE. When people want some thing fight incessantly for it, be that as it may, house, land, car, trip etc, are not same? But we do not give account of how much we are hasty and anxious in relation to this, it is in this hour that we must calming in them and leaving for 4 basic and infallible questions: I need this? If to answer yes, goes for the next question: I have money to buy? If yes, he goes for third: He has that to be now? the last one: This is optimum price that I obtain? If it did not pass of the first question, forgets. It does not buy. This formula will prevent to make to pay it interests it will help and it to make a good purchase, can be certain. It will have a better moment for such and then it will understand that to expect a little, of the one to obtain much more of what it is desiring at that moment, and better still, without paying interests. Silvio Medeiros Accountant and Financial Educator

Czech Republic

For one, it is possible to search for messages about the industry and technological priorities. All customers of the pressroom collected therefore only once according to certain criteria. Secondly, and this might be unique, the editor can search messages according to their type parameters. This refers to information such as number of characters, language, message type, or the available photographic material. The simple search for all messages of a customer is of course also possible. An editor can create a wide variety of profiles search profiles instead of uncontrolled submissions according to the criteria of the search. Whenever a matching message is set in Europe by the EPRG, he gets played to this newsletter or RSS.

Cross reading countless incoming messages should belong to the past so soon. In cooperation with editors from the trade and business press we have over a year This solution worked. In the age of barely occupied editors and digital information overload targeted, channeled communication of particular importance is,”said Ralf Riba, Managing Director of the RIBA: BusinessTalk GmbH, founder and President of the EPRG. And further: the communication between manufacturers, agencies and publishers has shown that emails are not only a blessing. Unfortunately, the instrument is employed often completely wrong. Tools such as the PressRoom should bring therefore the quality of the editor receives information on a desired level.” The European Public Relations Group (EPRG) the EPRG was founded in 2005 by the RIBA business talk GmbH in Koblenz. The Group focuses on the Pan-European communications for companies in the information and telecommunications industry.

The EPRG has continued to grow and currently in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary represented. An overview of the members of the EPRG and you Services can be found under. The EPRG PressRoom of EPRG PressRoom, part of both packages, is a digital tool for the intelligent and targeted distribution of press releases in the respective national language. He provides easy-to-use, but still fine search algorithms, newsletter features and RSS functionality. Messages of EPRG customers appear in a press, which each has been created in the customer’s own design and can be integrated by the customer in his own home. Thus, he benefited from a current at any time press area, without having any own effort. At the same time is the visibility of corporate news in Europe about network ensures the EPRG pressroom.


He had never witnessed the truth history. The stated period was short for the digitao. It had that to only deliver some bulletins in one hour, therefore he was charged for the commission agent to type fast and if to fulfill the motto of if ' ' to undo soon of cliente' '. In the only times where he could have the possibility to know of something as a mother who cried for the imprisoned son, for example, the commission agent arrived and took the young woman for the room of it. Everything this passed for the sleepy mind of Teo, when going up the steps of its floor. On it could know a history, after all.

In its service, never. could say something on the apartment for the young woman. Something as ' ' care with this apartment, therefore, has something inexplicable: some people had moved of it in the last year where I live here, she imagines when she did not live. I do not know what dentro&#039 happens there; '. It was lowered, catching a full cardboard box of that it seemed clothes.

She did not obtain to raise right. Although high the young one was esguia and weak. She was blond natural, of medium stature. Its great and scared eyes had sighted Teo that makes a racket when going up the stairs. – Ol, owner, can leave that help I it. It came with the extended hands and prevented the question of if he could help, therefore already wise person who the young woman was nervous e, confused, it would accept the aid, if it did not ask. When trying to catch the box was interrupted with one covers in the hand. – It does not move there expensive! I did not give my permission. Teo if moved away with the insane person look of the girl from, approximately, 25 years.