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Processed Cheese

Processed cheese is made from fat, well-pressed cheese. To get a kg.syra need to take: 8.5 cups cottage cheese, 2.5 tablespoons melted butter, 4 teaspoons of baking soda, 3 teaspoons of fine salt. Before cooking cheese rubbed through a sieve or put through a meat grinder. In bowl put all the prepared curd, take half the required amount of soda and sprinkle it evenly over the surface of cheese, and then slowly heat, constantly stirring with a wooden spatula. If in the process of heating on the surface of the curd and the vessel walls appear serum, the dishes need to close the lid and remove from heat for 10 – 15 minutes, then remove stand serum. If the serum was separated from the curd is not possible, then you need to add the remaining amount of soda, then continue heating. When the cheese mass is well melted and begins to thicken, add melted butter. Table salt, and optionally other flavorings (powdered cumin, anise, fennel) to put in 15 – 20 minutes before end of cooking.

By this time the cheese mass should be a very uniform, stretching (such as a thick honey) mass. After cooking the cheese mass immediately pour into a clean bowl, pre-oiled, and to make a cold room. To remove the cheese from the dish after cooling, you need to load it on a few seconds in hot water. To get a sharp cheese with a pungent odor, it is necessary to expand the cooking cheese thinly and soak for one to three days in a warm, well-ventilated area until the cheese is not yellow. Store the cheese must be under the gauze, preventing him several times a day.

Search Profile

It is necessary to make adequate photographs that you look cool externally. Cool would be if the photo you will have some kind of glue and real emotion on the face or sex photo is from the banter. Ok, if by your photos, a stranger, we can conclude that you are interested in and spend your tempting time – that's you playing billiards or bowling, so you caught in the lens of photographer famous night club, here you are with friends, playing poker, so you're sitting on the steps of the White House, here you are under water in the mask on the fish kosishsya. About so. Photos tend to be few and preferably at different times zdelanye.

More importantly what is your main photo and it looks like a small version of your page (which is a mini-version is shown during Search and when you write a girl a message). How to fill in your profile. Remember the main thing: a good profile for dating in the Internet – an honest questionnaire. Intelligence, humor and originality in your profile, as secondary sexual characters are welcome. Fill in your own taste, you should not rip off of other people's templates, it will still be felt in future communications. Who and how to write, that would make it easier for the first time meet. Basically, if a search on specific criteria to look for the girl, the first forms usually are browsing thousands of users. Approximately one in ten users have already written to these people, so to profiles with the number of hits-per-thousand is a lot of attention from people who want to get acquainted.

Burning House Cap

The morning had become heavy, the traffic was congested as the streets were filled with carbon monoxide and a burning heat exasperated bystanders, one of them: Esther, who was heading to backpack to campus, was not delayed but urged him to leave home, not to enter a direct conversation with his mother, a conversation not to leave: a hello, how are you, the neighbor said, and others. It had taken nearly three days escaped, since that date the disappearance of Julia, was more than apparent, her parents who were worried they had raised their absence in the police station and sought pasted posters, a theme that played Esther’s mother with the strange feeling that her daughter had changed as a result of that. She was concerned and this bothered him, so he repeatedly summoned up courage to talk to her and tell him what happened, but did not know if she would believe it was correct or whether the disappearance of her friend. He had entered the room, to take notice that the transferred student had not attended classes since the fourth day was missing and that I raise a series of conspiracies on the subject: as he had disappeared as Julia, for they were a few months ago in a wave of missing or that results had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the head, which explains her constant pain. Something that was of little and great importance to her because I had the idea that Karen, the student was transferred to the monster that attacked her friend and others, but if so, would not have recognized, but had seen die in the hands of a strange character with traits similar to his companion, was undecided.