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Olympic Games

As the largest sports school in the world, Club Med offers 60 sports in 80 Club resorts already throws himself into pan London for the third time in Olympic history and is the Centre of sporting events worldwide. But the interest in fitness, strength and endurance is celebrated not only in England, but is all inclusive provider Club Med focuses on for decades in the premium. Competitive spirit in the Florida Sun so inspires such as Club Med Sandpiper Bay guests to sporting excellence. With the vision to educate champions in the sport, sports academies were founded in this Club resort in Florida for tennis, golf and fitness. Prominent coaches help the development and perfecting of the individual abilities and make the 4-tridents resort to most professional sports school of the premium all inclusive party. The resort is located directly on the shores of the St. Lucie River in Florida. It shines since its renovation in 2010 / 2011 in modern design and offers courses in yoga, Pilates, Aqua Zumba, sailing and flying trapeze in addition to the sports academies.

The extensive Sports programs are already included in the tour price, apart from intensive. Slugfest of professional athletes on the tennis court Jaramillo, who number of 1 and 26 top ten player has trained eight, and has coached Scott Del Mastro, the professionals and youth all over the world provide gift for the right moves. Together, they have over 50 years experience and guide the individual training program in the industry. U.S. open blue on 14 programs can be completed hard courts, six hydro clay courts and a stadium court, which last a few days up to all these years, to demand from the beginner up to the Olympians of tomorrow every efficiency and promote. The offer includes mental performance training, nutrition counseling, and facilities such as a clubhouse, a pro shop, a FIT, performance Center and a spa. Brad Brewer and Don law present themselves as golf gurus and mentors. The Club Med Golf Academy offers two 18-hole courses, 15 world famous places nearby and numerous possibilities for tournaments.

At the fitness Academy trained athletes with their revolutionary fitness program the triathlete and five-time Ironman winner Heather Gollnick. Training for the whole family Auch the Turkish Club Med resort Palmiye offers tennis, golf and fitness programs. Also interested free of charge in the diving, sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, as well as on the flying trapeze can try. This Club resort is located on an 800 m stretch of beach between the Taurus Mountains and the crystal-clear sea. The spacious accommodations and the variety of sports, the Club resort is ideal for families who want to feel the Olympic spirit. Accurate information to Club Med, as well as the possibility of booking get interested in the travel office, email us at, or call 01803 / 633 633 *. * 0.09 / Min. from a German landline, mobile max. 0.42 / min. Further information on Club Med at and, press pictures can on request also be be sent to high resolution. PR contact: Alexandra Ehm, Aviareps tourism GmbH, Josephsohn Spitalstrasse 15, 80331 Munich, phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 55 25 33 405, E-Mail:

Less Affordable Housing

Demand for city near apartments Berlin & Brandenburg: the sparrows it from the rooftops: the Berlin rental market offers less and less affordable housing. Especially beautiful locations, such as in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Schoneberg, Pankow, Mitte, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg or Steglitz-Zehlendorf remain affected. At the same time, the influx in the German capital continues. Every year the population of Berlin to a small town like about Anklam grows. By 2030, the number of inhabitants to approximately 300,000 new Berlin is expected to grow. The consequences are to be expected: thanks to the great demand, prices for city Middle living room continue to grow in height, both rental and purchase prices. Concrete gold matters historically low interest rates on mortgage loans, especially in Berlin,”for this reason to the safest investments. Even users, as well as wealthy investors invest in the real estate market in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Home Builders also are booming. The demand moving to single-family homes to own use at record level. Because who invests his money early in the personal 4 walls, can make provision for old age with a home paid off and must not contend with growing rental and purchase prices. Speak for the investment in the home especially historically low interest rates: mortgage loan with ten-year it currently just are 3.0%. Equally low those interest rates could move a whole period of time. Even if house prices primarily in Berlin, the location for the construction of houses in Berlin and Brandenburg is still relatively inexpensive. Also in many other parts of Germany, homeowner households remain still affordable. This is also reflected in the mood: according to a recent survey by the Institute Forsa for the financing of the construction, 58 percent of German citizens hold the financial possibilities for the construction of a home for very good. Construction financing wants to be well planned in particular in construction financing good planning can prevent unpleasant surprises.


The universe is enormous, almost infinite, and scientists are quite admit the idea that on some distant planet outside our solar system, or even on many planets, flows the same life as on Earth. It is likely that somewhere in the vast universe there are planets whose conditions can be formed of life and maintain it over time. But what about our solar system? Today it is considered that in order to where once was life is possible, necessary atmosphere (ie, air), water, the rate of acceleration due to gravity (g, – one of the manifestations of gravity) close to the earth, and an acceptable temperature. Astronomers have conducted a series of studies finding life forms on planets in our solar system. They were looking at the planets, water, air and other substances common on Earth.

Studies of our closest neighbor – the Moon, showed that this planet is completely devoid of life forms and conditions for their formation. Here the atmosphere is completely absent, no water, the temperature conditions are practically identical with the space. This means that in the shadow of the Moon about -100 degrees Celsius and the sun – somewhere 100. And there are no intermediate values. But in our solar system has planets, the conditions on which are close to the earth.

And the first candidate on the possible existence of life forms – it's Mars. It has an atmosphere – although very sparse, close to the earth rate g, water is present, and the average temperature is – 60 degrees Celsius. Not the Caribbean, of course, but with the appropriate equipment can survive. AND Yet for humans, these conditions are unacceptable. The atmosphere is too tenuous to breathe. The wind speed can reach 100 meters per second, and precipitation are composed of sulfuric acid. Scientists are not yet fully decided about life forms on this planet – perhaps there are beings who are able to survive in such conditions. But while that official evidence of their existence does not exist. Another planet in our solar system, more or less similar in terms of the Earth – it's Venus. It is a kind of antithesis of Mars. There is water, there is an atmosphere, but it is opposite – concentrated, dense, too dense. The average air temperature is 420 degrees. The greenhouse effect on this planet is the cause of the heat, and therefore it is sometimes called Earth's future. In the present state of ecology, where there is chemical contamination of the environment on Earth, the greenhouse effect in the long term is feasible. And despite a number of similarities with Earth, life on Venus is not possible. Astronomers continued attempts to study the planets of our solar system, maybe someday findings refute the existing world view. In addition, scientists are exploring planets outside our solar system. Maybe one day in the vast universe we can detect Earth-like planets, and we wound up acquaintance with creatures quite different civilization.

Housing Industry

From 13 to 15 June 2012, 6 ESS Congress took place in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. In the atmospheric surroundings of the Imperial Palace specialists and managers of the housing industry met Bad Oeynhausen, to discuss current issues. The approximately 180 participants were able to get in almost 20 different articles about the portfolio of services of ESS AG and its partners informed. In more than half of the articles users supplemented the information through their own experiences and reported on the success and benefits of projects within the company. The Congress programme was rounded off by guest lectures on the topics of personnel management and organizational development, as well as a panel discussion on the use of social networks in the housing industry. The ESS AG and 11 of its partner companies were also in the exhibition space for conversations, exchange of ideas, contacts and getting to know the IT – services and solutions. The management of the ESS AG and representatives of the ESS Customer Advisory Board make the number at the end of the Congress Questions of the participants.

By the event Ulrike Silver Mountain was editor-in-Chief of the journal, the housing industry. Special interest was evident in this year of wowi c/s edition leonardo. The ESS AG presented the current state of development and the further planning of development of. The current development State convinced with the complete redesign of the module safety duties, which can be operated also with mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PC. Also, you were shown for the first time loan management and maintenance of housing and building equipment with wowi c/s edition leonardo. Possibilities for process optimization, which could be developed in close cooperation with a number of partner companies formed another focus at the 6th Congress of ESS. Examples of this are the efficient procurement and invoice processing with the ESS craftsmen coupling and the ad hoc data analysis with the wowi c/s Analyzer.

PROJECT Aspelohe

In the Hamburg district of Wandsbek and in the adjoining North of the Hanseatic town Norderstedt the PROJECT group has acquired a plot each. Bamberg, 12.12.2013: There are high-quality apartments with upscale facilities in attractive residential areas. In the forest Village Road, 292-296, PROJECT plans to build a residential building with 30 condominium apartments and 24 underground parking spaces. The building will have two storeys and a floor of the season and offers a living area of approximately 2,300 m2. The sales volume is over 11 million euros. The road course of the forest village road is characterised by larger trees and green spaces. North adjoins a residential area with kleinteiligeren apartment buildings as well as some spacious single-family home development.

Primary schools and day-care centers abound on site, as sports, recreation and shopping. The second plot purchased recently by PROJECT Aspelohe 27 located in Norderstedt near Hamburg. The area of 15,000 m2 currently has a Hall complex used as a sports park, which will be demolished in the course of the conversion. The apartment building is in three sections. The sale amounts to 38 million. The construction of a residential district should include occasionally detached terraced and town houses in addition to floor housing setback floors. Ideal location for young families and commuters the thing Aspelohe 27 located in Norderstedt in the district Garstedt at the northern limit of the city of Hamburg.

The district Garstedt goes directly in the Hamburg district of Langenhorn. This results in an optimum connection to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the city. The immediate surroundings of the object property Aspelohe is characterized by a mostly open and growing residential areas, in the terraced houses and semi-detached houses form the focus. The close supply opportunities are very good. In addition, various social facilities such as doctors, pharmacies, kindergartens and schools in sufficient numbers are available. The site is also next to young families for commuters with reference point Hamburg ideally suited.

Internet Agency Geisenberger

Is the burden of the rent so high? The general public is being considered about the allegedly increasing rents in major cities. The burden of the tenants would steadily rise for years and cause significant problems. However, this claim has been verified also? We look at a concrete example in Munich. In the last 20 years the new prices and passing rents increased significantly. In order to assess the burden of a lessee to his income, it uses the so-called rent burden rate. The rental burden ratio specifies the ratio of the gross rents at the household net income as a percentage. In Munich the rate fell but significantly in recent years.

The Geoff Immobilien GmbH has looked at clearly the numbers as an experienced real estate agent. Applies for Munich surprising, that this 30% is decreasing in 1994 to 25% in 2007. The current figures show one in 2011 with the load rate of 23%. This means in the Inference that wages and salaries and the General cost of living have risen more than rents. Major party politicians like to see himself as a Savior of the tenant, should but analyzing these numbers and represent not only one-sided opinions in public.

Currently, the Munich Abendzeitung reported back about the dramatic situation on the real estate market in Munich. Also here is argued from our point of view to one side. We want an objective presentation of the facts. Because only so can up in Munich develop a fair real estate market – whether you’re tenants or landlords.

Contractings Law

Auer Witte Thiel inform about landlord and tenant Amendment Act Munich, January 2013: the Bundestag approved the tenancy law changes planned already for a long time on the 13.12.2012. With the landlord and tenant Amendment Act, the housing rent law is updated. Auer Witte Thiel lawyers explain the most important innovations. The draft amendment of the law of tenancy handled four control complexes: Contracting, energy modernization, action against Mietnomadentum and unfair dismissal in the conversion of rental in condominiums. For the first time, there are rules for the contracting, so the energy-saving heat supplied by external providers with the new landlord and tenant Amendment Act. In the future, the landlord needs more no consent of the tenant, to upgrade prerequisite to contracting is however, that the transition will be cost-neutral. For example, this means that the costs for the changeover can then be transferred to the lessee if the Contractings its heating and hot water costs do not increase.

Thanks to the new law conversion for the landlord is much smoother, so Auer Witte Thiel. Auer Witte Thiel welcome innovations to the energetic upgrading a further point concerns the energetic upgrading of rented building as a contribution to the energy revolution. Thanks to the new regulations, benefits as well as loads of energetic modernisation evenly on tenant and landlord are distributed. A rent reduction can be claimed in the future only after 3 months creating incentives for investments for the landlord. As with all renovations the landlord can kill again every year up to 11% of the modernisation costs on the rent according to applicable law.

Continue modernisation measures are easier for the landlord, that when justification is now sufficient to rely on standard values. Sometimes expensive expensive expert reports are no longer necessary.

Andrea Berg SchlagerPlanet

Schlager music, Schlager give – SchlagerPlanet line click, bells, pop packs Munich, 25.11.2013 click, click, click. Time for the 1st advent is the SchlagerPlanet of the musical stars in a new light and invites all people to the Christmas shopping, because: pop music is now directly at at home. Now, pop and folk music fans can purchase all haptic products of their favorite stars directly in the new SchlagerPlanet online shop. In other words: CDs, DVDs, and much more are now available without long er links to other shop on and land without further ADO under the Christmas tree. now puts together the Christmas parcels for its user.

“” “Whether the pure joy of life” by Beatrice Egli, the play of colours “by Helene Fischer or Atlantis” by Andrea Berg, all latest pranks of the largest and smallest stars in the hit sky are now on directly to purchase. Thus is the future also, to determine of the sales charts at. Markus Dan Lally, Managing Director SchlagerPlanet: With the launch of our own online shop on we expand further our brand SchlagerPlanet, which has established itself since a year and proven, on the market of the music portals. In addition to daily news, stories, competitions u.v.m. We offer a full-service of hit products from the own House therefore fans and users. We want to further consolidate the confidence of users in the SchlagerPlanet brand with a reliable shipping to start first to Germany and Austria,.” With the interactive SchlagerPlanet advent calendar ( advent calendar) also offers all fans of pop and folk music, you can win attractive prizes. Concert tickets, magazines, CD boxes, live DVDs, gift vouchers, gift tips, funny pictures or crossword puzzle hiding behind 24 door with exciting and entertaining tasks and quiz questions about life, love, lust and Passion of pop and folk stars.

One of the doors is, for example, Helene Fischer’s star of the advent season”dedicated to a different Beatrice Egli as newcomer of the year”. To win, there are daily autographed CDs and DVDs by universal, Sony, Telamo or there music and concert tickets of Semmel concerts, coupons from SchlagerPlanet, Zaatari, myphotobook, myprinting and much more. Among all participants who open all 24 doors, large prizes such as extensive city packages for two people will be raffled to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden or Davos with two nights ‘ lodging, for example in the Hilton or Radisson Hotel and concert visits like the pop star parade. With the opening of the special door”increases the chance to win the top prizes. Whether the Sealife Munich, the Therme Erding, the Europa Park rust, the Rott Valley spa or a ski – and snowboard courses, a concert by Helene Fischer or Howard Carpendale surprises of any kind guaranteed.

The New Booking Software FeWoPlace 2.0 For Apartments And Holiday Houses

Creatively and cost-effectively manage holiday objects of all kinds and number no matter whether single cottage, larger apartment settlements with multiple units or huge apartment complex, whether reservations, invoices, bookings and booking schedules: FeWoPlace 2.0, the new online system for the management and marketing of holiday homes is how the PC, MAC, Smartphone and I-PAD, compatible with all technical platforms are staggered fair prices to the respective number of listings in both home and Pro versions rented or purchased and boasts an amazing variety makes sense-ready features. “A compact and qualified expert solution by professionals for professionals so offers the booking software and Hostingspezialisten of the QvorQ GmbH & co. KG” functional owners and season time management, supply and Template Manager, sales and Commission statistics, cleaning – and janitor module multilingual system developed from the Lower Saxony Dorverden in the Northern Middle Weser region Spa card and a deficiency list management. Also the an and collapsible front-end booking and vacancy calendar, the owner – and tenant-log-in, the Ojektmanager, the object image archive and reminder mailing option lists prove as well as the Affiliatefunktion and the possible connection of HBCI, document management, the Reparturauftragsablage as well as search engine optimization and the quick lists for the back office, very useful and helpful. Service, support, training and modifications to individual customer specification maximum customer satisfaction is an easy target not only for guests and owners of holiday homes managed with FeWoPlace 2.0, also to yourself the software specialists make high demands and allow the immediate start of work potentially interested new clients with training and briefings as online training via video conferencing or personally on-site. Should in addition further support be required, a hotline, which are of course Support by E-Mail ready, very much also on the thorough prior consultation emphasis, so that specially required customer-specific applications for the system can be integrated to optimize business processes from the outset..