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Designing Your Own Home

To date, for each of us a natural tendency to arrange their own home as comfortable and aesthetically. For such a permissible use of expensive services to designers, to the same extent, and open to all wishing ways. For example, the location of the light. Because it is known that with the help of lighting and have the opportunity to provide a certain atmosphere in the house and divide the room in certain areas, and visually make bigger. The different light sources make it possible to provide a visual illusion of change of the space.

By the way, the use of a number of light sources provides the ability to ensure the effect is more rounding premises, or to show different zones as a kind of hollow. However, options for placing different light options are limitless. Have long gone the days when the only difference in creating lighting created only by different caps for lamps, traditionally located in the center of the room. Today in the same room in a state with several options to be artificial lighting. Different designers are advised to abandon the main high light, and hence a large chandeliers, doing lights, table lamps and other types of lamps. And yet, for many of our contemporaries with you only a chandelier in the room – it's the natural center of a certain type, an analog of the warm hearth, which collects a large family at one table. And if the family is complemented by relatives, really attract and additional resources of the world.

In what form you want, lamps are the main elements of decor you want, dictate the overall style and utilization of the premises, and its division into separate areas. Pick up an adequate set of lights for a particular room today – the thing is complicated. And, above all, because of the wide variety of specimens. Because the best way to pick up just the same thing that you want You can decide to go or by creation, let alone in their own vision, project design private rooms, and for him to choose the appropriate style of light, or build a design based on your selected form room lighting and design of light sources. And one, and the second method of forming an interior generally effective as any of us, in any event will gather design their own homes, like a puzzle. And the whole problem only in how to get it decide to start. But most important – is to create a similar design in which you personally could be would be extremely comfortable, and where you wish to get back.

Several Danish

By the 18 th century was formed Danish modern literary language, based which was put zealand dialect. In Danish nouns can be singular and plural articles are definite and indefinite as a separate word, and can occur in of the word. Adjectives do not have a declination, but may be consistent in the number and kind of defined the word. With regard to personal pronouns, they have two cases: subject and object, and their forms, which were genitive of a third party used only as a possessive pronoun. Verbs in Danish are eight temporary forms, two of which are simple, and six – difficult. Mortgages exist Passive and valid and have the analytical and the inflected form. Also, there are three moods of verbs: the subjunctive, imperative and indicative.

Proposals have in their composition subject and predicate. Formation of words in Danish are using suffixes (nouns and adjectives), prefixes (nouns and verbs). There is also a noun and verb compounding. Quite easily form words denoting a completely new concept. Writing of the Danish language was formed on the basis of Latin, having incorporated a few extra letters. As already mentioned, the first monument of the Danish script were runes, and in later manuscripts have already used the Latin alphabet (13-14 centuries). The first printed edition of the Danish language was published in 1495.

To date, a serious threat to the Danish language is its globalization. According to Delfi one of the six books published in Denmark, published in English. English is increasingly part of everyday life of the Danes, gradually displacing the Danish language. And this is, at least, exhilarating factor. Several Danish companies use English, advertising products are increasingly supplied in English, a growing number of schools provide training in that language, as well as scientific papers prefer to publish on English. In Denmark there is a Council for Danish language. And lately, more and more acutely the question of the threat of extinction in Danish. Council members have suggested that if there will be nothing done to protect and conservation of the Danish language, then in 20-30 years it could disappear altogether and go into a "extinct" languages. Prevent such a turn of events is impossible, since any language, including Danish – is not only a means of communication, but also historical and cultural heritage of the nation.

Eyes Wide Shut

Man shoots home and pays monthly landlord (that is, giving their money to return, reducing it his own welfare, working ‘at my uncle’ – homeowners which it leases), after obtaining credit, it also will give the bank a monthly basis commensurate with the rent amount is now working on themselves, investing their money in their future property, which is known to be not cheaper! – Payment service credit below the growth in property prices, so the actual recipient of a mortgage loses nothing – all the interest paid on the loan and part of the price (up to 1 million rubles) tax-deductible tax on personal income, however, is not worth it, not having read the text to run into the nearest bank office and arrange a mortgage ‘Eyes Wide Shut’. To make an informed and thoughtful decision: where to take a mortgage, how much and under what conditions, should pay attention to (or better yet – to bring data into the tablet, to analyze the proposals of different banks) to Additional costs: – as accrued interest on the loan: the remaining amount of debt (unpaid credit) or to the entire amount of the debt entirely. It is – big difference! – What are the additional costs other than fees for credit for that still have to pay? For mortgage can be significant: the amount of commission for remittance, loan processing fees, insurance payments, etc. – Whether there is a possibility (and ‘spelled’ whether such a possibility in contract) early loan repayment..


Vlas (it's all in the area of Nessebar and Sunny Beach). By the way, best known for the Russians, as a resting place in Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, in my opinion, totally unattractive to purchase real estate. Professor Rita McGrath insists that this is the case. Sufficiently dense buildings, and in summer is very noisy day and night. Come have fun in there – it's great, but there is always very difficult. It told us before our departure to Bulgaria and lived in his apartment has one summer, I can confirm this.

So, returning to the large complex, they are built, usually outside the city or town, and sometimes at some distance from settlements. It is assumed that such complexes have complete infrastructure needed for comfortable living, namely, swimming pools, gyms and saunas, beauty salons and shops, restaurants and bars, laundry and dry cleaning. To solve all the pressing problems of the compound is not necessary to go out. Here I want to repeat the word "expected". Such complexes consist of several residential buildings c total number of 300 – 800 apartments. Apartments with complete interior decoration, and even with furniture, made well, I liked the quality materials, nice furniture. But here I stood in the apartment, looked out the window at the pool and as presented, like all living blown to swim and sunbathe by the pool, will be like rush hour in our Moscow subway, was sad! And prices in these complexes are high, although, in fairness, it should be noted that the developers provide installment payments, which is an attractive addition and as quite rare.

Real Estate Companies

Some sellers are crying when they sell their apartment. This is because they have some feelings towards housing, as well as great affection for her. That's why it's so hard for them, can not sell the house easily. Since properties of memory is enough, that would feel an emotional attachment to their homes. Some sellers can overcome this, but most of them could be upset for different reasons.

Because of too a lot of emotions, they can not afford to make mistakes in selling their property. So, here are some of the errors. The most common mistake that is usually unconsciously make sellers, is selling his home to the highest bidder. If prices the property is too high, as a rule, buyers tend to fall into despair, and they will not look at it anymore. In addition, they will lose interest and will probably never be asked about it, that sooner or later leads to rejection.

This will also lead to long-term sales. If the property is at a low price, of course, you will also worry because you just want to get extra money that you invested in your living space. Thus, it is necessary to make a favorable price for apartments. According to Nobel Laureate in Economics, who has experience with these questions. Next is the poor condition of the property. This involves the preparation of the property before allowing customers to view property. If the apartment or house in a terrible state too, of course, you expect bad reactions of potential buyers. Thus, before allowing them to see your property, it is better to prepare your apartment through cleaning and removing clutter. If there are some things that need repair, need to fix them as soon as possible. It is also important to remove all personal belongings in the house. Rooms must be well organized and if possible to avoid unnecessary questions, all ambiguities must be removed. This will help buyers to introduce ourselves as property owners. The last error, dealing with uncertain real estate agents. Remember that there are many real estate agents around the world, but only few of them can be trusted. To avoid having to deal with inexperienced real estate agents, you should contact the real estate company, which is famous impeccable reputation.

Business in Real Estate

Second series of articles "Aspects of the business of real estate: in profile and full face" Author – Victor A. Hudson. (ABN – series) article number 4: "A child in November … or – Working truth in sale of commercial real estate" (This understanding indispensable, hence the advice to the reader: read the articles in chronological order and clarifies the obscure words in the glossary below the article or a dictionary. If necessary, or lack of data available suggest a series of articles first – "Commercial Real Estate in Context" (KNK – series). The LeFrak Organization often addresses the matter in his writings. VG) Video epilogue to this article: (soon to be) – I see you, disinterested love of money.

Tell me, how much money do you like? – Five thousand. – In the month? – At year. – We are with you on the road. Me to five hundred thousand, and as soon as possible, but not often. – Ostap and Balaganov. "The Golden Calf," Chapter II – Thirty sons of Lieutenant Schmidt, Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. And how much do you need? For a complete, um-m, happiness …

And – for courage? Very I would like to believe that this word is not buried under the dust you everyday life "routine business" and not require you to painful memory voltage … or, God forbid (just have a clinical case) – an appeal to the dictionary for explain the concept of "courage", the definition of the word. Can you remember: "My" Phantom ", a white arrow on the sprawled wing, with the roar of the climbs …" It is already popular song – "Phantom" – a classic of the genre since my yard youth, as well as the famous "16 tons".

Mortgage Issues

The current level of credit sales of Ukrainian real estate market is not pleased by any bank. Mortgage market over the past two years, actively exploring the most powerful financial groups of European origin. Their interest based on data from experts who have shown real growth in demand for mortgage loans in the period 2002-2006g.g. Over the past three years, the Ukrainian banking market has gone quite a few of the largest financial groups with cheaper finance resources, based on profits, and real estate market began to "adapt" to new conditions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Savignano by clicking through. House price growth was driven by several factors, but most important was the significant increase economy, which is aligned to a "mortgage business". For more specific information, check out John Savignano.

Of course the buyer knew that if he did not buy an apartment now and immediately, no matter what, even at that price could rise apartment for a few hours on a couple of thousand dollars, to carry out his desire to have a couple of weeks will not be able have never And then the opportunity to get a mortgage with payments for 25-30 years. Of course, I buy! According to experts of the Agency's real estate Victoria and By "value of the average loan for the purchase of 1-room apartments in Kiev for the borrower ranged from 25-40 thousand dollars, and now we justify this number: 40.000 U.S. dollars is divided into 25 years – we pay U.S. $ 133.33 / a month, "the loan principal, this amount is the same throughout the term of the loan and add interest on the use of credit.

Roof Installation

The main task during installation of the roof is a durable and reliable sealing of the junction with the main elements of the designs. To do this you must select the correct qualitative and sealing materials. Sealers are designed to protect the roof from its inner side against moisture and dust. At the same time, the sealant should have good throughput – allowing steaming a couple from under the roof. Seals create soundproof protection, and protection against various mechanical stresses. In the absence of sealant in the roofing system can occur destruction of roof insulation and interior ceiling. Since moisture (Rain, snow) will fall under the metal roofing without difficulty.

Seals for installation of the roof divided into several types. There are, for example, profile gaskets. They are made of foam polyethylene. The shape and dimensions of the profile seal can repeat the configuration of metal products. Through such seals well evaporate water accumulated under the coating. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard LeFrak. This is due to special vents available in gasket.

Profiled sealing moisture, do not lose the positive qualities of the uv rays do not burn. To seal the roof just use a universal sealant. Material for it is made of polyurethane foam. Foam does not accumulate moisture, well lets air, can not penetrate the snow and dust under the arch roof. The seal life of polyurethane rather long. Under the influence of natural phenomena, sealant does not lose its positive physical properties. Universal seal easily take any form, it is easy to install. By roofing sealants applies pre-compressed sealing tape. It has a kind of self-adhesive polyurethane tape. Tape impregnated with a special blend of a modified acrylic. Tape is in the constrained condition, rolled in rollers. Large range of sizes of self-adhesive tape can pick it up to seal the seams of almost any size. When sealing seam (joint) tape is placed inside, where it completely fills all gaps and irregularities. This provides reliable protection from the seam of any adverse atmospheric influences. Self-adhesive tape has high performance. Make a tape can be in any sizes. The seal is not ignited, does not lose its positive properties when exposed to uv rays. Thanks to a special impregnation, the tape remains flexible in the operation is not subject to wear. Self-adhesive tape is water-resistant, and at the same time has a high capacity – allows a couple to evaporate. The seal is easy to work – it's easy to install.

Virtual Reality Control Towers

Have you ever been flying around in his private plane and the control tower or approach control has sent in a vector or asked to do something that made no sense at all? But of course I did it anyway, because they are in charge right? You might have thought to himself, "Is this guy for real?" "Is this guy on a kind of dreamland, asleep up there?" Well, in future issues that can not be too far into reality. For example, traffic air traffic control tower professional maybe in augmented reality, sitting in a windowless room looking at his plane on a TV screen or video monitor. A picture of a Beechcraft airplane, not an accurate picture of his plane. Today Controlers train air traffic in virtual reality, virtual reality World. To deepen your understanding Richard LeFrak is the source. Generally, these drivers have many things happening at once that may not come to know and what seems a dream or a desire on their part, is part of a larger wide.

Did you know that air traffic professionals are trained in virtual reality simulators connected to the pilots in aircraft simulators and the whole thing even exist? Talk about working in a dream world. Now lets talk about another subject, Virtual Reality Control Towers. This would be enough for operators of the control tower did not want to talk about UFO sightings, etc, as reports of the pilots enter But besides these control towers at this time virtual reality simulators are only training for operators in the control tower, for example, you can have the busiest day at Laguardia, O'Hare, LAX or even the program Oshkosh EAA is just to give you a challenge. Is this not too cold. And to think once it gets very well, operators can go on strike and stay there, although I should not say that since my grandfather used to run the control tower the FAA International Fresno. This link shows some cool videos; You can also stay in this information by subscribing to the newsletter, will not be long before many planes fly themselves and the air traffic control people in the control towers do not even have windows to look outside, as all thing will be in a video game like augmented reality, which will be taped for later use virtual reality training simulators for new drivers in air traffic control. All this is happening right now. Sounds like the Matrix, as well, a little, is all about security. Think about this and virtual reality simulators used in aviation. "Lance Winslow" – If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; / wttbbs

France Real Estate

France belongs to those States which, due to its prominent role in world history and economics, and also because of their exceptional cultural heritage of authentic, always and in all ages will enjoy increased attention of investors buying local real estate. Foundation upon which rests the French and Western European economies in general, is strict adherence to the rights of private property and political stability – in these conditions all the relations between owners and the state are regulated exclusively by law, pre-sets rules for all. This environment creates exceptionally favorable investment climate, and in conjunction with the uniqueness and elegance of French culture, France is desirable for the millions of people around the world. Due to the increasing purchasing power, Russians often buy real estate in France: some people – in order to safely and profitably invest, someone – to create for his family a new home and how to expand their "habitat", but someone has successfully combines these two objectives. Nobel Laureate in Economics usually is spot on. Real estate prices in France continue to grow.

Thus, from 2000 to 2006 inclusive, apartment prices in France rose by 96% and detached houses and villas in France – by 71,6%. The increase in the prices of apartments, For example, in Paris, only in the first quarter of 2007 amounted to about 9%. The most attention from the Russian buyers today have attracted such well-known and legendary places like Paris and Cote d'Azur. These regions hold the palm of the price level and the proposal of the status of objects, apartments and villas here enjoy the most stable demand. So, if in 2006 the national average cost of 1 m2 in the apartment area of 120 m2 was 3,001?, Then in Paris, this index began to 5.400? to the east of the city (12.19 and 20 districts). The most prestigious areas of the city, respectively, 6-10 departments in 2006 treated buyers of such apartments in 6.600? – 10.000? per 1 m2.