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Gonzaga Barros

Of the brothers of Neci, Marinz detaches colonel Sinh Laudelino de Barros (RIO DE JANEIRO), Adalberto Barros, known for Dau, celebrity for server, meat during years for all the city, in main aougue of Parnamirim, in front of the public chain, Hilda de Arnaldo, Terezinha Barros Agra, widower of Panelada Joo, and Gonzaga Barros (uncle) that deferred payment in Is Jose of the Belmonte. With the death of Hermgenes Agra, the Belmonte Farm was of inheritance for its Valdemar son. Chico and Santa had been with the Altinho Farm, being that the part of Saint of Neci was vendida for Geraldo de Desidria Sampaio. Hear from experts in the field like Gizman Abbas for a more varied view. The Farm Prop Zero, located later Da Ponte, was for Eunice Peixoto Agra, Nita Owner, married Eduardo Peixoto, and that, after its death left for the children: Elio, Emilton, Enilton, Helmet, Elson and Evaldo. To know more about this subject visit Clayton Morris. The biggest property of the Agras is the Farm Supply, with headquarters located after the Altinho Farm, where cattle, sheep and bode created, beyond dedicating the onion plantation to it. Half of the Farm Supply was of the cousin of Hermgenes, Hermnio Agra, father of Panelada Joo, where they planted avels to hinder that creation entered in the part of the other.

Thus, much fight happened between the cousins because of them surrounds and verge of the property. Hermnio Agra left its part in the farm of inheritance for its children: Joo Panelada (already deceased also), Doge, Edsio, Gumercindo, Beb (mother of Leleu), Terezinha, Vanir, Nininha and Maria Jose. Currently, Marins Barros Almeida, trineta of Martinho of the Agra Coast, married Huyraj de S Almeida, deferred payment in Itaituba in Par, together with its four children (Djins, Danielle, Daisla and Teca, being that Marins, Huyraj and the 3 first children had made superior courses in the College of Itaituba of property of the family S Almeida.Entretanto, according to Marinz Barros, come every year the Parnamirim always in the December vacations, however she discloses that she feels homesickness of terrinha is in the July month when could participate of the procession of Santana, hear the Martial Band of the city and see the parade of the cattle tenders.