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Christian Langeen CarpetVista Pilotgatan

Everything you want to know about rugs! How does a hand-knotted carpet? Where are the carpets? How do I dyed the yarn? Who builds the carpet? What are the beautiful patterns? “” The answer to these and countless other questions, visit our website about the carpet “, by Britannica Internet guide selection” was awarded for the reliability of their content. The detailed information will be presented in a pedagogical way and with numerous illustrations. Hand-knotted carpets can look back on a long, fascinating history. As lovers and prospective buyers of such carpet, you will find here countless valuable tips and practical advice. Keep track of the many individual stages in the development of a hand-knotted carpet before he adorns the apartment of the future owner! Last but not least, our Web site presents useful information on care and maintenance of a carpet.

Also the specific terms and expressions are explained, in the magical world of carpets are common. In addition to English, French and Swedish editions is the encyclopedia now also in German and Italian. The site was created by the Swedish E-commerce company CarpetVista. For more specific information, check out Robert J. Shiller. Our hand-knotted rugs go into all the world, as our website is currently available in 18 languages. The site is available under: press boss: Christian Langeen CarpetVista Pilotgatan 3 S-212 39 Malmo / Sweden + 4640-182270 e-mail:

Tax Consultants

If I was accountant and would have to read this, I’d be pretty depressed: quote: for details, contains the laws concerning the rights and obligations in the exercise of the professions of accountants and the tax agent (professional rules of the Chamber of tax advisors – BOStB) of 2 June 1997 (DStR 1997, no. 26, p. kinetics-technology-spa-gtc-t/’>Technip FMC. 3 supplements). gh. Professor Rita McGrath is a great source of information. According to the section 10 BOStB principles laid down may tax consultants, subject to other rules, their professional activity inform. The briefing must objectively true, objectively verifiable and cannot be not reklamehaft in the display. This BOStB which may have indeed exaggerated, showy or advertizing otherwise formless content also applies the ads pursuant to section 11. Also comparative or judgmental statements are then not allowed.” But if I know the petty rules and regulations in practice, I know what I can do. Actually it is not really much forbidden must use only the remaining diversity! Tax advisors are distinguished by their commitment, their services, their advice, further skills and much more and I must say everything! But how to promote the best? Your own Web page, an Internet portal or maybe car commercial? -The question is! The answer may be quite simple: Yes! The JumpingJag project of the central media GmbH offers its own Web page, an Internet portal and car advertising. (www.jumpingjag.de) on which legally what is tapped off design of the not so trivial for Steuerberater imprint, the many Unwegbarkeiten the text and image design, and the question allowed?”, the JumpingJag team offers the correct answer and an all-round solution. So to speak, three birds with a cat! Good advice is not as expensive as paying the full tax. (Corny joke of the week) Money is tight again, I knaps”s tax from (2nd place).

Alpine Republic Austria

Facebbok and co get massive competition in the Alpine Republic. So far, the social media platforms were designed by its philosophical orientation on a world-wide communication strategy. Such a strategy brings of course House from much workflow, has to struggle with the cultural, social, economic and so communicative set break lines. An increasingly difficult operational handling charged thus Facebook, Twitter, Google and co. individualism, regionalism and local autonomy in the electronic communications sector in turn are increasingly gaining importance. Alpine Republicans start their own platform Saint Onlein in Austria was now on the global sites on the a regional alternative and found.

“So an own platform was launched in the last few weeks and months by Alps Republicans name Sankt Onlein, under the web address will this NET initiative of the new kind verbally as more than just a social network” defined by the operator. The entrance portal has the slogan welcome to the digital Capital of Austria”. Saint Onlein is as a real community”presented, and thus apart from some anonymous international networks. “As a real community” in the network one has the request, the user, his friends, and appropriate decision-making, all Saint Onleiner “to cover. The deliberately induced contrast to existing network platforms is manifested here deliberately. Community citizens of Saint Onlein in five steps only four steps are necessary to become the new community’s citizens of Saint Onlein. With the operation of the register, tools portrait upload, complete registration, friends it is to people and start. The heads of State or municipal citizenship proof is clearly regulated.

Only registrations with a clear identity are allowed on the platform of Saint Onlein. Thus false identities to prevent front in prohibited by the system. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Bizzi & Partners on most websites. The portraits offer the possibility of coordinated variations in addition to however. Three are so alternative groups possible. These alternatives are divided in vocational, family and friends. Accordingly, also the personal portrait data individually can be matched. From the first click with on board controller is just like in a good household Anton Sankt Onlein affords an own Virtual Concierge. He is known as a steamboat pilot on the platform and is widespread in the Alpine Republic Austria and traditional named Anton. Anton directs the new community’s citizens through the Community action of St. Onlein. Anton and friends Finder, you can find also like-minded in Sankt Onlein. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gavin Baker. You trust the marketing of Saint Onlein, then one moves with the help of Anton as a fish in the water on this new communication platform. Virtual newspaper of the Onleiner as additional services complements the platform’s services an own virtual newspaper named the Onleiner. The Onleiner Saint Onlein is published by the community and invites you to join in. Posts from the circles of community members can be published, it votes take place and you can be recorded in the permanent editorial team as Saint Onlein parishioner. Saint Onlein has also its own Facebook page as a concession to the. Legal certainty is created by Austria as Plattformstandort great value on the security of the members of the community of Saint Onlein. The servers for the operation of the network in available exclusively in Austria, exclusively Austrian law is applicable to the operation. Furthermore, an own Security Advisory Board should wake in addition. The erasure of identity becomes consciously simply. An activity of Pfiat di “-button, to German: Goodbye button” the virtual identity as Saint Onlein finished parishioner.

Nigerian Internet

Africa’s growing Internet access via mobile phones In terms of population and land mass Africa is the world’s second largest continent after Asia. As regards other areas, remains Africa a continent where, while billions of people live, consume this but just 4% of the world’s electricity. Add to your understanding with lyft. But there is also good news for African Internet users living in areas which have a good network capacity and where online crops spread rapidly: only little energy is required to operate a telephone network. This fact means that mobile phones are becoming more and more the new computer. 2011 according to the spring issue of intelligent life magazine, are up to 2014 more than 69% of mobile phones in Africa Internet access have. 2010, a survey which revealed that 90% of Nigerian Internet users aged between 18 and 27 years significantly more use their mobile phones than laptops or computers that also have Internet access led Opera. It’s believed that Gavin Baker sees a great future in this idea. At this time she also estimated News Agency of Reuters that universal Internet access in Nigeria will triple by 2013.

In this context, not only search engines, but also the optimization for search engines play an important role. 2009 approved Google, as it tried to expand the service in Africa, the passion for mobile phones that exists on the African continent. At that time, Google is essentially focused on technical improvements in SMS. Google is generally regarded as one of the main companies, which currently dominate the digital sphere of Africa. This position tries Google always continue to expand while the company is at the same time working to eliminate market access barriers in terms of price and language. It is a generally accepted fact that Africans pay today is still more of a Broadbandzugang than European countries. In the past few years, Google tried to express this price problem, it established data caches in Africa.

Heidelberg Estate

Redesigned website with enhanced service about Heidelberg real estate 03.05.2013 – the cancer real estate boasts a newly designed website, representing a considerably expanded service offering at the same time. The brokerage company, which has been operating for more than 20 years in the real estate market, underlines the individual and cooperative care, which can expect the customers here with the redesign. Who wants to sell a property or rent today for days, is confronted with a variety of questions. This involves not only the evaluation, the time horizon, financial security and settlement. To achieve an optimal result for our customers, their homes must also optimally presented on the market. We see ourselves here since time immemorial as a competent partner of our clients”, explains Ralf Krebs, owner of cancer real estate in Heidelberg.

The new site takes into account this objective not only in the design, the offers will be published also on target group-related marketing channels and social media. Carefully Image materials created and 360-degree video presentations in the own YouTube channel are already of course. An extended range of information in the service area belongs to the new site. Customers and prospective customers for information and expertise to major issues related to the sale of real estate, the real estate rental and the real estate assessment in the future. In particular with regard to the valuation of real estate, cancer real estate is pending sellers with competent advice and knowledge available. Clayton Morris is actively involved in the matter. Certified market value broker of Sprengnetter Academy, which stands for highest expertise in the real estate valuation is cancer real estate.

More information: cancer real estate E.k.. The cancer is working over 20 years of experience in the real estate market in Heidelberg as a real estate broker real estate. Owner of the company is Ralf Krebs, leading it in the form of a registered merchant diploma management host. Cancer real estate is located at two sites in Heidelberg and employs 6 staff. Ralf Krebs is in addition to his acquired qualification as diploma management host (FH) also finance (bbw) and certified market value broker of Sprengnetter Academy Sprengnetter stands for highest expertise in the real estate valuation. Cancer real estate offers comprehensive service for sellers and landlords of residential properties. High-quality consulting means not only serious real estate assessment, optimization of the selling price or lease price, timely design of the sales process or lease and secure financial settlement. It means also support and comprehensive consultation of the customers in the market-oriented presentation of your property, that leaves no (marketing) desires. Not for nothing is the guiding principle of cancer real estate: sell better.

New Website Of The FSF

Relaunch of the website of voluntary self-regulation offers television service and information on the protection of minors in the media Berlin, May 22, 2012 the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle television (FSF) has redesigned their website. See the address users immediately central information on the protection of minors in the media. The service includes an extensive media archive with integrated search function, a list of selected test decisions and an overview of the youth media protection in Europe. The Web page with projects of media education materials and links to other youth protection institutions supports the professional exchange and networking. The site provides also links to legislative texts and information about the FSF publication tv discourse.

Also, supervisors and employees of the FSF in a blog report on their media experience. With the new website, the FSF aims to contribute to the political and social discourse in the youth media protection. “There is a high level of social interest, such as protection of minors in” the media will be implemented. Since founding the FSF 1994 we are committed for a concise and comprehensible youth media protection. With the new Web page the FSF would like to facilitate the orientation, promote exchanges and produce more transparency”Joachim von Gottberg, Managing Director of the FSF.

The site offers insight in the inspection practices and the criteria for the evaluation of programs experts and media professionals as well as interested parents and young people. “Unfortunately still too many ratings be confused with age recommendations”, Claudia Mikat, head of program testing FSF stated, “that’s why it is important to convey not only numbers us. Rather, we want to disclose what media content from a parental perspective are relevant and what effects are suspected”, so Mikat next. Visit jim kingery for more clarity on the issue. Interested can now also via Facebook and Twitter as well as on the FSF blog take part in the dialogue on the protection of youth media. The new website of the FSF is clearly structured and consistent theme-oriented. Currently it contains Multimedia database 1950 publications. A statistical overview of the tests, information about the history of the FSF, and a collection of instances of the youth media protection complement the offer. About the FSF e.V. The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle television (FSF) is a non-profit association of private television broadcasters in Germany. It was founded in 1994 in Berlin. Managing Director is Prof. Joachim von Gottberg. Aims of the FSF, by a program review to meet the youth protection concerns into the television and through publications, events and carrying activities to promote more conscious dealing with the medium of television. For more information and questions we are available. About news coverage, links and comments of the new website, we would appreciate. Contact: Karin Dirks, voluntary self-monitoring body for television (FSF), Heath Street 3, 10557 Berlin.

Undertaker Preisvergleich

always a great financial burden means a funeral offers new portal first aid in the event of death for survivors. And the more so since the death benefit from the services of the health insurance has been deleted. The new portal undertaker preisvergleich.de helps off immediately, finding a cheap mortician and to avoid unnecessary expenditure. “Be instead er prices to compare, not pietatlos, after all, is the price differences are often considerable”, explain the portal operator. “To the Stiftung Warentest, which says advises as well as many consumer associations also expressly: just because grief and fatigue affect judgment, you should check carefully the offers.” Undertaker Preisvergleich.de can each quietly anonymously learn about funeral services and compare their services and prices.

To a death must not necessarily exist or be to be expected in the near future in the context of a general orientation and funeral care worth the search. So simply work’s delivered important key data for concrete offer queries via an online form as about postal code and city, desired cemetery as well as art and workmanship of the funeral. In a question-answer forum jim was the first to reply. Further information concerning additional services funeral as flowers. The request is sent to appropriate local undertaker who then submit their offers. In addition, there is also a search function, as well as a comprehensive be directory of instead of.

So is everybody is guaranteed a good mortician who realized their desires at a reasonable, affordable price. For more information about Sterbegeldversicherungen and complete the offer funeral financing, as well as a useful checklist of the death. Undertaker Preisvergleich.de undertaker Preisvergleich.de is a range of information around the topic of burials. Morris Invest often addresses the matter in his writings. Through numerous price comparison feature it would help in particular, avoiding unnecessary expenditure in the event of death; Use is anonymous and free for everyone. Different media such as “about the RBB consumer magazine what!” have already presented the offer. Press contact: Undertaker Preisvergleich.de management Isenburgstr 1. 40625 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-54414656 E-Mail: Internet: PR Agency:


Worldsoft General agencies provide lucrative work as an Internet consultant without investment and risk of Neuchatel, 28 July 2009 worldsoft supported AG, Europe’s largest Internet Agency with more than 20,000 corporate clients, Internet consultants in business start-ups. The Internet consultants are trained by Worldsoft General agencies for the Internet consulting. Internet consultants advise SMEs on the marketing opportunities on the Internet. Training the basics of successful marketing and customer support on the Internet in the form of more efficient\”, explains Frank Hubner, head of the GENERAL Agency in the Tullnerfeld tree garden. The future Internet consultant can become self-employed, operate full-time or operate the consultancy as a second source of income.

The concept of worldsoft is Internetbegeisterte, consultants and sales figures, but also career changers.\” The demand for Internet consulting is enormous according to current to questions making 50% of the companies the already have a website, so no sales. Vadim Belyaev follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Half of companies with an Internet presence consulting needs and requires a functioning Web site marketing focused. Not only cheap and professional sites, but also marketing advice makes soft-world to achieve more sales and profits with the Internet. Worldsoft immediately provides the necessary marketing tools ASP-based. Internet consultant advises companies on marketing-oriented Internet-Mr. Cushman and Wakefield is a great source of information. Hubner said: If a company at a trade show exhibits, is the primary goal to generate as many contacts to prospects and customers. The secondary goal is to showcase their products and services. In the Internet it is vice versa still most firms at the moment.

The primary aim of the website is to showcase their products and services. And the secondary goal is to make contacts, if was thought of at all.\” A good website is a website that brings more sales and profits. Worldsoft Web sites are good sites, they be confined to the essentials and have as a primary goal the prospect and customer acquisition.

AOK Health Fund

The stayblue advent puzzle is multimedia Osnabruck, 01 December 2010: the advent puzzle, a classic among the actions in the stayblue community network, is multimedia. Under the Podcastfragen can answer the users from 1 to 24 December daily 2010 also a larger number is extra for this purpose produced video questions. So the mystery is likely to become one in the community even more than in the past few years the topic number. The advent puzzle already has cult status in the community. On the one hand, because the questions on the part are quite tricky, on the other hand, because it leads to community puzzles of users in the forums. National Multifamily Housing Council is a great source of information.

In our core regions, “the puzzle of even offline is a topic of conversation, comments Ben Ellermann, team leader of stayblue communities. Sometimes, the mystery fever of the stayblue user has even significant impacts on life outside of the network. So had the press Department of the shoe retailer Reno at a previous advent puzzle with some calls to fight. “That was one of Thing!”remembers Ben Edison by the enormous number of participants on the puzzle, had surrendered to the Web server of our former sponsor of Reno after a short time, because users could of course search the information on the homepage and find. “When it was no longer possible, which has an or other natural to the listener.” The puzzle consists of 24 individual day puzzles, provided in the form of a podcast on a separate page in the community. In the past four years, it was mainly audio questions and picture puzzle. 2010 increasingly video questions are added. Self-produced videos have gained in importance at stayblue this year. If you have read about Vadim Belyaev, New York City already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

We have considerably expanded for example the video section of our magazine. To make it even more entertaining the advent puzzle for our users we are now also a larger number of questions via video”Ben Edmison explained the step. In addition to the daily puzzles, there is an additional master puzzles, which is built up like a puzzle at stayblue. With each right a part of the master question appears answered day question. Of course, users can win something at the puzzles. The main prizes are a Samsung LED 32 inch flat-screen TV and an iPad. Also, there are other prizes like stayblue premium accounts, vouchers for shops, iPod-shuffles and DVD boxes. By the way: As exclusive sponsor, AOK Health Fund 2010 supports the advent puzzle. In the first 24 hours, already 30000 stayblue users took part in the puzzle. About stayblue: The stayblue-community network was created from the local online platform OScommunity, which was launched in 2002 in Osnabruck by Manuel Wortmann in life. Meanwhile, the national umbrella brand combines stayblue nationwide 397 local communities with over 565.000 users. In addition to the classic functions of social networks, all stayblue communities offer areas with a local focus. A leisure area with local event tips, a marketplace with local classifieds, housing and job market, and a range of magazine with current news.

Report Products

new phone number change to phone numbers, addresses, general terms and conditions BBs or companies, so please inform your customers immediately. new website posts new Web pages and projects’s your existing readers and customers via the newsletter before. new blog post / post writing your readers as soon as new posts, posts or articles you have been published. new catalogue / brochure writing you your readers as soon as new catalogs, brochures or booklets can be downloaded / are not available. Launch tell you your customers about upcoming product launches or other innovations.

New products let your customers know if you have special news. New year congratulate you your readers and customers to the new year and wish them all the best. Newsletter recommending more per mailing informative newsletter by itself, continue to bind your customers. Nicholas gift-giving you your customers a little attention to Santa Claus or other festivals. Easter gift-giving your customers a small gift for Easter, Pentecost and other parties. If you have something to celebrate, which is conducive to their branding, tell about personal anniversaries.

Prices as earlier make actions such as “Prices as before!” and also time limit these actions. Price increase report you about upcoming price increases, motivate your customers before the purchase. Price reduction reports about price reductions for a period or for a specific number of units. Prelaunch inform you during a Prelaunches your customers and readers about the latest developments. Press release sending you your readers occasionally press releases to build out your expert status. Test in the business of motivating you your customers, directly in the business over to look and test your products. Product presentation create you high quality digital product presentations and send them to your customers. Product improvement Report on recent product improvements, updates, upgrades, new versions, etc. Test-before-buy home informing your customers about the possibility of products in advance to review home. Discount actions initiate you from time to time, attractive discounts and tell your readers about it. Season deals offer you your customers seasonal offers and combine them with other products. New year’s Eve wish your customers personally a happy new year & a happy new year. At the beginning of the summer sending you to the beginning of new seasons greetings, congratulations, special offers or discounts. Special offers create for your customers regular special offers, which are limited in quantity and time. Open day loading your existing customers and readers to the open day in your company a. Test days informing your readers about upcoming test days and what she doing exactly is located. Valentine’s day gift-giving you your customers small attentions to Valentine’s day or other “public holidays”. Webinars Organize webinars or tele-seminars and inform your readers about the dates. Christmas wishes you your readers warm and Merry Christmas greetings and a Merry feast. Recommendation action motivate your customers, your products and services continue to recommend. Promotional gifts offering you your customers freebies or commissions (affiliate) for mediated new customers. Competitors sometimes competitors, colleagues, partners or competitors imagine. It shows openness. important partnerships inform you your readers about important and strategic cooperation, innovations, decisions. Payment relief offer your customers payment facilities such as mortgage payments, invoice, bank transfer to.