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Report Products

new phone number change to phone numbers, addresses, general terms and conditions BBs or companies, so please inform your customers immediately. new website posts new Web pages and projects’s your existing readers and customers via the newsletter before. new blog post / post writing your readers as soon as new posts, posts or articles you have been published. new catalogue / brochure writing you your readers as soon as new catalogs, brochures or booklets can be downloaded / are not available. Launch tell you your customers about upcoming product launches or other innovations.

New products let your customers know if you have special news. New year congratulate you your readers and customers to the new year and wish them all the best. Newsletter recommending more per mailing informative newsletter by itself, continue to bind your customers. Nicholas gift-giving you your customers a little attention to Santa Claus or other festivals. Easter gift-giving your customers a small gift for Easter, Pentecost and other parties. If you have something to celebrate, which is conducive to their branding, tell about personal anniversaries.

Prices as earlier make actions such as “Prices as before!” and also time limit these actions. Price increase report you about upcoming price increases, motivate your customers before the purchase. Price reduction reports about price reductions for a period or for a specific number of units. Prelaunch inform you during a Prelaunches your customers and readers about the latest developments. Press release sending you your readers occasionally press releases to build out your expert status. Test in the business of motivating you your customers, directly in the business over to look and test your products. Product presentation create you high quality digital product presentations and send them to your customers. Product improvement Report on recent product improvements, updates, upgrades, new versions, etc. Test-before-buy home informing your customers about the possibility of products in advance to review home. Discount actions initiate you from time to time, attractive discounts and tell your readers about it. Season deals offer you your customers seasonal offers and combine them with other products. New year’s Eve wish your customers personally a happy new year & a happy new year. At the beginning of the summer sending you to the beginning of new seasons greetings, congratulations, special offers or discounts. Special offers create for your customers regular special offers, which are limited in quantity and time. Open day loading your existing customers and readers to the open day in your company a. Test days informing your readers about upcoming test days and what she doing exactly is located. Valentine’s day gift-giving you your customers small attentions to Valentine’s day or other “public holidays”. Webinars Organize webinars or tele-seminars and inform your readers about the dates. Christmas wishes you your readers warm and Merry Christmas greetings and a Merry feast. Recommendation action motivate your customers, your products and services continue to recommend. Promotional gifts offering you your customers freebies or commissions (affiliate) for mediated new customers. Competitors sometimes competitors, colleagues, partners or competitors imagine. It shows openness. important partnerships inform you your readers about important and strategic cooperation, innovations, decisions. Payment relief offer your customers payment facilities such as mortgage payments, invoice, bank transfer to.

Andrea Berg SchlagerPlanet

Schlager music, Schlager give – SchlagerPlanet line click, bells, pop packs Munich, 25.11.2013 click, click, click. Time for the 1st advent is the SchlagerPlanet of the musical stars in a new light and invites all people to the Christmas shopping, because: pop music is now directly at SchlagerPlanet.com at home. Now, pop and folk music fans can purchase all haptic products of their favorite stars directly in the new SchlagerPlanet online shop. In other words: CDs, DVDs, and much more are now available without long er links to other shop on SchlagerPlanet.com and land without further ADO under the Christmas tree. SchlagerPlanet.com now puts together the Christmas parcels for its user.

“” “Whether the pure joy of life” by Beatrice Egli, the play of colours “by Helene Fischer or Atlantis” by Andrea Berg, all latest pranks of the largest and smallest stars in the hit sky are now on SchlagerPlanet.com directly to purchase. Thus SchlagerPlanet.com is the future also, to determine of the sales charts at. Markus Dan Lally, Managing Director SchlagerPlanet: With the launch of our own online shop on SchlagerPlanet.com we expand further our brand SchlagerPlanet, which has established itself since a year and proven, on the market of the music portals. In addition to daily news, stories, competitions u.v.m. We offer a full-service of hit products from the own House therefore fans and users. We want to further consolidate the confidence of users in the SchlagerPlanet brand with a reliable shipping to start first to Germany and Austria,.” With the interactive SchlagerPlanet advent calendar (www.SchlagerPlanet.com/ advent calendar) SchlagerPlanet.com also offers all fans of pop and folk music, you can win attractive prizes. Concert tickets, magazines, CD boxes, live DVDs, gift vouchers, gift tips, funny pictures or crossword puzzle hiding behind 24 door with exciting and entertaining tasks and quiz questions about life, love, lust and Passion of pop and folk stars.

One of the doors is, for example, Helene Fischer’s star of the advent season”dedicated to a different Beatrice Egli as newcomer of the year”. To win, there are daily autographed CDs and DVDs by universal, Sony, Telamo or there music and concert tickets of Semmel concerts, coupons from SchlagerPlanet, Zaatari, myphotobook, myprinting and much more. Among all participants who open all 24 doors, large prizes such as extensive city packages for two people will be raffled to Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden or Davos with two nights ‘ lodging, for example in the Hilton or Radisson Hotel and concert visits like the pop star parade. With the opening of the special door”increases the chance to win the top prizes. Whether the Sealife Munich, the Therme Erding, the Europa Park rust, the Rott Valley spa or a ski – and snowboard courses, a concert by Helene Fischer or Howard Carpendale surprises of any kind guaranteed.

Online Pharmacies With Homeopathy

Independent comparison reviewed the mail-order pharmacy Medipolis.de Jena, 12.06.13 – the independent comparison portal reviewed Getestet.de online pharmacies that offer a larger selection of natural remedies in addition to the classic range. When comparing prices, range and service section Medipolis.de as the best of the six rated mail-order pharmacies. In addition to the ever-growing market on the Internet of medicinal products also on homeopathy as a gentle alternative to usual drug demand. Robert J. Shiller has much experience in this field. Traditional medicines against pain, fever, or hay fever are in almost in every pharmacy to find regarding the range and depth of natural remedies, homeopathy, and biochemistry differ this often. The test results varied also in the assessment of value for money, service and user friendliness.

The Medipolis.de was very good with an average grade of 1.5 and the test result”online pharmacy appointed as test winner by the independent comparison portal (test 03/2013). The wide range of Medipolis.de in the field Natural healing offers categories how Bach flower remedies, homeopathic remedies, Schussler salts and natural cosmetics use a wide product range for all who on gentle healing and natural resources. The extensive range of Advisor also informs about various health issues, free from the German landline telephone advice of pharmaceutical professionals is competent, supply and return are quickly and easily. We are very pleased in the test victory by Medipolis.de”says MELANI Okon, marketing manager of Medipolis group of companies. Our team working every day hard to anticipate the expectations and wishes of our customers and to fulfill.” Medipolis.de interested to sale of the test winner natural healing-583 / the quotes in the category of natural healing properties, see. With the periodic newsletter is one informed about current health topics or with exclusive discounts on classical as natural remedies. Medipolis.de is about Medipolis.de mail order pharmacy: Online mail order area of the Saale pharmacy Jena, which belongs to the Medipolis.de group of companies.

The Medipolis.de mail order pharmacy attaches great importance to the quick and discrete delivery of medicines and health products. The approved mail-order pharmacy pharmacists guarantee the safe delivery of medicines and health products, a comprehensive pharmaceutical advice and care.