Quarters Valley

The main aspects observed in the study point with respect to the fact of that the impact of the verticalizao of the constructions seems to be on to the geometric arrangement of the buildings, being the removal between them (permeability to the environmental resources) being an important aspect in the alteration of the climatic 0 variable and in the conditions of formation of the island of the urban heat. In accordance with the study, from an empirical model of simulation, the main factor is that as practically does not exist more lots for future incorporations, the real estate sector sees in the neighboring area, Village of the Mountain range and Valley of the Night watchman, its exit for urban expansion. In turn, the Quarters Valley of the Night watchman and Village of the Mountain range, be situated next to the forest reserve of Mata of the Jambreiro and are, according to Blacksmith; Assis (2006), area of entrance of the winds for the city of Belo Horizonte. VILELA (2007) affirms that in urbanizadas areas, the wind can change its direction and speed quickly which had to some factors such as, the conformation of the topography, the distribution of the green areas, the orientation of the streets and height of the buildings. Generally, the biggest rugosidade of the fabric urban provokes the reduction of its speed and the occurrence of specific aerodynamic effect in determined areas (effect pilotis, Venturi, of I sing, etc). As consequence, the thermal exchanges for convection are harmed, favoring the accumulation of heat in determined areas of the urban enclosure, resulting in the effect of the heat island (COAST, 1982; FLEET; SCHIFFER, 2003; JOHANSSON, 2006 apud VILELA, 2007). With regard to the legislation, the Managing Plan and the new Law of Use and Occupation of the Ground of Belo Horizonte (Law 7166/96), although to contain some advances (method of ' ' envelope solar' ' for calculation of the removals and more including portions of the green areas), they have received some critical ones from researchers, therefore the proposals elaborated in the preliminary studies, with the end on the basis of to provide to better conditions of ambient comfort the urban drawing and planning, had not been used in the elaboration of the current law.