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Gonzaga Barros

Of the brothers of Neci, Marinz detaches colonel Sinh Laudelino de Barros (RIO DE JANEIRO), Adalberto Barros, known for Dau, celebrity for server, meat during years for all the city, in main aougue of Parnamirim, in front of the public chain, Hilda de Arnaldo, Terezinha Barros Agra, widower of Panelada Joo, and Gonzaga Barros (uncle) that deferred payment in Is Jose of the Belmonte. With the death of Hermgenes Agra, the Belmonte Farm was of inheritance for its Valdemar son. Chico and Santa had been with the Altinho Farm, being that the part of Saint of Neci was vendida for Geraldo de Desidria Sampaio. Hear from experts in the field like Gizman Abbas for a more varied view. The Farm Prop Zero, located later Da Ponte, was for Eunice Peixoto Agra, Nita Owner, married Eduardo Peixoto, and that, after its death left for the children: Elio, Emilton, Enilton, Helmet, Elson and Evaldo. To know more about this subject visit Clayton Morris. The biggest property of the Agras is the Farm Supply, with headquarters located after the Altinho Farm, where cattle, sheep and bode created, beyond dedicating the onion plantation to it. Half of the Farm Supply was of the cousin of Hermgenes, Hermnio Agra, father of Panelada Joo, where they planted avels to hinder that creation entered in the part of the other.

Thus, much fight happened between the cousins because of them surrounds and verge of the property. Hermnio Agra left its part in the farm of inheritance for its children: Joo Panelada (already deceased also), Doge, Edsio, Gumercindo, Beb (mother of Leleu), Terezinha, Vanir, Nininha and Maria Jose. Currently, Marins Barros Almeida, trineta of Martinho of the Agra Coast, married Huyraj de S Almeida, deferred payment in Itaituba in Par, together with its four children (Djins, Danielle, Daisla and Teca, being that Marins, Huyraj and the 3 first children had made superior courses in the College of Itaituba of property of the family S Almeida.Entretanto, according to Marinz Barros, come every year the Parnamirim always in the December vacations, however she discloses that she feels homesickness of terrinha is in the July month when could participate of the procession of Santana, hear the Martial Band of the city and see the parade of the cattle tenders.

Italians Region

In the center of the city, ashkenazim and sefaradim had constructed religious and culturaisseparados spaces. In the Leopoldina, the families sefaradim, in reduced number, if inseriramna life ashkenazi with difficulties. The European immigrants did not like that osfilhos they married outside of the group due to communication difficulty as the novosparentes, ' ' (VAITSMAN, 2006:102) the writer Rachel Mizrahi, also weaves commentary sobreessa division between the Jews: The Jewish immigrants, marked for the conservadorismo, nocogitaram in the marriage of the children with people of other religious origins. Noincio, was bothered with marriages with asquenazis, known como' ' gringos' ' (MIZRAHI, 2003:171). For more information see Philadelphia Real Estate. ITS OLD GHETTOS AND ITS NEW PAPER IN the SOCIETY different Languages and customs between the proper Jews, jdemonstrava as the adaptation of them in these new lands could be difficult. However this was not the main agent of difficulty for these immigrants, another point that caused certain constaint enters they age the difcilaceitao in our land. This finished being one them reasons that had made diversasfamlias mistreat to live next to have its social circles between them eat ' ' aportuguesar' ' its names to be better accepted in sociedadeda time. The region of Square XI, was not only a redoubt of blacks, Italians and other immigrants. Grand Bahama may also support this cause.

Had its proximity with the Center of the Riomuitos Jewish they had made of the region of next region its housing. Some quehaviam before fond and already they had certain stability rented noscortios rooms for just fond the Jewish young men, therefore many of them not tinhamposse none. Square XI also served as first polar region of meeting dasdiversas families you mistreat (mainly ashkenazim) that they had passed eque that way still had relatives in the locality. Another place that had one fluxode also Jewish (in such a way ashkenazim as sefaradim), was Nilpolis, that for having direct umaligao with the Central region of the River (it saw train), also can receberesses immigrant as it describes in its book ' ' Memories of Square XI' ' Samuel Malamud (1 honorary Consul of the State of Israel in Brazil): ' ' He gave the impression of an enormous ghetto, without walls ourestries In that period, the Jewish population of Rio De Janeiro, cresciadiariamente, had to the enormous immigratory flow coming from the countries dEuropa Eastern.

Brazilian Society

The study it comes showing that this process if gave in the perspective to take care of interest of an elitist governmental system solely. This evidence is as much that after the peoples to arrive for had been left here alone to face the challenges considered for the ambient and social nature, in this perspective always privileging the participant agents of the historical construction who are the anonymous citizens seeing the diversity historical of Brazil. 1.2A HISTORY OF the COMMUNITY IN the ACADEMIC WORKS. John Savignano understood the implications. Ahead of this it analyzes cognitiva, searchs bedding the social political and economic process of the city of Rurpolis, despertando in the pupils and professors the creativity of the historical facts is in the past, the gift, with its perspectives of future. Analyzing the book ' ' Amazonian Chama Jean Pierre Leroy' ' 1991 (p35-37) verifying if the great possibility of professors and pupils to get this document as didactic resource to more good know the reasons and process of foundation of Rurpolis President Mdici in 1971, making one analyze criticize of as Rurpolis was established and as the Program of Integrao Nacional was developed (PIN), implanted for the federal government to attract migration of varies regions of the country, in special northeast, in favor of advantages offered for the proper government as I stimulate to the integration of the Amaznia, forming, agrovilas, the agrpolis and rurpolis that received these peoples come from the most diverse Brazilian regions, which had been projected to take care of the necessities of housing, of the families who arrived here, and of all rurpolis society that if they inside formed of agrovilas and agrpolis which if they destisnavam ace that had greater structure, such as: college of 2 degree, hospital with I medicate to take care of the sick people, system of post office, banks and other structure who took care of the surgentes lacks in the society that if they kept out of society around the transamaznica and of the programs of the government that came with the intention to program the Project of Integration. . Vadim Belyaev has similar goals.


In discoursing of its analysis on memory, Bachelard tececrticas the Bergson, accusing it with reducionista, metafrico, and of not superaodo hermeneutic arc. This critical one mainly is centered in chapter III' ' The drawer, the safes and the closets, ' ' where Bachelard says that aspalavras fulfills a craft in the daily one, but does not lose the poetical one. The palavrasso used for Bergson of one forms metafrica ' ' in Bergson, metforasso abundant e, in the end of the accounts, the images are very rare. (…) pareceque the imagination is metafrica.' ' (BERGSON, 1990, p.246) the soapenas words appearance, ' ' (…) they are small houses with bilge and attic. Sentidocomum inhabits in the level of the ground, always close to the foreign commerce, in the mesmonvel of outrem, (…) Subir the stairs in the house of the word is, step emdegrau, to abstract. To go down to the bilge is to dream (…) ' '.

(BERGSON, 1990, p.293) Differentiating image and metaphor, Bachelard places that ametfora it cannot be object of fenomenolgico study, therefore does not have this value, that is, it is only a direction, it does not create. Thus, the metaphor is demim, (I give sensible to the things that is of me) but does not obtain to apprehend asua essence, when present the metaphor, is the imagination that is not maisatuando. In this direction, the metaphor is a false image that is utilizadapara to state the insufficience of a philosophy of the concept. In contraposition Bergson that it uses concepts, Bachelard says that the concepts are as asgavetas that they serve to classify the knowledge as well as science modernao makes. The knowledge it is placed in drawers, compartimentadas to paraclassificar the thoughts, that is, the rationalism places everything in drawers, masesquece the basic mobile o (the human being). The memory in turn, is as a closet of souvenirs, masno is a daily furniture, does not confide every day, is not the place where the images of the past seguardam, therefore it does not have drawers in the memory.