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I'm your specific case said. Anna Real Estate I have received not only a residence permit, I have learned! Read somewhere that even brought photos of pets, to confirm the return, so really possible? And in proof relations can bring my letter to the guy, or just inviting a person? Hoffman And what do you answer a question on how much money you're going to go to Germany, or what tools you live. Anyone who invites work? Anna Yes, it works. The invitation noted that the mating takes all the costs themselves (accommodation, meals, etc.). If I do not say anything about the guy, and going to the one who invites (he is 40 years old and he has a wife, a Ukrainian, it I very well know her 38 years, and I'm 19 years old) and I think to stay with them for 90 days, do you think, will open a visa? Hoffman No, I will give a maximum of 20 days a month, but just fire all the coordinates of the relatives leave. Entlein I when to my then-boyfriend was driving, I was an invitation to make his mother, I said that I was going to stay with her aunt for the holidays.

I have before going to the embassy for a long time invented a legend about how we might be relatives, and if my aunt and uncle and their whole family were born and raised in Tajikistan, but I Kaliningrad. But nothing, I did not even ask anything – my aunt and the aunt. The visa was given for 60 days. The Embassy was in Moscow and before that I was in Germany, 2 times for tourism. I think that lie at the embassy is not worth it. And indeed Embassy, by and large, no matter who you are going – to the guy, uncle, aunt, etc., it is important that you have returned on time and within the country to behave decently. Can ask friends to help you type them work? Surely you have some friend who has his own firm and was not hard to be a paper issue.

Need just a reference in the company's letterhead, that you are operating, it is not difficult. And yet, I think, not bad would make a guarantee that your parents, relatives, etc. ready to assume the cost of your stay in Germany. It does not matter what you wrote in the questionnaire, even at the embassy will be an additional guarantee that you are normal wealthy man, who is on what money is in Germany. Well, bank statements, too, of course, can not hurt.