Apartments for Sale

Similarly, actions answer the previous question, we click on the address selected apartment and go to its minisite. Here again we have seen all the data about the apartment, and in addition we see its position on an individual managed card, where apartment individually marked a big red point. The second method. It is possible to observe directly all the 'hot' deals for the sale of apartments on the same card Mytischi the same time! To do this, open 'geoMytischi', then go to 'Maps of the city' and then click on picture with the inscription 'Map of real estate and new construction Mytischi'. Before us there managed real estate map Mytischi. On it we see a large variety of brown badges. In some icons shows a yellow house with the letter 'S' brown inside.

This is the apartment up for sale. Although, in the legend to the map has all the symbols, however, except for apartments for sale, there exist other kinds of real estate Mytischi and their corresponding icons. They are all too visible on this "map of real estate and new construction Mytischi '. More interesting results were compared with the card offers real estate search engine and search engine map. Typing in search string query 'flats for sale' or 'buy a flat', we observe on the map to search not only of desired apartments and real estate agents who sell apartments in the city of . So way, 'Map of real estate and new construction Mytischi', as well as search map search engine results for the query 'flats for sale', allowed us to immediately assess the amount and price of the actual proposals for the sale of apartments in Mytischi.