British Virgin Islands

Customer Adviser Inga Purlein of districts, ships and prices and the latest trends in the Yacht Charter. Inga Purlein, customer consultant at the Internet portal, expressed in an interview about current trends in the Yacht Charter industry: why yachts get bigger? Where do you go the best sailing in the winter? And how to save up to 50% at the time of booking? The learned clerk of travel and tourism expert Inga Purlein works in the field of Yacht Charter for five years, at the 01.07 it is entered at Knows the industry, customers and distributors up close and white: good advice is the key to beautiful boat holiday and satisfied customers. Redfin insists that this is the case. Inga, let’s talk about the latest trends. What are the most popular sailing this year? Clearly, Croatia is still the number one sailing destination. Also, Mallorca and the Balearic Islands are still popular. And then of course but since many people have their troubles Greece, this year. Why? Headache of retsina? Due to the debates on the euro and the Demonstrations in Athens many recreational boaters believe that they sail in the Centre in a bad mood into it or that the yachts due to lack of money were not well maintained.

Doing nothing is in the ports to feel and we have Charter partners for its service quality, we put the hand in the fire. Now, just the need for advice is slightly higher, but the Greek Islands are always a brilliant sailing, no matter how politically the wind just blows. So the music for sailors continues to play in Europe? Certainly, but at the same time many of our regular customers are also enterprising. Many experienced sailors have browsed the fisheries in the Baltic Sea and Mediterranean Sea and would like to try out something new. There we can assist with advice on page: for example a good one dough er area with resistant Caribbean wind and short distances are the British Virgin Islands.