Consent of the legal representative required the non-custodial father may make without the consent of the mother no pictures of the common child on a publicly accessible Web site. This applies to pages where everyone free can register, so the District Court of Menden in its judgment of 3 February 2010 (AZ: 4 C-526/09). The unmarried father posted photos of his one and a half year old child on an Internet site. On this site everyone can be accessed free of charge before logging on. The only non-custodial mother did not agree with this release and sued the father out as a representative of the child, not to publish the photos on the Internet and spread. The Court gave her right.

The rights of the child get hurt by a publication of the image, because the father had not required consent alone guardian mother. The illustrated namely legally, so it requires the consent of the legal representative. This applies at least as long, until the Minors were mentally. The father had therefore no right to distribute photos of their child without the consent of the mother on the Internet. The District Court ruled not expressly as it looks in cases in which circulate photos only in the closest circle of friends and acquaintances. While there would have been a different decision might. Whether on issues such as separation maintenance or consequences of divorce, visitation or stay of children, marriage contract or paternity test: in all family disputes is your first point of contact a family lawyer. It gives you expert advice and makes you like legal assistance – out of court as well as in court. Also for you you are Germany-far more than 6,500 family lawyers and family lawyers in the German bar association with their experience and high competence in family law in any case a reliable partner.