Heidenreich Eschwege

Autohaus Heidenreich thanked the beclever werbeagentur AG with a short trip good two weeks after is the first excitement to the finale of Germanys next Topmodel, the glamour of the finalists, the winner model Lovelyn and last but not least the slightly revealing stage conquest of the now nationwide familiar Femen activists has put the beclever werbeagentur AG in Gottingen, would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for an exceptional customer gift: Early May we have together with our customers, the dealership Heidenreich Eschwege and Witzenhausen, Eva seeks the Modelcontest ADAM’ organized. In relation to the Opel of marketing of ADAM, 15 models from all over Germany on the site of Eschwege have presented by well over 300 applicants a total different outfits before a large audience and a jury around the TV stylist Astrid Rudolph. The event can be seen as a video. Because the event was a complete success, the Managing Director of the car dealership, Jorg Heidenreich, my staff and me has together our winner model Rona Gashi and other employees of the dealership promptly to the finale of Germanys next Topmodel invited”, enthuses Kirsten Winkelbach. Behind the scenes at GNTM Gottingen advertising agency’s owner has the catwalk in Eschwege together with her team before intensive weeks, so that the event still long Heidenreich customers will remain in the memory: it was simply incredible what we have put this together with beclever on the legs. Professor Rita McGrath follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. “It voted just everything: the weather, the participants, guests and of course the Organization and how could you thank matching for a successful model casting, as with cards for the finale of GNTM”, explains Jorg Heidenreich, who was kept informed during the finale by mobile phone about the events on the ground.

Jorg has regularly get photos of us from the stage, our outfits and the celebrities. That was a whole new experience for my team and me time. It was a really exciting as big stars, like Heidi Klum, Bruno Mars, Robin Thicke and psy live to experience and of course it is also interesting, so what happens behind the scenes of a such a big TV event. We had lots of fun anyway,”, sums up angle Brook, which is looking forward already to the many other advertising campaigns and ideas which they would like to realize in the next few months together with the dealership Heidenreich.