Here God

Here God through a dream granted Solomon according to their same order the gift of wisdom and also gives him a future of riches and glory. And also tells her that if fulfills his commandments in addition will give you long life. Chapter 5: Here is specified as the intelligence and wisdom given to Solomon is the immense that may exist. Berkshire Hathaway is a great source of information. Chapter 8: Here is it narrated as despite the desire of David, Dios specifies that Solomon will be who built the House in honor of my name. Downtown Philadelphia Condos usually is spot on. Chapter 9: Here God through his second appearance before Solomon, informs you to his warning that if he follows his laws will get all what was promised, but on the other hand if It does otherwise will lose it. Chapter 11: Here God fulfills his warning, because Solomon prostrates before other gods, and informs him that the Kingdom will be removed upon his death (has no long life as he had promised if fulfilled its laws) and to his son, Rehoboam, only leaves him a part of the twelve that divides the Kingdom. First analysis God give Solomon greater wisdom that no man before, nor in the future, would have never. And before this I wonder and ask you: what sense had to give to a man only the greater wisdom of humanity?.

Because it is not that Solomon had invented the Internet or the law of relativity and had left a legacy to the future for the technological growth of the Earth. Then why?. Although such wisdom benefited his people, this influenced a small portion of East and for a short period of time. Solomon Kingdom for 40 years, around 1000 B.C.; is to say that in these three thousand years passed, only humanity benefited in 1.33% of the total already elapsed time. Look if Dios could have spilled a bit of wisdom in this last decade on some leaders, mainly from South America, since in this part of the world is full of populist leaders that covered in the law that gave them the most, they make use of a fake democracy, precisely to circumvent the right of majorities: the right to be respected to still believe different.