Natural Environment

In that way I like the houses of field and everything that surrounds them. Whenever I can, I visit the home of some great friends. They are a married couple who live in an old and faraway farmhouse surrounded by lush trees and vegetation very thick. This time, I decided to spend the weekend with them since I was invited repeatedly to all enjoy good meat and vegetables and delight us with a good daily meal. To them, excited to cook new dishes which makes them awaken the gustatory portion of great gourmets.

Today, good morning, I was already awakened the captain of the poultry. A very tall and erect cock of firm steps that went from one side to another. Only you was missing, a uniform to resemble a real army officer. Its ridges of intense red and the variety of colors in their feathers, reflecting abundant sun rays forming a good set. More or less half an hour has passed, already ourselves the three sitting at the long wooden table where a few slices of bread toasts in the fire of the fireplace, accompanied by a few onions and potatoes to grilled, along with some good chops of lamb, sausage and langonizeta of his own. A thick and pungent allioli all watered a good red wine of body and good harvest, gave the final touch to our resounding breakfast lunch. Then he waited us a good ride by del monte, clear.

Maria LLuisa, ending already give a good SIP excellent broth, makes me the next question. -JOAN, that PODIAMOS do with this meat that us abundance – to which you respond. TOMORROW WE WILL DO A FEW ONIONS STUFFED WITH MASHED POTATOES AND CHOPPED MEAT. We empty the onions with a knife. Now, in a tall container with turmix, we blend the pulp of 6 roasted potatoes, Roasted Onion, 1 sausage, 2 langonizetas, 4 boneless lamb chops and 2 tablespoons of oli i alli. It blend everything, we fill with the crushed onions. We’ll cover slightly with already fried tomato each onion and We gratinaremos them to the oven. TERRIFIC!