Neither Dona Juana

Because judging is to discern good and evil. He professes justice in total freedom, the limits of the freedom of an individual are those who point out the freedom of another, or the rights of the community. God himself considers as sacred and therefore inviolable, the freedom of the human soul. We must be tolerant of all political parties. The free will of choice in political and social causes more truthful, more candid, more honorable and fair less iri. No man in particular, nor the misma nation have the right to deprive our fellow citizens of the ability to progress physically, spiritually and intellectually, but we must be men with God’s instruction. With the most complete tolerance for all individuals and political organizations that protect so battered justice. Will then be you which put the Bell the cat?(how it is said in Creole slang).

Answer: No, not I will be. NI Juan. Neither Pedro. Neither Dona Juana. Some time ago you visited our country, passing through Buenos Aires political scientist Joachin SARTORIUS, German specialist in cultural policy.

This prolific idealist who graduated from the University of Munich, reflects on the possibilities that the culture of integrating a fractured world (daily Clarin-martes 3 – SET-96-p. 17 Opinion). We must work for the qualified vote from the bases. From the neighborhood of barrio. Who better than our neighbors known to political candidates? Who better than our neighborhood representative to be able to vote for the municipal IPA? And to finish: when will the day in which we jerarquicemos to the illiterate of our homeland. The ideas are given. The possibilities of an open mind by part they would be given Government but who is the first to place the Bell the cat?. I want. But I can’t. Can you friend reader? Or you councilman, Congressman, Senator, politicians in general, or Mr President yourself? No matter which councilman, Congressman or Senator or President.