Soviets Housewife

Mirrors decorate the room, visually expand its internal space and provide us with objective information about our appearance. But without timely treatment it is bound to tarnish the mirror and not be able to fill the bill. Therefore, among the many tips on household management recommendations for cleaning mirrors have a special place. The first useful advice concerns the location of the mirror. Practice shows that the mirror quickly fade when struck by sunlight, so do not install or do not hang them in front of the window. Originality, brilliance and luster faded reflecting surface cleaning will return mirrors with a solution of ammonia and water. Alcohol should be diluted with water in a ratio . In order not to fog up a mirror in the bathroom it can lubricate the back of the molten wax, mixed with turpentine.

But the smell of turpentine – is not the best flavor bathroom, so it is recommended to combat fogging a mirror a more acceptable way: wipe the surface of the mirror for the bathroom soaked flannel shampoo, and then just wipe it dry. Fogging the mirror in the bathroom can be avoided if sprinkle on the surface of the balloon with antizapotevatelem enjoyed by motorists. And to prevent fogging the mirror as a result of the impact of moist air bathroom, you can either stick on the rear surface of the plaster strips (with frame capture), or cover up the grooves between the mirror frame and window putty. Very effective cleaning mirrors alcohol-containing substances (eg, cologne). Just soak a swab and treat their reflective surfaces, to handle the corners of the pad can be spread on a match. "Launched", long mirror can be peeled lead to the "divine form", carefully wiping his reflective surface with chalk or tooth powder, pre-washed with warm water and soap. Mystics claim that the mirrors maintain information about anyone they have ever reflected. It is likely that this "old wives' tales", but clean and sparkling mirrors are an ornament of our life, and proper care of them does not require any "transcendent" effort.