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Happy Sun Protection

Now in many cheeky designs as soon as the first rays of the Sun bring warmer temperatures in the spring, it draws people out there gardens, playgrounds and parks, swimming pools and Lakes be recaptured UV protection for children after the long winter break. Especially children want and should have fun outdoors and move. You are exposed to the Sun in particular so naturally. The children provide plenty of exercise in the open air and at the same time protect from head to toe from too much UV radiation, this is the slogan of many parents. The skin of children and infants is very sensitive, especially the head and the neck. When playing outdoors, suitable headwear is therefore a must.

To protect the children, but not only against sunburn on the head, but also from a sunstroke. The Patchana’ sophisticated sun protection for children and adults an excellent sun protection is the Patchana of patch wear a head scarf in the application simple and convenient. Due to the special nature of carrying the bandana designed originally for athletes, especially for children ideal: it fits perfectly to the head and is very pleasant on the skin by the cuddly and soft fabrics. The laterally integrated elastic enable growth with”the head covering. In addition they give perfect support, nothing slipped or whether flies at the romping, splashing or digging.

Especially for young children, the Patchana is therefore an ideal companion to protect the sensitive head skin from too much sun and to prevent a sunstroke. In the spring or fall, the headscarf replaces also the cap on cooler days. The Patchana fits easily whenever a cheerful protection for small heads is required. The Patchana comes in many fancy and sassy designs and is suitable for small people from one and a half years. Patch-wear by Alexandra Kaiser with untreated fabrics hand-made in Germany”the Patchanas are subject to the high quality standards of patch wear by Alexandra Kaiser. You are in particular the sensitive children’s skin chemical free and good for appropriate allergy-free materials: Are inside and non-woven core cotton with German eco certificate. All products are washable at 30 c and not run when washing. Like all patch-wear by Alexandra Kaiser products are also the Patchanas in its own production in Germany only handmade. The products are sold by patch-wear on sporting events and through the webshop under.

Rampage Hidden Cries

Samantha Dr. Christian Ludke stresses the importance of prevention food. After the rampage by Winnenden, which put Germany in a State of shock, the discussion about necessary consequences will continue. is ntscheidend to strengthen the social networks and the expansion of preventive measures “, underlines Dr. Christian Ludke, renowned Samantha and Managing Director of associated TERAPON Consulting GmbH. hidden cries for help the young people go every rampage to the Kal group ahead”, says the expert. John Savignano gathered all the information. Withdrawal from family, friends and cherished hobbies and diving off of the Internet and violent games in parallel worlds are often warning signs.

“To recognize this and to distinguish from the usual behavior during adolescence is the central challenge. It assumes that parents but also teachers have the personality development of children just in sight, early detection of possible failures “, emphasizes Dr. Laila. A new culture of out of sight and the mediation of value of is necessary therefore in homes and schools “.” In the implementation of prevention measures in schools, service providers could afford important support as TERAPON consulting. Networks of schools, parenting, but also clubs can help professionals and others, early to suggest possible cries for help unstable teenager. De-escalation training the company provides, including how conflicts between young people already defusing can be in advance or as specifically against bullying in schools can be carried out teachers or parents representatives in addition. The full interview with Lord Dr. Christian Ludke, see.