Michaela Kaniber

The accounting service Kaniber informed the double-entry bookkeeping (accounting) within the financial accounting a substantial area represents. The so-called double-entry accounting, the books also is called, is not easy to perform and often in the hands of an accountant. Informed about the double-entry bookkeeping, which is suitable for hard-to-uberschauende business processes, the accounting service Kaniber from Germering. Downside and ledger as central features the double-entry accounting means that every transaction of a company enters doubly. For this purpose two different accounts are created. One side may refer to the debit side (left), the other the credit side (right). To apply this booking rule is set to have. Each transaction must now be indicated in two different books.

Therefore, one speaks of the double entry. In an account, the transaction is posted this on the set, in another on the credit side. The accounts are in Divided balance sheet accounts and profit and loss accounts. In the former, for example, all assets and debt stocks recorded: the profit and loss accounts, however, are among all income and expenses. The double-entry bookkeeping helps the companies to have control over the level of debt at any time, and to know about unpaid customer bills and the liquidity of the company. Who is committed to the double entry, must make annual accounts at the end of each fiscal year. This includes a profit and loss account (p & l) as well as a balance sheet.

The double-entry bookkeeping is advisable for all companies with complex business processes. Merchants (sole proprietor, OHG, KG) are obliged to the double entry, in other words, all companies involved in an independent trade, corporations (GmbH, AG), non-specialists with specific sales and non-specialists, voluntarily in the commercial register the register. For detailed information, it is Accounting service Kaniber from Germering, at any time at the disposal.