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Carlos Vanegas Blackberry Everything is possible in the great economic scenes, where powerful countries as the United States confronts serious economic crisis that it been has affected years in the last. Of course, we do not want in this way in entering themselves in esoterismo and indicating that by the law it causes effect, karmtica law is confronting product probably of its last actions, space warlike like so the sonata the war of Iraq, the threats to Iran, Afghanistan, and other countries. One has commented, that the fundamental problem is the unbalanced development of the economy at world-wide level, the developed countries live on his own economies and than they can sell with comparative advantages to countries of the Third World, maintaining his own economies generating external economies formulates has been it of gold for the progress of the capital, but one forgets that the world must also generate external economies at global level if it is wanted to go out this stagnation, and the variable energetics is the solution to confront moments of crisis like which we live, the vehicle earth is one only and we cannot lower pasajeros.una responsible environmental conduct is vital to follow all ahead. The certain thing, as Jorge Beinstein comments, the recession has settled in the United States, the nourishing subsidies that covered to 26 million and average of people in 2006 they raised in 2007 28 million, level never reached from years 1960. Recently the OECD has reviewed to low its forecasts of growth for the American economy assigning an equal expansion to him to zero for the first semester of the present year, on the other hand the IMF finishes making a prognosis still more burdens including periods of negative growth. These organisms came bombing to the mass media (that they as well bombed to the planet) with optimistic prognoses based on the supposed strength of the North American economy; they maintained that there would not be recession and that the worse thing could be a growth under quickly overflowed by a new expansion if now they admit the recession is because something much worse it is in the horizon.

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This does easier to handle the finances of the budget, in case of succession of the payments of the loan is unequivocal. Nevertheless, the disadvantage is in which the national rates have been demolished, the borrowers end up paying a greater interest in its hypothecating loan. The hypothecating loans are available for the borrowers with fixed and adjustable interest rates. The moneylenders consider the key factors that influence in their decisions regarding the loans a borrower. These factors include the report of credit, alive balance of the credit, accounts of credit card, the initial payment, the income, the interest rates, the bottoms available and the ratio debt/income. In addition, the supply and the demand, the interest rates, the demography and the economic growth relatively influence of the hypothecating industry. Of credit in North America and some countries of the Caribbean, the borrowers to obtain the financing of mortgages by means of the presentation of a request of loan in relation to documents related to the borrower, or the financial history of the insurer of the bank. Alternatively, the borrower can present/display same documents to an agent of mortgages, who after to evaluate the information and provides the borrower with better possible options of financing of the mortgaged property.

Often, the unsuspected borrowers imprisoned of money without scruples of the moneylenders or the intermediaries in-cash to the situation of the borrower and the work from the situation to its favor, whereas the elimination of the responsibility mortgages on the property and the force of the proprietors in hypothecating executions. Mortgaged properties imposed restrictions on the use or elimination of the property as the sale of the property before the closing of payment of the pending debt. The properties are guaranteed by virtue of the mortgage to force the borrower to do a series predetermined of the payments of the loan. A borrower can obtain hypothecating financing to a financial institution like the banks. (Not to be confused with The LeFrak Organization!). Components like the size of the loan, the victory of the loan, the interest rate and the method of payment of loans differ significantly from creditor to another one.

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If you do not want that it knows that you are looking for work in another side, an answer to this type of announcements is a risk. A use opportunity, is certain, but with a company for which nobody wants to work. Perhaps one is a well-known company by his low wages and use bad practices to camouflage his identity as much as it is possible. It is suggested, however, to watch the announcements that are with great size (can be of until ua page, but generally they are of a quarter of page or less) than they put to the companies, with its name, and that indicate the vacancies. These announcements provide more details on the uses available, the requirements asked for to the candidate, and so on., who the normal size. If it is gotten to see an announcement for a work that corresponds to the position that you are looking for, he is advisable to make a pursuit. The sample is not cheap and if a company in particular is investing in them to announce its vacancies, it is there that every time he is more serious of hiring, of the convenience of sending the life leaf immediately. Attention is due to also render if the announcements disappear and reappear after one week or more.

Possibly this means that the employer not to hold the position during the initial launching or that the engaged person did not work. In any case, one is a good employer could be arranged a to reach an agreement on the requirements, wage and other aspects. Also they must be conscious of the small changes in the text of an announcement. It can give an idea than the employer has been lack in the received curriculum. The best way to make a pursuit of the classified announcements is to maintain the section of of every day (or each copy).

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Very valid is affirmation that mentions, that to offer a good service does not reach, if the client does not perceive it, is logical and real to visualize that if the client or user does not perceive that satisfaction as far as his tastes and expectations, therefore the offered service is of quality the general perception will incline towards a dissatisfaction combined to the preferences, motivations and internal needs of the individual. Martinez adds in addition, who he is really desmotivante to compare to Venezuela with the degree of development of other countries and the attention that render in each one of the activities that realise. These countries consider that a good service to the client is a tool powerful and very important of present marketing since its correct performance allows to sell with benefit. What is understood by management on watch, attention to the client? We can define the process of management of the attention to the client according to Hernandez (2007): like a set of activities developed by the organizations with direction to the market, directed to satisfy the needs with the clients and to identify its present expectations, that with a high probability will be their future needs, in order to be able to satisfy them arrived the opportune moment. Very few managers of market in Venezuela directs their efforts in the attainment of strategic targets based on the capacity to catch and fidelizar a sufficiently ample base of clients to generate the income that are going to allow to him to cover their costs and of investing in their own development and progress and on the one of all those that comprise of the company. The main factors for the good management that at the moment present/display weaknesses in the service of attention to the client in they are: courtesy, fast attention, personal informed good, affection, trustworthiness and personal attention. By all previously exposed, it is possible to be indicated that many of the weaknesses of the service of attention to the client have a direct relation with the Management of Markets but unquestionable that all the members of an organization must be aligned with the objective towards a good attention the client, this way very many more it is involved than the Management of Trade would have to take action for fulfilling and so it would have to be the organizational culture of a company. It concludes Martinez in its commentary, that continuously to improve the attention to the client as half to obtain his loyalty it is not a subject to want or not to want, to do something for ” sporadically; agradar” to the clients treats in fact, of an inescapable imperative for all company, great or small, that it tries to continue progressing and advancing in the highly competitive markets of nowadays Definitively, the appreciations and contributions of Martinez are interesting and demonstrates that the companies of the country require of a new culture on watch the client, that one very takes in roadside ditch the consumer, that the necessary attention to its requirements is lent to him and programs stay, actions that guarantee a good service if it is really wanted to assure the fidelity the client towards the company that provides its products and services to him.

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