The Construction

The time is limited for us Somebody said that people when is born already start to die, also speaks, that in the life we only have two certezas, the first one it is that we go to pay many taxes and second is that one day we will have that to face the death. The scholars and the ignorants, the poor persons and the rich ones, the employees and the employers, the masters and the disciples, governing and governed, kings and subjects, religious and atheistic, all one day will go to have that he faces it. Knowing of that type of life we go to live? That type of people we go to be? The death is the phenomenon more solidary than it exists in the face of the land and if it makes or gift in the life of all will become we, the mortal poor persons. The time can be used for the good or for the evil They exist people who spend its lives constructing projects with intention to benefit the humanity, scientists for example, spend thousand of hours of its lives making research, isolated in laboratories and offices, far from everything and of all, searching to make the good for people that nor they know, in objectives that many times they nor will go to usufruct, however the desire to make the good for the people is a constant and continuous motivation in its mind and heart. In the other tip of the rope they are delinquents, the outlaws, corrupt and the corruptores, the times until inside of a tender one of microfiber and a white collar, thinking and acting the time all in the construction of the evil and the destruction of the other people’s life in proper benefit. The time can be used for the good or the evil, of that it forms we are using ours? As I go to deal with the time is decision mine, its is decision that is the choice is personal.