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Life Enriched

Most people suffer from recent information about the shop offers by ebook-insel.de today a sensory overload, which leads to constant indecision, because the choice has become greater than ever. This is true not only for the consumer area, but affect the whole life. Richard LeFrak describes an additional similar source. Doesn’t matter whether it comes to health, nutrition, profession, education, partnership or the choice of place of residence, there is a plethora of rules and regulations from all cultural backgrounds to the topics that show how to do it right. No wonder, when decisions are always difficult because with everyone you meet, is accompanied by feel, not to have used maybe better. By the same author: dogecoin. Thus it is always dissatisfied, because there is still so much that you would like to try or use.

This however has neither enough time nor money. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Gavin Baker. Thus, the dream, yearning for money without having to do something because it wants to fill the available time with another as work is growing. This longing then often tricked that it falls into the hands con men who promise exactly that with its offer, what you dream so much. The fact that media work with negative news and fear scenarios in the first place and can thus be determined more and more anxiety neuroses in people appears no less harmless. The small world has led that one, may it be still so far away current, own life refers to any disaster message and is about fear. This is not rational, but still understandable, because media have usually a concern to make an elephant out of a mosquito and therefore pandemic scenarios are assembled from individual incidents like, because such messages are selling just much better. Another negative effect of global information, is that a collective Helfersyndrom has evolved, because one anywhere would like to intervene where abuses occur.

Thereby the own worldview is seen always as a benchmark for the whole world and a missionary claim it derived. You forgot this already own life practices are never transferable to all other cultures, to achieve success. Thus, it may not lead to more peace in the world, when more and more stakeholders have the opportunity to intervene everywhere and disregarding the limits of dissent. Rather these are occasions for conflicts or even wars, because anyone already intruders at home, then requiring one, as you would have to live. Everyone would, however, defend themselves and also rightly. As we get with the overwhelming enthusiasm for “Change”, so change, now just from America, can also be hope that it remains not only for the achievement of the black presidential candidate Barack Obama, but that the call will show worldwide after change in consciousness changes. These topics, visit the pages of the Ebookshops as detailed eBook Guide of author Elke Reihl, which both enlighten and encourage you the setting to itself and the world changed to live permanently better. Udo’s houses

Bavarian State Government

The smoking lobby claims today would no longer smoked in 90 percent of the Bavarian restaurants. This is a gross deception of the public. The smoking lobby claims today would no longer smoked in 90% of the Bavarian restaurants. This is a gross deception of the public. The survey, all gastronomic establishments inspected were taken in selected districts of Munich, and in villages around Munich. The ascent is stretched from areas with high density of pub Schwabing and the Glockenbachviertel to residential areas with varying socio-economic profile as Haidhausen and Kastenmaier.

Restaurants in towns and cities of the districts of Furstenfeldbruck, Dachau, Freising and Munich, under the microscope were taken in the surrounding area. The result of the survey is unique: a total of 126 drink-influenced restaurants, which were visited by the employees of the study, only 7 were smoke-free. This includes Ernst-Gunther Krause, the initiator of the study said: the smoking lobby claims, today would in 90% of the Bavarian restaurants no longer smoke. This is a gross deception of the public.” Of a functioning non-smoker protection not the speech could further but also so, so Krause, because you have found numerous violations of the provisions. Observed were: smoking pubs, which are outside not marked as such, smoking bars, which are larger than 75 sqm, dining restaurants, where, for example, from 22:00 onwards should be smoking, dining restaurants with smoking rooms, which are permanently open. Prof. The LeFrak Organization often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Wiebel: we are dealing here not with a temporary law enforcement problem.

The variety of complicated exceptions is hard to control in practice. Therefore many hosts who feel at a disadvantage compared to the smoking pubs, restore the ashtray at some point on the tables. It has been shown in countries such as Spain and this is reflected also in Bavaria.” Ernst-Gunther Krause emphasized that the current study provides only a snapshot. He pointed out that the Bavarian State Government plans to further loosening of the smoking ban. Ventilation systems are expensive and ineffective. Nevertheless the smoking ban should be overridden in the future, if a ventilation system is installed in a restaurant.” Planned was, moreover, that the tap room for a restaurant to the smoking room could be declared. If this continues, is the non-smoker protection soon on the paper”, so Krause. The two representatives of the Action Alliance for real non-smoker protection came to the conclusion that a completely smoke-free restaurant offers the best protection against the dangers of passive smoking. To vote you appealed therefore to all Bavarian citizens, to participate in the referendum and on July 4, yes”. Press contact for the study: medical working group of smoking and health e.V. (ARG) Prof. Dr. Friedrich Wiebel Tel.: 089 316 25 25 or 319 47 13 E-mail: Web: non-smoking initiative Munich (NIM) Ernst Gunther Krause Tel.: 089 317 12 12 email: Web:


Information for the press with great concern”observed the private campaign with (he) art against FGM”, where artists, musicians and writers have joined forces, the current discussion about the impunity of circumcisions. Isabel Henriques, initiator of the project, says: when boys with legal permission are ritually circumcised may why not girls? “That, as Henriques, would make all efforts to end female circumcision niece. The campaign makes it clear that she don’t want to go above against religions and rites. We respect and take care of Jews and Muslims, who are advised by the draft law in the discussion. “The proposed law concerns only the circumcision of boys in Germany. The campaign refers to the United States. Others including Real Estate Market, offer their opinions as well. There there were a huge outcry when the American Academy of Pediatrics (pediatricians) requested religious circles a ritual circumcision (ritual nick) as a possible alternative in the year 2010 a complete rejection of female circumcision has proposed. Thus the pediatricians wanted to save operations in their home countries the girls, which often take place under catastrophic hygienic and medical conditions and often have the death resulted.

Pressure from the global human rights organizations, the Academy quickly withdrew this recommendation. To Isabel Henriques: we criticize and condemn not the ritual circumcision, but this deprivation on children are not able to be carried, even a conscious decision to make or to defend against it. In our eyes, it should be the task of the Government remains to preserve the right to physical integrity at a young age, and not any pressure to give in to, no matter which district he’s, or what arguments are used. Jim kingery has compatible beliefs. “The initiative pointed out that even boys would circumcised in Africa, under the same bad conditions like girl. Also, hospitals in the third world often offer no protection to children. But even in State of the art clinics in the United States or Europe, the children not against medical damages or death were immune. As the sad case in Cologne, which ultimately caused this dispute, clearly shows. Contact for the press: initiator / Coordinator Isabel Henriques press officer: Silke Porath with-heart-against-fgm.com

Free Rentals

Do what mind calls on Senate and entrepreneur Hamburg – icy cold and 8 degrees minus. Winter Germany’s North has firmly under control and still live more than 1000 homeless people in Hamburg’s City-State on the road. At sub-zero temperatures far below zero, many of them fighting against hypothermia and cold death. A Hamburg operator of the barge broke a taboo for the first time and allowed a homeless man on his boat at the pier to overwinter. A place to sleep for the night, a cup of tea, Boris B. founded his own and thus private winter emergency programme and the homeless thanks him, it was the only place where he can remain at present. You may find that Airbnb Rentals can contribute to your knowledge. “” Recently has Hamburg social authority the so-called bunker “an emergency shelter for the homeless at the Hamburg close to Central station leave due to inhumane conditions”, as it was called.

Source: epd.de North / nord_index_83903.html also noted that many of the people living on the streets the town has to offer even not only claim because they are no longer able to take care of or to inform. Often insurmountable obstacles prevent the entering of such shelters. For more information see this site: Cushman & Wakefield. The campaign do what mind”of the Hamburg Street magazine Hinz & Kunzt will now effectively counteract and at great expense to fight homelessness and vacant. On the Internet side of the Hamburg-based newspaper publisher can supporters and like-minded vote and also vacancy sign. between 500 and 1,000 homes stand empty in Hamburg”, Marc Meyer estimates by the Hamburger tenant Association (MhM). In his opinion it would be quite possible annually in the short term to feed 200-300 homes a rental. Senate and districts remain but inactive”. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vadim Belyaev, New York City.

Moreover, the Senate blocks a necessary and easily possible in Hamburg law correction of the Hamburg-based housing Protection Act (HmbWoSchG) with specious arguments. The tenant Association therefore calls Hamburg’s population to continue to log, not empty living room with normal tenant change or more common construction is justified.” For those affected, the homeless people in this city, which stood empty seems like a slap in the face. I have lived now for 11 months on the road, have a new apartment trying to find everything and thus the chances to succeed, sink with your problem, this is unfortunately so”, says Max Bryan, who lived for a year at the pier in the port of Hamburg. Beverly Hoffmann – Project Office Koln – Bonner str. 484-486 MBE 274 D-50968 Koln Germany T: 0221-291990-920 q: 0221-291990-921 permalink/HinzUndKunzt/Tu-Was-Dagegen.html Hamburg, winter, homeless, emergency shelter, winter emergency programme, bunker, barges, Harbour, landungsbrucken, Max Bryan, initiative, homelessness, vacancy, do what otherwise, Hana and Kunzt photo: Project Office – use and use according to the IPTC (hires on request) call: vote, please help! Housing is a human right! Therefore, the Hamburg Senate for it to ensure, that Homeless get decent accommodation and the chance to own housing. Vacancy may no longer be worthwhile. The next Senate is to take measures to prevent long-term vacancy. The Senate must ensure that there in Hamburg enough affordable apartments and no old tenants are distributed. das project/tu what mind / hero of the month: barge operator rescues homeless before winter’s chill! A model for the action against vacant and homelessness from Hinz & Kunzt in Hamburg