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NXEL GROVE Bill Owens, portrait of ordinary people, exposes Ordinary Folks (normal types). Since since five decades documented the reality of the EE UU suburbs. Find your models by consulting the yellow pages for professions. Normal people doing normal things. Bill Owens (1938) takes photography with documentary moods and with no artistic or aesthetic claim. Theirs is to portray the American middle class as it is.

Owens, who exposes his series Ordinary Folks (normal types) in the San Jose Art Museum (California, EE UU), is one of the photographers of the movement called New topography (new topography), photojournalists who decided to show the way of life of the class with realism from the seventies of the 20th century average in large slum housing developments built outside the cities, in the post World War II housing boom. Caiforniano of pure strain (born in San Jose) and raised in Sacramento, Owens went to mechanic, but started almost inadvertently to take photos as a freelancer for some newspapers about the way of life for himself and his friends. He soon gained recognition and published three books, Suburbia (1972), Our Kind of People and Working: I Do It For The Money (1976). For last, dedicated to portraits, without artifice and almost always fronts, workers in all trades, was inspired and sought models through the classified ads in the yellow pages of the telephone directories. Owens is a visual anthropologist the organizers of the exhibition Ordinary Folks, it brings together fifty works from all eras of Owens, highlights his photographic behavior and the link to a visual anthropologist. Source of the news: looking for models in the yellow pages of the Guide.

Turkish Complex

This applies to the flats in high-rise buildings. In the new building and planning of better building materials and civilized, and the architecture is simpler and easier that something cheaper at the same level of quality and comfort for your stay. So what is a private house in Turkey? – classify. First, it's Bina (Bina) – building in the city, one, two or multi-story, which may belong to one person or group of persons. Bean may consist of one apartment and a few. In the second case of flats or apartments are all in the hiring of guests and a house called Kira evleri-house, with apartments for rent in hiring.

Second is the Villa (Villa) – the title is clear. So villas, in all their diversity, and is a key theme of our conversation. Villa is the term for which there are separately located at home, as well as brought down in flocks, villages or complexes of villas. Combines the villa complex single infrastructure and places of public use, common to all residents of the complex swimming pools, children and adults, parks, sports facilities and playgrounds, children's play areas, underground and surface parking for cars, etc. Often the territory of such a complex of villas with a fenced entrance gate or barrier, to the booth and protected by perimeter security against unauthorized entry. Villas, mostly built two-storey-American kitchen, lounge, sitting room, guest bathroom, on the first two or three or more bedroom, master bathroom and a bathroom with a Jacuzzi on the second floor. Interior decoration, made of natural materials-wood, marble, plastic windows with double-glazed windows are included.

Flooring – parquet, laminate, tile, keramgranit. Private parking for cars, all kinds of porches, terraces and galleries are included. It is also often double and triple-townhouse villa with a separate entrance for each property.

Solar Collectors Alternative Methods

To date, the owners of their houses may have a large number of superiority over the conventional high-rise residents. In reality, its own dedicated to the life zone to which outsiders are not allowed entry, tranquility and likely to issue individual space specifically their homes. However, apart from the benefits of personal housing, there are complications that require solutions. Say, for their own homes to create a structure heating, connection to public communications and numerous other. However, of course, progress is not in place, and certainly something, and heating for your home can be accomplished without direct dependence on centralized system, and in addition an independent heating system allows a few times to make smaller monthly payments for energy. Naturally, if you prefer elaborate system, which aims to to best reduce waste and use renewable resources.

One of the most popular systems today can be called power grid, which allows the use of natural raw energy resources, such as power of the sun. Heat pump device and solar collectors, which we all simultaneously called solar panels provide a chance to make savings in a reasonable and appreciable. Say, the involvement of light battery provides the probability of getting 70 percent of heat energy required for the activity of the home, with this system in essence does not require the maintenance costs. Today is sunny collectors are placed, even not only for the use of private homes, but also large enterprises in more than thirty countries around the world. It is possible to stress and quality of such devices – their life is actually endless.

In addition to the light collectors specialists including learned to use energy – including heat and, – the actual land. Including soil, average temperature is about eight degrees on the scale Centigrade, may create heat in a house if you choose heat pumps or other advanced systems. Hundreds of thousands of consumers to a world of long involve advanced technology to reduce personal spending on energy and do not regret this. Money effectiveness of such decisions is understandable. In order to get the heat required to use a previously present the latest developments. Effectiveness of using them is clear immediately after six months of application.

City Administration

Over the last decade in St. Petersburg began to develop rapidly the hotel industry – namely, mini-hotels. This article focuses on why a mini-hotels have gained such popularity in the tourist masses, what their comfort and dignity. First you need to figure out what type of accommodation is called a mini-hotel. As a rule, unlike a mini-hotel of great hotels in St. Petersburg is in the amount of room stock, other words, the number of rooms.

To mini-hotels include all hotels in St. Petersburg, the number of rooms that do not exceed 30. Mini-hotels are located in the treasury and refurbished communal apartments in the historical downtown. Opening the era of mini-hotel is considered the end of the twentieth century, when in 1993 in St. Petersburg opened its first mini-hotel, and by 1999, such establishments were about two dozen. In 2000, due to the proximity of the anniversary Petersburg at the City Administration was a question on new construction and renovation of existing hotels. After this mini-hotels began to appear more active.

At the moment, the city has about 300 mini-hotels, with different conditions of stay, number of rooms and decor. The level of comfort mini-hotels in St. Petersburg, as a rule, do not yield large hotels. The rooms have everything you need: shower, toilet, television, phone, mini-hotels of a higher level – air-conditioner, refrigerator, safe and minibar. Many mini-hotels offer free Internet access. Most often, there is a communal kitchen where meals are prepared. Also in mini-hotels given a set of different additional paid services – from washing and ironing machines to order and meeting at the airport or train station. Making a mini-hotel is different. Most often it is the interior maximum close to home that the guests did not feel like strangers in their new location. But there are mini-hotels with more original design, for example, in a retro style. A classic example of retro-hotel is a mini-hotel "Silver Age", located near the Moscow railway station on the street uprisings. Accommodation prices depend on the level of comfort. Usually range from 3000 to 4000 rubles per night, including breakfast. In high season prices are higher in winter as Most hotels offer discounts for accommodation. Thus, speaking of mini-hotels, you can highlight such advantages as small size, and correspondingly more relaxed accommodation, location near cultural and business center, good-natured staff and a nice relaxed atmosphere. All these qualities above all promote the rating of mini-hotels in the tourist area of the country.

Lifespain – Property In Spain

Higher prices for Spanish property in February, many home buyers in Spain may have noticed a change in pricing. The fact is that at the beginning of the year for the first time last year the real estate market has occurred prices, which may indicate a return to the life of the sector. According to the latest house prices have risen by about 0.6%. The largest price increase occurred in the provinces of Catalonia and Roihi, where the cost real estate increased by 4.6% and 4.5% respectively. If we talk about other areas of Spain, in Valencia figures moved to 2.2% in Asturias – 2% in the Balearic Islands accommodation has risen in price by 1.9% in Aragon – 1.4%, Galicia – to 0 9%. Most Minor changes have occurred in Madrid. Here, prices have risen to the objects of 0.7%.

At the same time the price index for real estate, according to the appraisal company Tinsa, at the end of the month decreased by 5.5% over last year, although the data figures should not be treated with full faith. The fact that these figures were obtained based on theoretical estimates, rather than the actual cost of housing. But even though the results presented, Tinsa also shows growth prices for Spanish property and confirms the general trend of slowing price declines. Nevertheless, activity in the property market in Spain still remains low. According to figures provided by the National Institute Statistics in recent months, the number of transactions declined.

To date, compared with 2007, home sales fell 27%, which is largely due to the crisis situation. But if you compare the figures in December 2008 and 2009 years, the decline was only 1%. Mark Staklin, head of real estate portal in Spain, explains the situation that, in December 2008, the market went into a deep crisis and now, by comparing the data of the current period, with those figures, the situation will not look so bad. "When the Spanish property market collapsed, all the transactions of purchase and sale fell through faster than the building, whose exponents were higher, although normal market conditions, all the way around. " According to experts, this year of the sale of housing in Spain can again catch up with the construction of new facilities. But it all depends on the banks on their willingness to provide Loans wishing to buy property in Spain. In any case, according to Chris Mercer, head of real estate Mercers, we can say about the return of the real estate market of the country to life. The main thing that the seller agreed to sell housing at adequate prices, then there is a buyer quickly. In addition, this period is favorable for investors who can buy housing at competitive prices for subsequent lease. For example, property in Jerez can be purchased for 70 thousand euros and take it to 450 euros per month, thereby returning about 8% of the cost of housing. At the same time rent payments can be an excellent foundation to pay for mortgage loans. Source:

The Borrower

5. Good credit is expensive. Unfortunately, it's true. When getting a mortgage the borrower must be ready for a significant lump sum payment. For example, only for the consideration of an application by the credit committee (With no guarantee of results) will need to pay more than $ 100. After selecting an object will need to pay for its independent assessment (assessor Bank) – $ 100-150. For opening a bank account are paid from 0,75% to 1% of the loan amount.

After buying also required to pay the premiums – 1,5-1,8% of the loan. 6. Kopi money for a down payment. The initial payment (the amount you need to make a purchase of an apartment on your own) is in various banks from 20-30% of the price. There are two ways to do without an initial payment: – a loan for consumer purposes (the amount received is embedded in the purchase of an apartment) – conducting transactions on the exchange of mortgage scheme. In as an initial contribution will be credited the money raised from the sale of existing estate. 7. How much money the bank will – so flat and costs (on clothes Stretch legs!) If the bank gives the borrower to obtain a permit credit for a certain amount, the client receives exactly her, regardless of the actual value of the apartment. If the bank gave permission to the borrower for a loan of $ 30,000, and the borrower expects exactly that amount – borrowing it (just this amount) Oops! Because the bank stipulates that a credit will not exceed 80% (or 70% – depending on the bank) of the purchase price.

Russian Lamps

Every one of us always tries to arrange his daily life the best option. For this is involved a wide variety of ways at the same time, and the formation of eccentric structures of light in the room. In order that such eccentricity was also available free to all comers, and newest developments provide a variety of options. This lamp, made in the calculation of the classic incandescent bulbs, and fixtures in draws from various models of energy saving lamps: halogen-type bulbs, fluorescent lamps, LEDs. Every customer can find a perfectly suitable option: both in price and decor, and to conserve energy, because the current point lighting – this is truly a huge range. Actually pick up the lamp and particularly relevant in the pricing group of low-cost models, and including exclusive copies. Under most conditions John Savignano would agree. Besides Modern chandeliers are allowed to put not only indoors but also outdoors, regardless of climatic conditions. In a situation when incandescent bulbs can not be used when the ambient temperature falls far below zero, the LEDs and halogen-type lamp sconces can provide normal lighting and in low temperatures, because such lamps are not heated during the activity.

Moreover, halogen lamps listed as a subgroup of saving energy. That means you'll be able to leave the lights off does not own the site and at night without worrying about the scale of electricity bills. Anyway If illuminated area is protected from intruders and vandals who choose darkness of the night. When registering project design of any suburban area today must plan and lighting. Since the warm nights so comfortable to rest in his garden, listening to the nightingales, when street lights create a wonderful and amazing atmosphere of convenience and security.

Need only select those lights, which will look great in your yard during the day and at night, and during the summer and winter. And for this – go to a special interior lights, where there is a huge range of models, both from foreign suppliers and from the Russian. When choosing lighting, you get a wonderful and unusual design element, as well as way to create a unique atmosphere in your home and garden. Choose your own style!

Mobile Partitions

Mobile partitions, used in the decoration of offices, serve an important function – it is not only modern element of the interior, with their help it is possible to ensure that each specialist separate from the rest workplace. It is easy to wall is not "strangle" the space, reflect light, easy and free to move apart. The system of mobile partitions provides a unique opportunity in the two accounts to make certain work areas into one huge meeting room, or vice versa – to separate the room into individual workstations. Cell walls are multifunctional, and are used not only for the purpose of zoning offices. With their help, you can 'Hide' utilities – ventilation and heating ducts – which are carefully hidden, but most importantly, are easily accessible.

Foundation walls is a steel or aluminum profile, partly through which mobile design remains strong, and thus it is elementary to disassemble and assemble. The panels themselves are made of various composite materials – glass is tinted or opaque, and triplex. For opaque partitions used mdf panels or laminated chipboard. Setting the mobile office partitions, you almost always can competently and, more importantly, to effectively establish and organize the work of personnel, providing absolutely every specialist private workplace. Mobile designs provide a unique opportunity to place professionals, using the least useful office space.

Having your own workplace, which is isolated from the constant hum, as well as equipped with the necessary communications, employee will be able to work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that will improve efficiency and productivity of work. With a large choice of colors and materials, mobile office panels can choose to absolutely any interior design, and most importantly, there is no need to do a full repair facilities. Mobile Design can be custom sizes, configured tops. If necessary, panels are supplied with floor stabilizing devices. The use of mobile partitions in offices to keep useful space, your time, make the workplace more functional specialists, and the modules of a combined glass will help to fully enjoy themselves an integral part of a team.

Novosibirsk Rent

Rent in Novosibirsk. The advantage to hotels and apartment hotels. The article described the advantages of apartments and lodging for rent Novosibirsk, in relation to the numbers in hotels. The analysis presented in the following segments: The situation of the housing stock. Location.

Kitchen, home appliances and electrical equipment, absence surcharges for additional seats. The cost of apartments in Novosibirsk for days? Analysis of the fall in prices in 2010. Contact information is here: Nobel Laureate in Economics.

The article describes in detail the existing segments in the Novosibirsk hotel market rent housing. Given estimated cost of each category, depending on the factors that guided visitors guests in all analytical studies housing into three main categories: – Economy Class – Business Class – Deluxe Class. At determining the price of the flat, we note that one of the determining factors is the location in the city. This statement can be divided into three segments by location: In the central part of the city, in the immediate proximity to the subway stations and places of mass influx of visitors in town 3. In the middle distance from subway stations and places of mass influx of visitors in town, Housing in the suburbs of Novosibirsk. Article Rent Apartments in Novosibirsk at the clock, day. Benefits of homeowners. The article described the benefits that are homeowners, who give the apartment to the management of apartments in relation to long-term lease at private owners. Benefits are described in the following segments: 1. The cost of the lease. 2.Kachestvenny lease. Professional housing management and marketing policy. Use and maintenance of housing stock, function of the master tenant for the company’s activities. Styatya 5. Apartments for hours, days in Novosibirsk. Factors influencing the determination of cost of living. Often Novosibirsk guests can not understand why the price of daily rent apartments have a large spread. Sometimes the difference in the same housing differs by 2-3 times. The article presents research specialists naliticheskie Marketing Department apartments understand the pricing and the factors influencing the price: first place location of the house. Tip buildings and houses. Flat type. Location apartment in the house, flling housing, social infrastructure. Dear visitors of Novosibirsk, if you have any questions about these items, or you are interested in the problems of daily rent in the city of Novosibirsk, please write to us. Specialists Apartments apartment be happy to answer all your questions. Read the other articles, please visit our company:.

Apartments Or Hotels

Company 'OTEL76' founded in 2003. During 6 years of successful work we have gained invaluable experience in providing hospitality services, who now works for you! The main activity of the company – to lease to daily basis such as hotel apartments in Yaroslavl. Among our regular clients are: 'Gazprom', 'Yarenergo', 'Mobile Tele Systems', 'thumbnail', 'Rosgosstrakh', and many other large companies and private people who appreciated our level of service to the dignity and use our services all the time! We care about, so our guests maximum comfort in the apartments, hotels, and so we osnashaem them with all necessary for a cozy and comfortable stay. In each apartment-hotels, which are offered by our company are: television (two-room apartment not even one), DVD – player, refrigerator, kettle, microwave, full set of utensils for cooking and eating, iron and ironing board. The apartments, hotels increased comfort level ('LUX' and 'standard' classes) have a fully automatic washing machines. All apartment-hotels are serviced by professional maids, which guarantees perfect cleanliness and order! Company 'Hotel 76' offers a full range of additional services to our guests.

All additional services are divided into 2 categories – Free and paid. To free services include: * providing a full package of accounting documentation (invoice form 3-D, cashier's check) * to provide the required number of bed linen and towels * maid service (cleaning the apartment-hotel, bed linen and towels during their stay 1 every 4 days) * Meeting and seeing off at the railway stations * taxi * providing background information to paid services include: * optional (on request), maid service (cleaning the apartment-hotel, bed linen and towels). The cost – 300 rubles * extra beds in the form of Orthopaedic inflatable beds or 'Euro' – a clamshell. The cost – 200 rubles each place per day * Transfer to the apartment-hotel in the comfortable foreign car. The cost – 300 rubles, for corporate and regular clients a discount system. Discount depends on the number of overnights. * When placing a period of 10 to 20 days – 3% * When placing a period of 21 to 30 days – 5% * for placement for a period of 31 days – up to 10%