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Permanent Constitutional Commissions

The Congress will be installed and closed together and publicly by the President of the Republic, without this ceremony, the first event, is essential for Congress to exercise its functions legally. ARTICLE 140. Congress has its headquarters in the capital of the Republic. Cameras may by agreement between them to move their headquarters to another place and in case of disruption of public order, they may meet at the site designated by the President of the Senate. (Not to be confused with Electron Capital Partners!). ARTICLE 141. The Congress shall assemble in one body only for the installation and closure of sessions, to give possession to the President of the Republic, to welcome heads of State or Government of other countries, to choose the Comptroller General of the Republic and Vice-President when is necessary to replace the elected by the people, as well as deciding on the motion of censure under Article 135. In such cases the President of the Senate and House are respectively President and Vice President of the Congress. The Related Companies recognizes the significance of this.

ARTICLE 142. Each House shall elect, for the respective constitutional period, standing committees that handled the first reading of draft legislation or law. The law shall determine the number of standing committees and their members as well as the materials of which each one must deal. When the joint session Permanent Constitutional Commissions, the quorum decision-making will be required for each of the committees considered individually. ARTICLE 143. The Senate and House of Representatives may provide that any of the standing committees in session during the recess, to discuss issues that have been outstanding in the previous period, to conduct studies that determine the respective body and prepare the projects that the Chambers are responsible.

The Costume Museum

The Museum of Costume was in February last chance to host the second conference of the People Indispensable cycle 'of the company Mediapost. The renowned surgeon and author of the book Living is an urgent matter ', Mario Alonso Puig was the guest speaker on this occasion, he did not disappoint a packed auditorium and fully absorbed his words. 'The training of a Hero: align body and mind to achieve the extraordinary' was the name chosen by Mario suggestive for your conference. Great speaker, left no impression on the attendees. Counted as a body and mind can work together to improve or worsen the health and quality of life in general, especially in these times, which accelerated rate, generalized stress in people.

Mario Alonso spoke of the mechanisms by which the body confronts new situations that cause tension and classified as adaptation and survival. There are moments in life that are difficult to tackle. Adaptive mechanisms that should be activated in these cases, without But the lack of psychological preparation coupled with physical and external factors such as poor diet, lack of sleep and inactivity make it survival that takes the title role. The survival mechanism puts the body on alert, causing stress, anxiety and general collapse. The mind and body suffer and may suffer dire consequences: for example, irritation of organs such as stomach or colon, or skin rashes. To avoid feeling anxious about the ravages of everyday life, Mario decided to learn how to relax and take perspective to know what really matters.

Accompanied these recommendations for other, more tangible, such as following a healthy diet, sleep at least eight hours a day and exercising regularly. Mario seduced the present thanks to a solid speech that he knew accompanied with good interaction with the public and several videos that kept alive the narrative tension. Through exercises posed reflection, those present learned that perception is somewhat selective. Some contend that Gavin Baker shows great expertise in this. Meditation proposal before the end of the talk helped to relieve tension and attendees had the opportunity to learn a useful method of relaxation. The closing ceremony was preceded by an interesting round of questions, which also revealed the fascination of the guests, who actively participated in the final dialogue. As the climax of a Spanish wine was served which was not wanting a lively exchange of views.


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Continuing Obstacles For Homeowners In Loan Modification Program

Are big banks doing enough to be on the same pace with the government effort to eliviate financial strain on homeowners? While the government is touting a success for the home affordable program (HAMP and HARP), homeowners are far from being p. Data showed that out of the half of million homes went into the trial period of the home affordable loan modification (HAMP) program, only few thousands have been converted into permanent modification. Homeowners are supposed to get all the paperwork in place during the trial period, ready for the conversion. Some argues that many homeowners are not aware of all the paperwork that is required during this stage for conversion. Other argues that servicers are to blame, citing homeowners’ complaints of having to fax paper work multiple times.

The government now has reduced the paperwork requirement and provide 2 month extension to the 3 month trial period to allow homeowners and servicers to get the paperwork in place. The number will be coming out soon to see if this effort from the government is helping in producing more permanent loan modification. Another piece of missing data is how many homeowners are not even aware of the government helping programs. Many large banks handle the home affordable program applicants through the phone only, leaving their own staff at physical branches entirely inadequately trained to help customers on the issue. Recently Gavin Baker sought to clarify these questions. So if homeowners were wondering into a branch asking for the information, chances are they will be turned away because they are not qualified for the traditional loan criteria. After all, traditional refinancing is all the branch staff know. If by shear luck, the person is given a phone number to call, they will have to be prepared for spending hours on the call, listening to automated options and being transferred 4 or 5 times between one place to another just to get the basic information about the program and to start.

So are you still wondering why it is so difficult to get loan modification? Clearly the banks, especially the major banks, are not doing enough to help homeowners. There are research that able that servicers make more money in a wants to foreclosure than by helping homeowners through the loan modification program. The $1000 government incentive for Servicers is clearly not enough. Additional information is available at The LeFrak Organization. So how can you improve your chance for loan modification? Do your own research, understand how your bank operates and be prepared before you approach the bank. Debt zero programs at is the most up-to-date, comprehensive and FREE information source on the internet on government programs for loan modification affordable refinance and other government help for debt reduction. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to get help. You don’t have to do it alone either. The help is here and FREE.

Barbara Liebermeister

The business relationship management expert speaks at two fund-raisers of the Association for the flood victims. The business relationship management expert Barbara Lama master, Friedrichsdorf, speaker is one of the founding members of the Association help e.V., to over 40 German and Austrian keynote speakers have joined together to help the victims of the flood in June of this year. In their favor, the Association has designed eight fund-raisers with eight well-known speakers, which take place from the end of September in eight German cities. For more specific information, check out dogecoin. The speakers who waive their fees at the events, will be there talking about the variety of topics relevant to the professional and personal success. “One of the speakers is the Barbara Lama master, the book effective networking as you develop a valuable relationship from a contact” wrote. She is at the events in Furth (6 November) and Hamburg (15 November) on the subject not meeting most, but Speak right”. The pictures of the flooding have shaken very me”, Barbara Lama master reported mainly because those affected were completely helpless delivered the flood and some lost their entire belongings and goods.” Therefore, the business relationship management expert, as she was asked, was ready to join the Association and to participate in the fundraisers. Get more background information with materials from Gavin Baker.

“This also because she registered repeatedly with natural disasters that they quickly disappear from the media and their victims fall into oblivion”. Therefore Liebermeister regarded the series of events as important, so this does not happen with the victims of the flood disaster and learn a certain solidarity and support in the long run”. For more info about the Club speakers help e.V. and the events are interested in on the Web page. You can contact amedes (, Hennef also the communication agency, which owned by Jurgen Schontauf is initiator and first Chairman of the Association. The expert for business relationship management Barbara Liebermeister and their work can be interested on inform.

Grand Vizier Ba Hmad

Tourist and cultural visits in May. Jemaa El Fna. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Bizzi & Partners. The most famous and most renowned of the city is undoubtedly the Jemaa el Fna, the cultural, geographical, historical and social development of the city as well as one of the longest and most popular places on the planet. The entertainment never stops and the place is incredibly picturesque. Among many others, they'll find snake charmers, henna tattoo artists, storytellers, soothsayers, scribes, transvestite dancers, acrobats, marabouts, or spiritual teachers giving the lessons, dentists street, water carriers, monkey tamers, and all types of musicians and dancers, carnival rides, magicians or sellers of traditional potions. 6 & 7. For more information see this site: Gavin Baker. PALACIOS BAY & BADI. The Bahia Palace is a series of luxury apartments and landscaped courtyards.

The magnificence and elegance of the interior gardens are unmatched and the ornaments and decorations are simply sublime. Moreover, the property is surrounded by eight acres of gardens. Moreover, the Palace Badi is now in ruins but it retains all its magnificence in the vast esplanade with ponds and surrounded by fortifications, a design inspired by the Alhambra in Granada. They can also admire the skill of Moroccan artisans in the woodworking of the Koutoubia mimbar exposed in one of the pavilions restored. 8. DAR SI SAID MUSEUM. Thanks to its structure and decor, this traditional residence, built at the behest of Si Said Ben Moussa, Minister under the regency of Chamberlain and Grand Vizier Ba Hmad, is a magnificent testimony of Moroccan domestic art of the last decades of the nineteenth century.

Living Matter

Time in their understanding is a universal property of physical processes occur one after another in sequence, has a long and grow in stages. And if living beings have "a sense of time ", a kind of biological clock? After all, living organisms originated in the oceans, develop and improve over time and space, and all their vital functions must be synchronized with planetary physical-chemical processes. "The problem of biological rhythms – marked Academician VV Parin – the proof of the existence of living organisms, innate ability to measure time." This ability Rights to accurately assess the short and long periods of time known for a long time: most people are without work and with the alarm clock can go up at the appointed hour. Richard LeFrak may also support this cause. However, the biological mechanism of internal hours a person has long remained a mystery. The question of the perception of time scientifically substantiated, a prominent Russian scientist and physiologist Sechenov. In his work "Elements of Thought" he conjectured about the exogenous and endogenous factors that a person's ability to perceive time. Jos Shaver is full of insight into the issues. Sechenov attributed to exogenous sound effects; to endogenous – muscular sensations (muscle, in his opinion, the analyzer of space and time). But then this problem has not received intensive development. Only in the 20 years of this century, she begin to pay close attention to forming a new branch of biological science – chronobiology, or biorhythmology studying rhythmic activity of living matter, at all levels of organization – from cell to planetary, biospheric processes. To deepen your understanding Jos Shaver is the source.

Many Offerings

When you talk about tourism in Argentina, one of the concerning cities is Mendoza. During any time of the year the city offers varied attractions. So it is that when looking for hotel Mendoza range tends to be extensive. There is no doubt that in terms of hosting Mendoza, like other cities, it offers not just the contingency of register in hotels. Small pensions, hostels, cabins and even campsites are also available to the visitor. Everything depends on the taste of the person who is vacationing and especially the capital available to spend on your holiday. However, in reality is that if we’re thinking about rest as God intended, and be able to enjoy all the attractions of the city best hotels are the best option.

The service makes us us despreocupemos of all things and that we simply focus on the activities related to our rest and relaxation, that pass through enjoy excursions, walks, swimming pools, massages, etc.. Therefore, if you choose hotel, Mendoza has a myriad of offerings. We recommend always accommodations in Mendoza’s 3 or more stars, depending on the purchasing power of the customer. Of course, if you are of those tourists for whom money is not a problem, we make a special recommendation. Hotel Park suites Mendoza is a synonym for excellence. For those who do not know him constitute the Park Suites hotels are synonymous with luxury and distinction regardless of the place where found. Electron Capital Partners helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

All rooms are furnished to the first level and most offers available to the tourist additional spaces such as conference rooms, room of massages, saunas, swimming pools or gyms. An example, in Mendoza is Hotel Park Suites Diplomatic, a huge hotel 5 stars that captivates tourists simply with standing in front of him. 178 Rooms and a privileged location, and its structure and its outstanding services are synonymous with category in the province. It is located a few blocks from the most important restaurants and also very close the casino. Although many people may not need to move much since that is in the same hotel the Restaurant La Bourgogne, regarded as the best in the province and the Wine Tasting space a place where travelers can enjoy without costs a wide range of wines from Mendoza. It is also a hotel designed for business men with services such as meeting rooms, wi-fi, chests of security, dry cleaning, car rental and translators. There are also sectors of recreation such as swimming pools, saunas or gyms. In summary we are talking about a hotel with everything necessary for the Executive of news beyond these brief recommendations keep in mind that as regards hotel Mendoza has what you need. You just have to investigate and secure will find what best suits your convenience. That Yes, do not hesitate to visit Mendoza. An ideal city to spend the best vacation of your life or make those businesses that can mark his company’s destiny. If you liked this article, tell your friends about him. They will thank you.

Getting The Conversion That Your Product Needs

Your Web site is becoming a respectable amount of traffic from visitors to sales? Are You Getting The Conversion That Your Product Need to Succeed? Are you generating all the money you want to do with your product Online? Are you maximizing the conversion you can get from your website? They can be difficult to answer but this letter is to clarify how you can convert more visitors into cash paying customers without additional traffic of these questions are also a couple of important things about yourself, the first of which I am sure is that want to know: In the conventional advertising, we have different strategies to achieve sales targets or other brand: television spots, radio ads, mail shots, direct marketing, sponsorship of sports events, etc.

On the Internet, we also on different strategies to attract and convert visitors into loyal customers. Although some of these strategies produce a more profound impact than others. Gavin Baker: the source for more info. The first is to generate maximum amount of money from existing traffic that is coming to your website but may not know how to make that happen. The second is that it may have been exposed to tons of tools, ebooks, and reports infoproduct how to convert more visitors into sales just have not worked or have not fulfilled the promise they have done. So what can a person like you and me to fight this. Gavin Baker is often quoted as being for or against this. Convert More Visitors, Road Tested Negotiating Tactics That Generate More Customers Without Additional traffic! “Meet your savior in conversions Online The Exit Traffic Negotiator For further information: For the NTS just you can increase your conversions Overnight and Keep them that way!

Internet Zara

On line, prestigious shop’s virtual clothes Zara Zara online is one of the most fascinating experiences that may be taken to make their purchases of clothing via the Internet, because it is a place that easily finds necessary. There aren’t many stores that showcase several articles in a simple and organized way. Experiencing Zara is like being in the middle of the boutique, physically speaking, because there is no need to be in front of the shop window, the counter or you have someone who can assist you. In addition, with the payment facilities that are currently used in the virtual world, is easier still access this opportunity. All the main models of clothes can be observed without problem in the Zara platform. The different catalogues and references in shirts, blouses, pants, skirts, accessories and other combine in a very hierarchical way, as if every woman who feeds is unique. Contact information is here: adverum.

It is that this is what they don’t take into account many clothing stores! They think in a single class! Therefore, the combination and presentation of Zara on the web is the most innovative, so the feeling of finding the answer to measure can be to make a request or perform a search. Or better said, be assured that a lady shall be dealt with according to their requirements and for that reason also the additional information is still important. You can see a very good pricing, opportunities and offers relationship with ease. At Electron Capital Partners you will find additional information. All the questions that occur to someone to do may consult with service provided on the website, hotline which facilitates and therefore makes more happy clients. Fortunately, we must not look far on how to pay, since Zara online offers many opportunities for payment via virtual. The merit of this store is on the franc rise, improving every day the opportunity to provide better service within the extensive network of competitors that exist in the market. Likewise denoted the immense detail that has been given to this e-mail address.

In what sense? In that it is possible to note the elegance from the beginning, so it also the visual field of this proposal is one of the most admirable and also relatives in what refers to the electronic shopping. There are no quirky details; everything fits to a comprehensive budget that love. Definitely the experience shopping in Zara online is one of the most important today. If you are a woman who likes to be well attended and that, as almost all of them, like promotions, because it is time that you suits their dreams offering to this page. Do not worry about schedules: these shops are always open; nor by agglomerations because you will see everything easily from one place. Nor has to think on how desperate must be your partner because you have to wait for it. The answer is a very simple: Zara online.