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Occult Enemy

Innumerable times in we see them falling in the same ambush of the easy credit: ' ' It buys now and it only pays with its 13' ' ; ' ' It buys with tax of interests zero' ' ; ' ' It buys, it buys, compre' '. we leave for there buying without any planning, as consuming that we are we do not think more about nothing, at least we stop to calculate how much what we are acquiring it will cost in fact in the ending of the payment. Taking in account the factor to buy a product the stated period and to find that we are having profit with this, we still forget that this parcel will compose our monthly expenditure. where enters the interests in this history? It there, occult, is inlaid in the parcels of the good however acquired, many times consuming great part of ours so sweated money, the problem is that we know of this and exactly thus we do not prevent it. But because this happens with the majority of the Brazilians? It happens because we are consuming imediatistas, we want everything in the hour, we do not know to wait. Clearly, he is very gostoso I smell to feel it of new car in the garage, with all spotless, comfortable and shining one, however, he is much more pleasant to exactly enter in this car without the indesejada presence of a robust stub-book in the door-gloves with parcels still more indesejadas taking our money even so.

But as to prevent this, in a country where to buy it is part of ' ' felicidade' ' of the majority of the people? The reply it dream not to turn nightmare is simple: BEHAVIOR CHANGE. When people want some thing fight incessantly for it, be that as it may, house, land, car, trip etc, are not same? But we do not give account of how much we are hasty and anxious in relation to this, it is in this hour that we must calming in them and leaving for 4 basic and infallible questions: I need this? If to answer yes, goes for the next question: I have money to buy? If yes, he goes for third: He has that to be now? the last one: This is optimum price that I obtain? If it did not pass of the first question, forgets. It does not buy. This formula will prevent to make to pay it interests it will help and it to make a good purchase, can be certain. It will have a better moment for such and then it will understand that to expect a little, of the one to obtain much more of what it is desiring at that moment, and better still, without paying interests. Silvio Medeiros Accountant and Financial Educator

The Changes Are Not Always Bad

The distribution of advertising is still something important due to the crisis. Many companies and above all freelancers are with little work and many debts. It is necessary to do something different, take new measures, a small study of market and in most cases put many more hours than previously got to try to get business that both have cost create. It is true that they see that they can not rely on its customers, since they have large debts with them, and not to pay them. Therefore, they do not want to continue working until you do not pay the debts that have with them. They are not moments of lamentations or look to the past. Moments are draw conclusions from the past and take the reins at a new time, where will make make us the best in order to maintain our small company.

Comes the time of looking for new customers or close up shop. It is then when you have to make decisions and find solutions to attract new customers. The junk mail is one of the most requested. The distribution of advertising, the poming, perching, signage is necessary. Different methods to perform an essential function for the company, raise awareness and offer services that are so necessary for the company and for the customers who are looking for a standalone that can help your business.

It is important to know what you want to offer the customer, prices have clear and very care brochures or flyers that are to be printed. And where we find it cheaper print all those brochures that we have to print, for delivery to a mailing company. Many companies conduct the distribution of advertising, from company of carpenters, cleaning, plumbing companies, painters small self-employed are those seeking more this solution. Where it invests little money and results in a shorter time. It is important to give a twist to the company and not stay in relax armchair, since the work currently not knocks on the door, but you must call all doors to offer our services.

Geisel Government

In short, the project of the PQU was bold excessively for the reality of the economy, the stock market, and the capitalizaton of the then private sector. To the measure that the problems of box of the enterprises if occurred, Petrobra’s was assuming the control of the capital of both the enterprises, and participating, also, actively, of the projects of second generation of the PQU. Later, no longer Geisel Government, over all aiming at the definition of the projects of second generation of the second petrochemical central office, the Copene, in the Bahia, was established the call informally model tripartite, through which, the central offices, controlled or not for Petrobra’s, supplied basic raw materials a set of companies of second generation, with majority of the private capital (in general a supplying multinational of technology and a block of national shareholders, with two teros of the capital voter, being the Petroquisa, minority, detainer of remain tera part of the capital). The idea, thus, was that the companies had majority of national capital (Petroquisa + investing national) and private (investing national + foreign partner). This model presided over the implantation of second and the third petrochemical central offices, in Camaari, Bahia, and Triumph, Rio Grande Do Sul. The privatization: maken a mistake Brazil never an ideal platform for the petrochemical production was considered, therefore, in contrast of the siderurgical sector, it presented a mediocre picture of availability and costs of raw materials, nafta and natural gas. One ' ' modelagem' ' adjusted as preliminary step for the privatization it was, therefore, extremely important in the petrochemical one (more than what in siderurgy), that she was never particularly competitive internationally. The resultant inefficient picture of the model tripartite consisted of three producing raw material central offices, two of which controlled for the Petroquisa, that they supplied basic raw materials a confusion of companies of second generation, private control, but with excellent participation of the Petroquisa.