Accommodation Tips

Difficult to resist the attraction of cerro Aconcagua, the highest mountain peak in America. Summit difficult and demanding, not all are able to conquer its Summit, challenge that requires an enormous perseverance and a great preparation. However, it is possible to enjoy the impressive magic of the Aconcagua without having to be an expert Mountaineer. A few kilometers away from the Hill, Los Penitentes Ski Center is much more than its 300 acres of great tracks. With its wide range of gastronomic and hotel, is the ideal place to find lodging in Northwest Mendoza, with a view to challenge at the Aconcagua. Another sample of advanced and modern hotel in Mendoza, this ski center offers lodging options for all tastes and budgets: hotels of luxury, economic hostels, cabins or mountain hotels are just some of the multiple possibilities of accommodation. From there depart numerous excursions of trekking to cerro Aconcagua. Ideal for beginners starts in the Quebrada Horcones, access to the provincial Aconcagua park, and continues along the beautiful lagoon of the same name.

Once through the Horcones Valley, in view of the spectacular south wall of the Aconcagua breathtaking. The journey towards France plaza, located at the foot of the wall, dazzles with its incredible landscapes of ice. The return journey is undertaken by Puente del Inca, famous for its beauty and its hot springs. For those who do not feel at ease in the mountain hostels, numerous Mendoza tourism agencies offer packages that include transportation from and to the city of Mendoza. An ideal choice for those wishing to spend a few days under the spell of the highest mountain in America, and even camp overnight at its base, without resigning the comfort of the hotels in Mendoza capital. It should be noted that trips to Aconcagua do not accept children under 18, and advise on the reliability of medical care and insurance available to the expedition, as well as the experience and training of the guides appointed for the same. Mention they deserve separate tourist packages that propose to receive the new year in a camp at the foot of Aconcagua, in the company of tourists, mountain climbers and adventurers from all over the world. Without a doubt, an experience that become holiday in Mendoza a keepsake to treasure forever.