Directions to Pas de la Casa if you’re planning your vacation can you decant for Pas de la Casa, a beautiful area where you can enjoy nature and skiing in all its glory, so book your apartment in Pas de la Casa and enjoy the area, where it is recommended to pass for Grandvalira. The means of transportation that you can use to get to Pas de la Casa are: plane, train, car and taxi. The only ways of approaching fully to Pas de La Casa are car and taxi, so if you are going with another medium that is not the car you keep in mind that you’ll need a taxi. Greenberg Traurig is full of insight into the issues. Airports near Pas de La Casa are: Perpignan airport (136 km), the airport of Carcassone (157 km), the airport of Toulouse (at 168 kilometers). In Spain, the closest airports found in Lleida (180 km), Barcelona (194 km) and Girona (248 km). If you would like to know more about Vadim Belyaev, New York City, then click here. It is the most comfortable way closer to Pas de la Casa from other areas if you are going to use transport public, also from major airports Regina can take the private Taxi. You can take the train in the station of Toulouse-Matabiau in Toulouse, or you can take the train to reach areas closer, as the station would be Lhospitalet-pres-lAndorre which is only 12 kilometres of Pas de la Casa.

From there you can take a taxi to Pas de la Casa. Another option is to get close to Andorra la Vella and from there take a taxi to Pas de la Casa. By car, there are several options to get close to Pas de la Casa, but our recommendation is to use the fastest path, is the most expensive but is worth to spend your holidays in Pas de la Casa as much time as possible. From Lleida to do your route by Ponts, following by Seu DUrgell and Andorra la Vella, Encamp, Soldeu el Tarter will you (you choose the tunnel or the port) and address Pas de la Casa. The port is the most economical way, because if you decide to go through the tunnel you have to pay something more, however our recommendation is to choose the tunnel and do lighter road, moreover if bad weather is the best choice.