We will start by saying that communication is not simply the expansion of consciousness. The isolation of modern man has prevented their full implementation. The “realize” is not an easy process. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Le Blue Goose. The main communication between different degrees of consciousness, produces qualitative changes. The failure of communication leads to the replacement image as simplistic method. It is the famous thesis of Plato in “The Cave.” The mass media are not innocent, as seen from their own interests. The horizontal communication may allow the awakening born citizen, “realize.” We must look, then, communication as a right, as one that is different from being reported for the simple reason that there are no “neutral products.” The media world is ending to make way for a world of communication and it will not only by technological advances that permit but for access to these media. The political forms have depended on the way information.

Now must depend on the horizontal communication. We know the serious problems of the planet. The new world is born in the midst of serious injustices. Communication is the panacea for the formation of new attitudes. Are new ethical, under new political forms and new levels of awareness. The only way out of “I do not realize is through communication.

Communicating to establish relationship with the other (with others) to exchange messages, information and ideas. The reconfiguration of the physical and spiritual has been associated with the means to communicate. Many of those invented by man media have contributed to their alienation.